Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters

X's Weapons

The Hunters will each gain a new weapon upon defeating one of the eight Mavericks. X, Zero and Axl each receive a different weapon with varying traits and as always each boss is particularly weak to one special weapon. X's weapons continue the classic tradition of giving him the ordnance of the Mavericks, as well as offering up enhanced charged shots only useable with his special armor suits.

X-Buster Gained from: N/A
X's primary weapon delivers high-impact energy blasts effective in destroying most enemies. Manually tap Fire for a volley of standard shots, or hold it down and wait for X to charge up energy before releasing a more potent blast.

Break through shielded enemies with a charged shot, and keep in mind that the effect of X's charged shots change depending on which armor variant he currently has equipped.
X-Buster X-Buster
As with previous titles, X won't be able to charge up special weapons without first equipping either Buster Parts I or H on the Neutral Armor. Bear in mind that not only with the ability to charge up special weapons, the Ultimate Armor will not drain special weapon energy.
Shining Ray Gained from: Optic Sunflower
Emit a burst of pure light darting out in eight directions with this weapon. X sends up a small burst of light before it breaks out, so try to aim carefully to score a hit on moving targets.

Charge up the weapon to emit random bursts of light covering a large range around X. Try using it when surrounded by smaller enemies to shred their ranks.
Shining Ray Shining Ray
Squeeze Bomb Gained from: Gravity Antonion
This weapon launches an ever-growing purple vortex straight ahead. Enemies caught in the vortex's path will sustain damage, while small energy blasts discharged by enemies will be sucked into the void.

Charge it up to release a massive vortex covering the entire screen. Use it on the exploding crates found in various stages to vaporize the latent blast normally generated by the crate.
Squeeze Bomb Squeeze Bomb
Shadow Runner Gained from: Dark Mantis
Fire this weapon to release a small black homing arrow. If no enemies are nearby, the projectile will just spin around X (note that you won't spend weapon energy if the projectile returns to X), but if an enemy wanders in range, the arrow will home in perfectly.

The charged shot releases six black arrows, ideal for taking down multiple flying enemies surrounding X.
Shadow Runner Shadow Runner
Thunder Dancer Gained from: Gigabolt Man-O-War
This electric weapon unleashes a short but powerful electrical current capable of shorting out the circuits of enemy Reploids.

Sustained fire will eventually freeze an enemy before it explodes, charge up the weapon for a triple-fire blast. Just bear in mind the short range nature of the weapon.
Thunder Dancer Thunder Dancer
Melt Creeper Gained from: Burn Rooster
You can only fire this weapon while grounded. Press Fire to set loose a wave of fire which slowly creeps forward along the ground.

Enemies caught in the inferno don't stand a chance, but keep in mind that obstacles will stop the firestorm in its tracks. Release a charged shot to send flames out in both directions.
Melt Creeper Melt Creeper
Drift Diamond Gained from: Avalanche Yeti
This weapon discharges two large ice projectiles at 45 degree angles. This makes it ideal for taking down enemies up ahead above and below X. You'll need to attack grounded enemies up close to strike them, or jump up to score a hit with the lower projectile.

Most enemies will freeze before exploding after one or two hits, and you can use the charged shot to produce an array of small snowflakes floating around X to freeze enemies on contact.
Drift Diamond Drift Diamond
Crystal Wall Gained from: Earthrock Trilobyte
Use this unusual weapon while grounded to produce a large crystal wall in front of X. Run into the wall to push it over, naturally any enemies nearby are crushed. The wall can also act as a protective barrier to prevent enemies from flying or dashing into X.

Charge the weapon up to produce a larger wall, but you'll also notice that an item - often a weapon or energy refill - appears inside it. Push the wall over to retrieve the item, and remember that the Ultimate Armor doesn't drain weapon energy, so if low on life energy use this method to fill up.

You can also use the charged shot to discover hidden Rare Metals in certain locations and Purple Metals (worth 500 each).
Crystal Wall Crystal Wall
Green Spinner Gained from: Bamboo Pandamonium
Launch a huge green missile with this weapon. The missile will fly straight ahead until striking something, upon which it releases a large latent explosion potent against foes.

Only one missile can be fired at a time, but if you use the charged shot X will launch a single missile up out of the screen before four missiles rain down from above.
Green Spinner Green Spinner
Special armor abilities

The X-Drive is unique to the Hermes Armor. Activate this weapon to greatly enhance X's standard abilities, giving him faster movement, an incredibly fast charging speed and an increase in charged shot projectiles. The effect will persist until X's weapon energy runs out, at which point he'll return to normal while the X-Drive slowly recharges.
Giga Crash

This attack becomes available with the Icarus Armor equipped. Select this from the weapon select screen (or don't have any weapon equipped) and press Special Weapon to unleash a massive explosive force capable of decimating all enemies on-screen (gives bosses a nasty jolt too).

One use is enough to drain its weapon energy so you'll need to be patient as it slowly recharges. Oddly enough, the tiniest amount of weapon energy is all that's needed for another shot but wait for it to fully recharge to deliver the strongest possible blast.
Giga Crash

With the Ultimate Armor equipped, press Up and Special Weapon to perform a fast and high uppercut. You'll need to be directly below enemies to score a hit, but the high damage ratio makes it ideal for taking out flying targets.
Nova Strike

Equip the Ultimate Armor, select the Nova Strike (not necessary though) and press Special Weapon while airborne to perform a powerful air strike attack. X will streak across the screen engulfed in flames before coming down, so be sure he has something to land on.

All but the strongest enemies caught in the blaze are incinerated instantly (works wonders against bosses, giving you an almost instant win), keep in mind that the Nova Strike recharges its own energy slowly after use.
Nova Strike