Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters

Bosses Guide

There are two listings of the bosses here, one for X and one for Zero. Each list has the bosses organized in an order which allows you to be able to use the correct special weapon or technique to defeat them with. X's Bosses will include the boss' attack patterns as well as how to defeat them, but Zero's will just have the method of defeating them.

X's Bosses Zero's Bosses
X's Bosses Zero's Bosses

Quick reference chart

Boss: Weakness (X): Weakness (Zero):
Frost Walrus X-Buster/Rising Fire Z-Saber/Ryuenjin
Jet Stingray Frost Tower Hyouretsuzan/Kuuenbu
Slash Beast Ground Hunter Kuuenbu
Web Spider Twin Slasher Kuuenbu
Split Mushroom Lightning Web Raijingeki
Cyber Peacock Soul Body Ryuenjin
Storm Owl Aiming Laser Rakuhouha
Magma Dragoon Double Cyclone Shippuuga/Raijingeki
Colonel X-Buster Kuuenbu
Double Double Cyclone N/A
Iris N/A Kuuenbu
General Twin Slasher Kuuenbu
Sigma Rising Fire Ryuenjin
Sigma Part 2 Lightning Web Kuuenbu
Sigma's Final Form X-Buster Colored heads: Beam Saber / Kuuenbu
Giant head: Shippuuga
Giant robot: Kuuenbu