Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters

Zero's Techniques

Each time you defeat a stage boss, Zero will receive a new technique that can be used at any time during the game. Each technique will add to his skills and enable him to perform special moves as well as new attacks.

Zero's Beam Saber Z-Saber/Beam Saber Gained from: N/A
Unlike the previous Mega Man X games, Zero only has his Beam Saber available to be used as a weapon.

He can perform a single blade swing while standing, jumping, climbing up a ladder or wall, and if the fire button is pushed rapidly while he is standing still, Zero will perform a three-swing blade technique that can cause multiple damage to targets.

Most of the techniques learned from defeated bosses will involve Zero using his Beam Saber, and some of them will cause it to become a different type of weapon.
Beam Saber
All of Zero's techniques will require special button combinations to be used, and will involve the use of the Special Move (S.M) button. Each technique can be used an unlimited amount of times except for the Rakuhouha (Fallen Phoenix Crush).
Special Techniques
Hyouretsuzan Hyouretsuzan (Ice Stab)

While in mid-air, press down and S.M to perform this attack.

The Ice Stab is gained once you defeat Frost Walrus. This technique will cause Zero to stab down with his beam saber when falling from a jump. The beam saber will become a large ice-sword and can cause heavy damage to enemy targets below.
Raijingeki Raijingeki (Thunder God Attack)

While standing still, press the S.M button.

The Thunder God Attack is gained once Web Spider is defeated. This weapon will cause Zero to slash out his beam saber. When this attack is executed, the beam saber will become electrified and will fire out a long electrical beam that will electrocute any enemy it strikes.
Kuuenbu Kuuenbu (Sky Waltz)

After jumping, press the jump button a second time to jump higher. For the spin attack, while jumping, press the fire button.

The Sky Waltz is gained once you defeat Split Mushroom. This technique will allow Zero to jump twice in the air, giving him a higher jump to gain access to out-of-reach areas. It will also allow Zero to perform a spinning attack while in mid-air that will damage any enemy he strikes.
Hienkyaku Hienkyaku (Flying Jump)

While jumping, press the dash button to perform this technique.

The Flying Jump is gained once Jet Stingray is defeated. This technique will allow Zero to perform a mid-air dash while jumping, similar to X's when he has the leg upgrade.
Shippuuga Shippuuga (Hurricane Fang)

While dashing, press the S.M button to execute this attack.

The Hurricane Fang is gained once you defeat Slash Beast. This weapon will allow Zero to slash out his beam saber while dashing to cause a dash attack and can damage any enemies that touch him.
Rakuhouha Rakuhouha (Fallen Phoenix Crush)

While standing still, press the Giga Attack button to execute this attack.

The Fallen Phoenix Crush is gained once Cyber Peacock is defeated. This weapon fires out nine large energy balls that will fly out from Zero in a circular fashion, creating a large range of fire. Most enemies on screen will not be able to dodge this attack. This is the only technique that has an energy bar.
Ryuenjin Ryuenjin (Dragon Flame Blade)

While standing still, press up and S.M at the same time to perform this attack.

The Dragon Flame Blade is gained once Magma Dragoon is defeated. This weapon causes Zero to jump up with his beam saber extended. The beam will be changed to a large fire-wave that will damage any enemies that it strikes.
Tenkuuha Tenkuuha (Sky Command)

Used normally in the same way as the Beam Saber.

The Sky Command is gained once you defeat Storm Owl. This weapon enhances the abilities of the Beam Saber. Its color will be changed to purple, and you will now be able to block energy beam shots from enemies by swing it at them. It will also strengthen the power of the weapon.