Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters


Many characters make up the detailed plot and interact with the growing storyline. You'll be using Mega Man X or Zero for the entire game, along the way you'll meet up with all the characters, good and bad, listed below. Read on for detailed descriptions of each character.

Maverick Hunters

Mega Man X Mega Man X
Mega Man X is the first robot to begin the existence of the Reploids, and ever since the Mavericks appeared, he has battled them and defeated their leader Sigma three times now. His past remains a mystery, but X always has a strong sense of justice and believes in a world where humans and reploids live together in peace.

As one of the leaders of the Maverick Hunters, X was involved in allying with Repliforce, but he is worried that they are the cause of the recent trouble occurring in the city. Always fighting for justice, X will do whatever it takes to defend the world and hopefully one day discover Dr. Light's purpose for him in life.
Zero Zero
Zero is Mega Man X's best friend and partner in the Maverick Hunters. Zero's past has remained a mystery as well, but after Zero's constant nightmares of his creator, it is now rumored that the evil Dr. Wily created Zero to eventually destroy X.

Although this may be the truth, Zero is still fighting for justice and has never turned against X. Zero is also heavily involved in the Repliforce mystery, but he has fallen in love with Colonel's sister Iris, and is torn between his relationship with her and Colonel's refusal to co-operate.
Dr Light Dr. Light
Dr. Light is the creator of Mega Man X. Dr. Light's purpose for creating X is still a mystery, but Dr. Light had designed X to be a reliable and strong minded defender of all that is good. He appears again in the special capsules that enhance X's abilities, and he aids X by giving him advice and confidence in his actions.


Iris Iris
Iris is the girlfriend of Zero and is also Colonel's sister. Always torn between her love for Zero and her brother's stubborn actions, she is always pleading with Zero not to fight with Colonel. Iris assists Zero by giving him information on Repliforce's actions throughout the game and gives him advice on what to expect from Colonel.
Colonel Colonel
Colonel is the commanding officer of Repliforce's army. Once an ally of the Maverick Hunters, he is now against them as the Maverick Hunters now believe that the destruction of Sky Lagoon was their doing and is now considering Repliforce as Mavericks.

Colonel is willing to fight them as he has a strong sense of honor and will not obey X or Zero. This stubbornness of his creates friction between their relationship and causes Repliforce's bad reputation, as well as their ultimate destruction.
General General
General is the leader of Repliforce. He has always believed that Reploids should live in peace with humans, but he believes that the Reploids should have more rights among humans other than to be their servants. His bad habit of jumping to conclusions and not listening to reason causes a loss of faith in the Maverick Hunters and makes the Repliforce an enemy.

Although he is a stubborn leader, General's prime objective was only to give Reploids the right to live as they please, without being ordered around by humans.


Double Double
Double is a Maverick and is Sigma's spy who at first seems to aid X by giving him information about the actions of Repliforce. His true intention was to be the insider who would gain X's plans of action and pass them on to his leader Sigma. Before long Double plans to attack X when the time is right.
Sigma Sigma
Sigma has somehow returned after his defeat in Dr. Doppler's lab years ago which ended the war of the Reploids. He has remained well in hiding and has used several spies and insiders to create friction between the Maverick Hunters and Repliforce which ultimately turned the two groups against each other.

It was the Maverick Magma Dragoon who betrayed the Maverick Hunters and destroyed the Sky Lagoon, making the Repliforce look like they were the ones who did it. Sigma's main objective was to cause Repliforce and the Maverick Hunters to destroy each other, leaving the world open for attack, but his bad habit of underestimating X and Zero's abilities strikes again and he doesn't plan on them finding out the truth.

Character artwork

Colonel General
Double Frost Walrus
Jet Stingray Slash Beast
Web Spider Split Mushroom
Cyber Peacock Storm Owl
Magma Dragoon