Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters

Stage Guides

In this stage you'll be aboard a huge orbiting space station, but only be exploring a very small segment of it. Leave the hanger bay room via the right door and proceed through the adjacent corridor. Through the next green door you'll find yourself in a giant open room containing a huge gold structure in the center. Climbing up the structure yields eight teleporters strewn about, stating the obvious of what lies through each.

In each one you'll face one of the eight Maverick bosses, but upon defeating each they'll reveal themselves to be nothing more than Reploids using the DNA Copy Change ability to mimick the real ones you've already defeated. Use the same strategies as before and check the bosses guide if you need help. You'll also be given Life, Weapon and Double Attack gauge refill capsules between each battle so be sure to pick them up.

Upon defeating all eight bosses an alarm will sound and the entire room will shake violently, hinting at your immediate mandatory evacuation. Quickly exit via the green door in the left corner and dash through the main entrance corridor without delay as the floor sections will crumble as you step on them. Upon reaching the hangar bay where you started out you'll face the final boss, none other than Sigma himself.
Mission select
1. Noah's Park
2. Booster Forest
3. Troia Base
4. Pitch Black
5. Primrose
6. Metal Valley
7. Dynasty
8. Central White
9. Inferno
10. Jakob
11. Gateway
12. Sigma Palace