Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters


A cast of vibrant characters make up the detailed plot and interact with the growing storyline. You'll be commanding Mega Man X, Zero or Axl throughout the game while encountering all of the characters, good and bad, listed below. Read on for detailed descriptions of each character and their role in the story.

Mega Man X Mega Man X
Weary from his relentless battles against Mavericks, Mega Man X continues to fight evil with his everlasting hope for peace between humans and Reploids. Finally accepting Axl as a fully-fledged Maverick Hunter, X now trusts him as much as he does Zero.

Sporting a slightly different appearance, X will have his work cut out for him in Sigma's latest devious plan and will stop at nothing to bring Mavericks to justice.
Zero Zero
Still haunted by falling for Sigma's plans to use himself as a launchpad for the Zero Virus, Zero seeks vengeance against any and all Mavericks without rest. Nothing pleases Zero more than joining X and Axl in battle, especially when immediate action against Maverick threats is required.

Constantly expanding his skills and growing stronger by the minute, Zero continues to defy his creator's design and won't rest until the Maverick Virus is truly destroyed.
Axl Axl
Learning much since departing the Red Alert Syndicate, Axl now uses his Reploid-copying abilities for good and has more than proven his worth to the Maverick Hunters. Maturing into a fine Hunter, Axl joins X and Zero in their latest mission and takes on a personal front upon discovering that Mavericks have perfected his prototype copying ability.

Firing up an array of projectile weapons, Axl continues to learn the secrets of being a Hunter and along the way might even pick up some history of X and Zero's past battles.
Dr. Light Dr. Light
Always on the lookout for X, Dr. Light has once again placed several capsules hidden throughout the main stages for him to find. With Light's new Neutral Armor system, he'll provide X with a host of new Chip Upgrade parts giving him an array of new abilities to use.

It's still unknown as to how Light prepares new upgrades and modifications for X's armor systems, but his help is always appreciated and often proves vital for X's victories.
Alia Alia
Now a true veteran of navigating the Hunters throughout their missions, Alia continues to provide valuable advice for X, Zero and Axl. The Hunters would often be lost without Alia's guidance, as she often gives them just the right piece of intel to see them through. Joing Alia are newcomers Layer and Pallette, whom also revere Alia's expertise and wisdom.
Pallette Pallette
Alia's no longer riding solo in navigating the Hunters through dangerous missions, as newcomer Pallette joins them in analysing hidden routes and secret areas riddled throughout each stage.

She's also responsible for managing the Chip Upgrades region of the Hunter Base (possibly replacing the Hunter's now-absent mechanic Douglas) to give the Hunters valuable new enhancements and weapons. Don't underestimate her via the high-pitched voice, as Pallette will yet prove her worth.
Layer Layer
The second Maverick Hunter newcomer, Layer perfroms her duties as the third navigator, specialising in boss and enemy tactics. Always cool and calm, Layer's taken a personal liking to Zero and strives to provide the Hunters with the best intel and tactics when taking on new Mavericks.
Signas Signas
Leading the Hunters in their campaign against the Mavericks, Signas continues to watch over his team with as much care as would be expected from any leader.

Often congratulating the Hunters upon returning from their missions, this time Signas won't have direct input to the Hunters during field missions, rather he'll be keeping tabs on the overall situation and keep the navigators apprised at all times.
Lumine Lumine
Lumine is a mysterious Reploid built for managing and furthering the Jakob Project. Among the new generation of Reploids, Lumine possesses Axl's DNA copy-changing ability and was working on the orbital elevator right up to the beginning of the new Maverick crisis.

Soon after responding to the Maverick outbreak, X, Zero and Axl find Lumine taken captive by Vile whose ultimate motives are unknown. Little is known about this lover of funky hairstyles, or what the Mavericks have planned for him.
Vile Vile
Vile is beginning to take a leaf from Sigma's book, returning for the third time since X and Zero's efforts to stop him in Dr. Doppler's lab so long ago. Looking more than ever like his mentor from another time and galaxy (minus the jetpack), Vile still has that cocky and overestimating attitude towards the Hunters.

Obessessed with the destruction of the Maverick Hunters and fanatically loyal to Sigma, Vile continues to use his signature shoulder cannon and his trademark Ride Armor to challenge the Hunters in battle.
Sigma Sigma
Sigma is a sucker for grudges. After his humiliating defeat at the hands of Axl's copy-changing ability, Sigma has devised yet another battle body, and plans to take control of the latest generation Reploids - all equipped with copy-changing abilities.

He plans to sabotage the Jakob Project and use it to build a twisted new world of his own Maverick design, where evil and chaos would no doubt rein. Pompously cocky of his chances, Sigma has also gone to the trouble of reviving his long-time buddy Vile, giving the Hunters a serious run for their money.