Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters

Axl's Weapons

The Hunters will each gain a new weapon upon defeating one of the eight Mavericks. X, Zero and Axl each receive a different weapon with varying traits and as always each boss is particularly weak to one special weapon. Axl's arsenal comprises of a range of hand-held projectile weapons, all of which don't consume special weapon energy but tend to be weaker than X's energy-consuming counterparts.

Axl's standard weapons
Axl Bullet Axl Bullet

As Axl's standard weapon of choice, you'll have access to this the entire game. Hold down fire to unleash a constant automatic barrage of energy bullets and keep in mind that Axl can fire in any of the eight main directions.

You can also break through enemies' reflecting barriers with sustained fire from this weapon. The A-Bullet, along with all of Axl's weapons, never runs dry on ammo.

Axl will also hover in the air for a shot time while firing if you discharge a weapon in the air. The only downside to Axl's weapons and the trade-off for automatic fire is that he'll stand still while firing, so manual bursts are often helpful.
Copy Shot Copy Shot

With the Axl Bullet equipped, press the special weapon button to discharge Axl's Copy Shot. Once an enemy with copyable DNA's destroyed it'll leave behind an energy capsule.

Pick it up and you'll be able to use the A-Trans (selectable from the weapon select screen) to assume the form of that Reploid. Press Fire to transform, then hit the Character Change button to revert back to Axl's normal form.

Keep in mind that while transformed Axl will consume special weapon energy. Check the base of this page for details on what forms Axl can take.
Special weapons
Ray Gun Ray Gun

Gained from: Optic Sunflower

Don't underestimate the small size of this blaster, as it's capable of firing a constant beam of pulsing blue energy. By spraying its fire around the screen you'll give yourself a large range of fire, especially useful when swarms of enemies attack. Keep a constant blast in one direction and you'll produce an unbroken laser beam deadly to anything it crosses. Great for racking up maximum combos in rooms with hefty amounts of opponents.
Spiral Magnum Spiral Magnum

Gained from: Gravity Antonion

As the name suggests this gun discharges a large lead round leaving behind a nifty "bullet-time" trail. Unlike Axl's other weapons it only operates with manual fire, but makes up for this in firepower. Each shot deals significant damage to foes, and as well as damaging enemies the shot will pass through them and continue on, great for taking out enemies lined up behind each other. Each shot can also pass through solid objects.
Black Arrow Black Arrow

Gained from: Dark Mantis

Normally this weapon will fire an arrow-shaped projectile on a short parabolic curve into the ground if no enemies are present, but when an enemy is in range anywhere on the screen (even when just slighty off the edge) the arrow will home in on its target. The automatic fire rate is fairly slow, so use manaual bursts to increase its rate.
Plasma Gun Plasma Gun

Gained from: Gigabolt Man-O-War

This weapon discharges a short range plasma web, which upon striking a target tends to freeze them in their tracks. You'll need to get up close and and personal to strike enemies with this, but the freezing effect is usually worth it. It can also instantly break enemy barriers once they fall within the plasma web. Like the Black Arrow it doesn't have a fast firing rate, but use manual fire and you'll coat enemies with enough plasma to finish them off.
Flame Burner Flame Burner

Gained from: Burn Rooster

Don't mistake this weapon as a plastic Super Soaker, as it discharges a heavy firestorm which is deadly in close quarters. The range of the flamethrower's blast slowly creeps out, so you'll need to keep an eye on enemies close by. Manual fire causes Axl to look like he's suffering some sort of seizure, so stick to automatic. The Flame Burner's best range comes from sustained fire in a single direction, but spray fire can also help down flying enemies.
Ice Gattling Ice Gattling

Gained from: Avalanche Yeti

As the names implies, this weapon unleashes a constant stream of small iceblocks capable of freezing enemies solid. Keep a sustained stream of fire on enemies and they'll eventually become frozen, at which point if you stop firing they'll explode automatically. Great for downing flying enemies, spray the weapon's fire around for a solid defense.
Bound Blaster Bound Blaster

Gained from: Earthrock Trilobyte

A weapon best used in small rooms filled with enemies, the Bound Blaster discharges large trailing projectiles capable of rebounding off walls, floors and ceilings several times. You'll only be able to fire three at a time, but they tend to seek out enemies fairly quickly due to their bouncing nature.
Blast Launcher Blast Launcher

Gained from: Bamboo Pandamonium

This deadly grenade launcher gives Mavericks a run for their money. With each shot this weapon launches a time-delayed grenade which explodes after a short time, or instantly if it strikes an enemy. After exploding it'll release a large circular latent blast radius, further damaging enemies in range (but thankfully you're immune). Only three can be fired at a time, but with plenty of enemies around that won't be an issue. Keep in mind that the explosions generated by the grenades can break through enemy barriers instantly.
Copy Shot DNA forms
Stages: Booster Forest / Pitch Black / Inferno / Jakob / Sigma Palace

This standard Reploid form gives Axl the ability to lob a small grenade with standard fire, while pressing Special Weapon causes him to perform a smart salute. Primarily used to gain entrance to the power generator in Pitch Black, fellow Reploids will often return Axl the salute, sometimes allowing him to slip by undetected.
Stage: Booster Forest

This small Reploid form allows Axl to fit through narrow tunnels hidden around the Booster Forest stage. You'll begin in the ball shape, by pressing Up Axl will take an offensive position. Press Fire for a quick punch, but be warned that you can't move while upright. Press Down again to assume the ball form.
Stage: Primrose

Spikes can't harm this Reploid, so by assuming its form Axl can walk freely along spike beds, something you'll need to reach items hidden in Primrose. Press Fire to discharge three small energy balls capable of bouncing off walls and floors.
Stage: Inferno

This jetpack-equipped Reploid form can hover freely in the air and fly horizontally. Hold jump to slowly ascend, then at the peak of the Reploid's jumping height press Jump again while holding Left or Right to fly. Use this ability to find Inferno RM#02. Standard fire yields a small energy ball.