Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters

Stage Guides

Metal Valley
This stage will have you investigating a riot in a large Metal quarry region. The action won't be far off though, as soon as you teleport into the quarry a giant crazed Mechaniloid will promptly drop out of the sky and crush one of the quarry's bulldozers. For the inital part of this stage the deranged foe will chase you along the desert canyon, so you'll need to keep moving right to avoid its arm attacks.

Head right and gain as much ground ahead of the mechaniloid as you can early on. Traverse over the range of crates up ahead, you'll notice the mechaniloid effortlessly smashes through them, so you'll need to keep moving. Up ahead you'll encounter what appears to be giant unearthed dinosaur bones, quickly jump atop them and grab as many Metals as you can (note that Metal Valley RM#01 lies ahead) as the mechaniloid will crash through them, destroying any chance of reaching the Metals high up the screen.

Watch out for a flurry of enemies beyond here, including bouncing wheels, Bulbrites and Metools either alone or manning missile-launching body armor. Don't bother attacking them as the mechaniloid destroys anything in its path, including other enemies. Eventually you'll encounter bulldozer foes akin to the ones in Noah's Park, only attack those that block your path, otherwise just jump over them and move on.

You'll begin to spot conveyer belts on the ground as the terrain slowly inclines up. Upon climing up a cliff where a bulldozer foe guards a life energy refill (and the entrance to the alcove containing the Body Parts I capsule), you'll spot a control lever in front of a crane in the background. Shoot the lever to rotate the crane so you can reach Metal Valley RM#02 later on. Shoot the bats down and climb up the tall cliff ahead to find an open region. Move on to discover a dead-end - a tall cliff with a crane perched atop. Wait for the mechaniloid to catch up to you and you'll hear the miniboss theme kick in, so it's time for a showdown.

Your shots don't harm the giant foe in any way, save for the fact that it drops red Metals with every few hit, so here's a good way to save up. While you're standing on the ground it'll attempt to nail you with its huge arms, quickly jump up the cliff to avoid it. Don't stay up the cliff for too long, or it'll try to punch you against the wall.

The crane atop the cliff is key to inflicting damage to this hulking bot, so jump up the wall and quickly shoot the lever. The crane will violently swing around, whacking the large object on its end into the mechaniloid's face. You'll need to hit your foe another two times this way, but be warned as you won't be able to use the crane again until it slowly rotates back to its default position. Drop down to the ground quickly as if you're above the cliff the mechaniloid will emit a massive energy beam from its face and sweep it down the cliff wall, the only way to avoid it is to drop down and stand by its feet.

Once the crane returns to its normal position the lever will swing back, shoot it again to damage the mechaniloid a second time, then repeat a third time. With the third hit, the mechaniloid will promptly turn tail and run, at which point the hunter becomes the hunted. Your navigator will burst out the importance of chasing it down, so begin backtracking as it runs off. All the way keep pelting the mechaniloid with fire (Axl's Ray Gun works wonders) as it'll continuously drop red Metals with every few hits. On the way back, you'll have an opportunity to pick up Metal Valley RM#02 & RM#03, as well as the Body Parts I capsule (but only with the Melt Creeper in hand).

Grab the Metals as you head back and you'll notice the area's visibly devoid of enemies. Eventually you'll reach an area where the mechaniloid will break open alcoves in the ground and throw the metal coverplates everywhere, note that the first one it opens contains Metal Valley RM#03 (Crystal Wall required). Watch out ahead as the mechaniloid uncovers small ball-launchers in the ground, they'll constantly launch small red balls into the air, use Axl's Ray Gun or Blast Launcher to put them to rest.

Watch out for the spinning blade launchers up ahead, shoot them to silence their attacks. Along here you'll notice how flat the terrain is, thanks to the rampaging mechaniloid. Keep pursuing it and you'll eventually pass by the dinosaur bones. Take care up ahead as two spike pits are uncovered and keep an eye out for more spinning blades populating this region. Beyond you'll pass by a few more red ball launchers before finding the wreck of the bulldozer it crushed initially. Beyond you'll find a large factory the mechaniloid will jump over. Your navigator will inform you of the mechaniloid's ingress of the factory, so head on through the door to track it down.

Inside you'll find a small room where you'll be assaulted by strange purple walls conjoured up from the corners. They'll move back and forth while crashing into the walls, you'll see these projectiles used by Earthrock Trilobyte soon. Avoid being crushed by the walls, eventually after a long wave they'll stop appearing and you'll be rewarded with a range of items. Grab everything before moving on.

The following huge room houses the mechaniloid's massive hangar, walk forward to be automatically taken up to a platform where you'll face it one last time. Here you'll be on a semi-3D platform where two levers reside, one on either end of the platform. The mechaniloid will often attempt to pummel you or grab you, if it does grab you call in your reserve character to break free instantly. If it charges up the laser attack, quickly move away from its front and jump up one of the walls to avoid the sweep.

This time there's a different crane in the ceiling, it'll move back and forth when each lever is shot, just bear in mind that the foe can dodge the crane. You'll need to pummel the head with the crane six times, just try to hold out against its attacks. With the final blow dealt, the mechaniloid will completely give up and shut down, allowing you to move on. Pass through the door over at the end of the platform and through the next room to face Earthrock Trilobyte.
Mission select
1. Noah's Park
2. Booster Forest
3. Troia Base
4. Pitch Black
5. Primrose
6. Metal Valley
7. Dynasty
8. Central White
9. Inferno
10. Jakob
11. Gateway
12. Sigma Palace