Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters

Zero's Techniques

The Hunters will each gain a new weapon upon defeating one of the eight Mavericks. X, Zero and Axl each receive a different weapon with varying traits and as always each boss is particularly weak to one special weapon. Zero learns a new technique from each defeated Maverick, greatly enhancing his range and strength of attacks. Combined with his special weapons, these techniques pack one heck of a punch.

Zero's weapons
Z-Saber Z-Saber

The Z-Saber provides Zero with a standard range of fast melee combos capable of tearing into enemies quickly. At first Zero is capable of delivering a three-strike combo (manually press Fire continuously), with an extra two available via purchase at the R&D Lab.

The Z-Saber provides a basis for learning new techniques from defeated bosses, so in effect will become a vital and deadly part of Zero's arsenal.
D Glaive D Glaive

Regular Cost: 1000
Discounted Cost: 900
Rare Metal Location: Pitch Black

This giant lance drastically extends Zero's radius of attack, just keep in mind that you'll need to strike enemies with the tip of the blade to score a hit. Very effective when combined with the Rasetsusen technique, you can also unleash a horizontal twirling attack with the third strike by rapidly pressing Fire.

Perform the Renyoudan technique (replaces the Youdantotsu) to execute a quick series of six horizontal piercing attacks.
Σ Blade Σ Blade

Regular Cost: 30000
Discounted Cost: 27000
Requires: New Game +

This deadly blade only becomes available at the R&D Lab after completing the game and starting again with a New Game +. With this huge sword comes a large attack radius just short of the D Glaive's, although enemies will sustain damage if they touch any part of the blade.

Use this to effortlessly break enemies with barriers, and use the Rasetsusen technique for maximum effect.
B Fan B Fan

Regular Cost: 1000
Discounted Cost: 900
Rare Metal Location: Primrose

These twin Japanese fans give Zero protection against enemy fire (the blue energy field surrounding him while standing still deflects small laser blasts) and higher attack power. You'll need to get up close and personal to strike enemies so this weapon works best on a single target.
T Breaker T Breaker

Regular Cost: 1000
Discounted Cost: 900
Rare Metal Location: Inferno

This heavy hammer allows Zero to instantly break through enemy barriers with a single swing. A shorter strike radius makes this most effective against single targets, or shielded enemies in areas where quick progression is needed.

The Juuhazan technique will be replaced by the Dairettsui (press Special Weapon while standing still), delivering a powerful earthquake attack when used.
K Knuckle K Knuckle

Regular Cost: 1000
Discounted Cost: 900
Rare Metal Location: Primrose

This weapon allows Zero to use his hands and legs as primary weapons. Standard fire only yields a quick two-punch attack, while Zero's other techniques produce the best attacks (performed the same way as his standard techniques):
  • Ganzanha (replaces Juuhazan) - Zero delivers a powerful punch into the ground capable of smashing shielded enemies.
  • Senpuukyaku (replaces Rasetsusen) - Zero performs an airborne spinning kick move, capable of attacking enemies on either side.
  • Raijinken (replaces Raikousen) - Zero dashes forward while charging up a wave of electricity before unleashing a tall bolt of lightning.
  • Enkoukyaku (replaces Enkoujin) - Zero delivers a 45 degree angle flaming kick from the air, perfect for taking out unsuspecting foes.
  • Shouryuuken (replaces Hyouryuushou) - Zero executes a tall uppercut move capable of freezing enemies caught in his path.
Special techniques
Tenshouha Tenshouha

Gained from: Optic Sunflower

Controls: Down + Special Weapon

Zero's only technique that drains weapon energy is the Tenshouha. Once unleashed Zero will punch the ground and generate a massive light beam from above with a wide radius. Nothing survives if caught in the blast, so use it wisely to take down clusters of enemies above.
Juuhazan Juuhazan

Gained from: Gravity Antonion

Controls: Special Weapon while standing still

Zero pauses before unleashing a strong forward vertical swing with a large strike radius. Use this to break through shielded enemies, just bear in mind the short time Zero's vulnerable as he winds up for the attack.
Rasetsusen Rasetsusen

Gained from: Dark Mantis

Controls: Special Weapon while in the air then Down, Diagonal Down Left & Right

You'll find this technique invaluable, especially with the D Glaive or Σ Blade equipped. Zero will execute a rapid spinning attack in mid-air, slicing through enemies foolish enough to wander too near. Use this when surrounded from all sides to clear the way. Press Diagonal Down Left & Right or Down after performing the attack to send Zero spinning towards the ground.
Raikousen Raikousen

Gained from: Gigabolt Man-O-War

Controls: While dashing, press Special Weapon

This tricky technique works best against a cluster of enemies horizontally lined up. Zero will disappear briefly while dashing forward before reappearing and dragging out a long electrical force behind him. Any enemies he passes while dashing will become caught in the current and freeze before exploding. You can also use this technique while dashing in mid-air.
Enkoujin Enkoujin

Gained from: Burn Rooster

Controls: While in the air, press Down and Special Weapon

A great attack to use while falling towards enemies below, Zero will execute a downward lunge infused with fire in his weapon. Be careful when using it against stronger foes as you'll need to land just in front of the target while inflicting damage or you'll land on top of them and take damage yourself.
Hyouryuushou Hyouryuushou

Gained from: Avalanche Yeti

Controls: While grounded press Up and Special Weapon

This technique allows Zero to perform a twirling uppercut charged with the power of ice. Enemies caught in range become incased in ice, if they're weak they'll explode quickly. Use this technique with the D Glaive or Σ Blade for the best strike radius.
Rekkyoudan Rekkyoudan

Gained from: Earthrock Trilobyte

Controls: Automatic effect

Along with changing Zero's Z-Saber from its signature green to a bright orange colour, you'll be able to deflect small laser blasts fired by enemies back at them. Simply strike the laser blasts to deflect them back to their owner.
Youdantotsu Youdantotsu

Gained from: Bamboo Pandamonium

Controls: While grounded press Left or Right and Special Weapon

Press forward and Special Weapon to use this technique. Zero will execute a quick dash attack capable of breaking through enemy barriers, just make sure you don't run through stronger enemies or you'll take damage.