Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters

Items Guide

The item list shows where all the special items are to be found and how they can help out X and Zero. The list includes the locations of the eight energy hearts in each of the main stages, the two energy tanks, the special weapon and EX tank, the four body upgrades for X, the robot ride carriers, X's secret Ultimate Armor and Zero's Black Armor.

Energy hearts will allow X and Zero to hold more energy, making them stronger and able to survive longer in battle. There are eight in total to find. Energy Tanks will allow X and Zero to store energy to be used during battle if their energy is low. They are important and very useful. There are two in total.

The body upgrades will allow X to become much stronger and able to perform special abilities. The Robot Ride Armor can be used to aid X and Zero in certain stages.

Energy hearts
Frost Walrus stage The first heart can be found in Frost Walrus' stage. You will need the Rising Fire/Ryuenjin (Dragon Flame Blade) to get this heart. Near the beginning of the stage just after the first large robot, you should see an ice block in the ceiling with the heart resting on it. Destroy the ice block with a flame attack to retrieve the heart.
Jet Stingray stage The second heart can be found in Jet Stingray's stage. In Area 1, when you reach the third hole in the ground, instead of jumping over it, dash off the cliff and you will land on the platform where the heart is waiting.
Slash Beast stage The third heart is found in Slash Beast's stage. In Area 2, once you find the Raiden Armor, use it to destroy the large red train carts, the second one should have this heart hidden inside it.
Web Spider stage The fourth heart is in Web Spider's stage. You'll need the Rising Fire/Ryuenjin (Dragon Flame Blade) to find this heart. In Area 2 where there are a lot of the electronic spider webs around, find the second brown block that looks like a tree trunk. Burn it to reveal the heart.
Split Mushroom stage The fifth heart is found in Split Mushroom's stage. In Area 2, after you exit from the tower, you should see this heart up high on a ledge. Walk forward and once the spikes cause part of the room to fall, jump on top of it when it falls and then jump up to the heart.
Cyber Peacock stage The sixth heart is in Cyber Peacock's stage. You need to get an "S" rank in certain areas to find the heart. Do this by beating the areas as fast as possible. For X, you need to get the "S" rank in the first area, and for Zero, you'll need to get it in the second area. Use the Soul Body or Kuuenbu (Sky Waltz) to destroy the large yellow orbs.
Storm Owl stage The seventh heart is found in Storm Owl's stage. In Area 1, just after you get the Eagle Armor, you should see the heart on a platform that a huge laser cannon destroys from above. You'll need to jump-dash on foot or dash using the Eagle Armor to get the heart before the cannon fires.
Magma Dragoon stage The eighth heart is in Magma Dragoon's stage. In Area 2, when you reach the area where the large fireballs fall from the sky on an angle, go to the left and dash jump off the cliff to reach a ledge where the heart is waiting. If you have X, use the Lightning Web or the mid-air dash, and with Zero, just dash and jump to the ledge.
Energy Tanks
Jet Stingray stage The first energy tank is in Jet Stingray's stage. In Area 2, just before the end of the area, keep jumping and then using the dash attack on the bike and eventually you'll fly over a platform with boxes. If you are using the dash attack or firing the bike's gun you'll destroy the boxes and grab the exposed energy tank.
Cyber Peacock stage The second energy tank is in Cyber Peacock's stage. Similar to the heart, you'll need to gain an "S" rank in certain areas. For X, you need to get an "S" in the second area and for Zero you'll need to get it in the third section. Remember that the Soul Body or Kuuenbu (Sky Waltz) will destroy the yellow orbs.
Weapon Tank
Frost Walrus stage The weapon tank is in Frost Walrus' stage. This is hidden within one of the ice blocks about halfway through Area 2. To pinpoint its location, just destroy all the ice blocks you see until you find the one that conceals the tank.
EX Tank
Frost Walrus stage The EX tank is also found in Frost Walrus' stage. When you reach the area with the sloping ice sheets above the spike beds, dash to the right until you reach the cliff. Jump up the wall and use either the Lightning Web with X or the Kuuenbu (Sky Waltz) to jump twice with Zero to reach the tank which is waiting on a ledge. This tank will give X or Zero four lives instead of two whenever you restart the game.

Robot Ride armor

Jet Bike/Ride Chaser Jet Bike/Ride Chaser
The Jet Bike is found in Jet Stingray's stage only. X or Zero will be riding the bike for most of this level. This vehicle can jump, fire an energy weapon and execute a devastating dash attack where a beam of energy from the bike's underside will destroy anything that touches it. A dash-jump can be made as well as being able to perform the dash attack once the bike jumps. This can also enable the bike to glide over large pits and holes.
Raiden Armor Raiden Armor
The Raiden Armor is found in Slash Beast and Magma Dragoon's stages. This carrier can walk through lava and can withstand many blows before it explodes. It has three forms of attacks, a standard drill-punch attack, a large swipe attack which deals out more damage, and a charge attack which can drill through most enemies.
Eagle Armor Eagle Armor
The Eagle carrier is found in Storm Owl's stage and the second Final Weapon stage. This carrier can fire large energy bolts, it can jump and execute dash attacks, and it can also fly in the air to glide over large holes. This carrier can withstand may hits before overloading and can safely carry X or Zero over dangerous areas. You can also charge up its weapon to fire off a large charged shot that will home in on enemies.

Body upgrades

Boots Upgrade Boots Upgrade Stage: Web Spider
The Leg upgrade is found in Web Spider's stage. Just after falling down the waterfall area near the start of Area 1, jump into an opening in the right wall and continue on to find the capsule.

The leg upgrade will allow X to hover in the air for a short amount of time. It will also allow him to execute a mid-air dash while jumping.
Web Spider stage
Helmet Upgrade Helmet Upgrade Stage: Cyber Peacock
The Helmet upgrade is found in Cyber Peacock's stage. You will need to gain an "S" rank in the third area to find it. Use the Soul Body to destroy the yellow orbs to quickly finish the area.

The Helmet upgrade will allow X to use all his special weapons without losing any weapon energy. This gives the weapons an unlimited use and the energy will only drain if a charged shot is used.
Cyber Peacock stage
X-Buster Upgrades X-Buster Upgrades Stage: Storm Owl
The X-Buster upgrades are found in Storm Owl's stage. You'll need the Lightning Web to reach them. Near the start of Area 2, just before the first purple door, you'll see an opening in the ceiling which is lined with spikes. Use the Lightning Web to shoot a web as high as possible and from the right position to make it land in front of the spikes on the left.

Jump on the web and jump up to grab onto the ledge to find the capsules. There are two possible weapon upgrades, but neither is permanent, they are interchangeable. The capsule on the right will allow X to charge up four normal charged shots and fire them off rapidly.

The second capsule on the left will give him the ability to charge up a more powerful shot which will rip through anything and if it strikes an enemy it will leave behind a plasma ball that will continue to damage the target. Both upgrades will allow you to charge up X's special weapons.
Storm Owl stage
Armor Upgrade Armor Upgrade Stage: Magma Dragoon
The Armor upgrade is found in Magma Dragoon's stage. You will need one of the X-Buster upgrades to find this. In Area 2, dash jump to the right off the cliff just before the Raiden Armor. Try to use a mid-air dash or the Lightning Web to reach the ledge on the right, but once you do, use a charged shot of the Twin Slasher to destroy the rocks blocking the way and you'll find the capsule.

The Armor upgrade will give you the Nova Strike Giga Attack, which causes X to jump up and fly forward while executing a devastating attack to destroy any enemies he hits. The energy must be full for the attack to work, and it can recharge its energy when X is hit or if he picks up a weapon capsule.
Magma Dragoon stage

Special armor

X's Ultimate Armor
Ultimate Armor X's Ultimate Armor allows him to use the Nova Strike Giga Attack without losing any of its weapon energy, allowing an unlimited use. It will also give him all of the body upgrades at the one time. The method of gaining the armor is as follows: on the select character screen you will have to hold down a combination of buttons to activate the secret. Highlight X and input the code. Here are the codes for the three versions of the game:

Playstation: Highlight X, then press the X button (Circle button) twice. Press left on the directional pad 6 times. Hold L1 and R2 and press start (hold L1 and R2 until the game begins).

Sega Saturn: Highlight X, then press the B button twice. Press Left on the directional pad 6 times. Hold L and R and press start.

PC: Highlight X, then press and hold down while pressing enter.

If you have done this correctly, you'll notice that the light blue joints of X's armor are now purple. Once you enter one of the hidden Dr Light capsules, you'll receive the full Ultimate Armor which has all the body upgrades as well as the unlimited Nova Strike.
Nova Strike Attack
Zero's Black Armor
Zero's Black Armor Zero's Black Armor is activated similar to X's Ultimate Armor. It is activated by highlighting Zero on the character select screen and inputting the code. Here are the codes for the three versions of the game:

Playstation: Highlight Zero, then hold the R1 button and press right on the directional pad 6 times. Release the R1 button, hold the X button (Circle button), and press start.

Sega Saturn: Highlight Zero, then hold the R button and press right on the directional pad 6 times. Release the R button, hold the B button, and press start.

PC: Highlight Zero, then while holding up, press enter.

You will notice that this secret will turn Zero's armor to a black color. This apparently is the only thing it does, the armor doesn't make the game easier or give Zero new abilities.