Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters


Mega Man X4


As the first X game to appear on the Sony Playstation, Mega Man X4 introduces new 32-bit graphics, superb music and sound effects, as well as huge stages and an intriguing storyline. This time, you'll be able to play as X or Zero for the entire game, giving the game two unique storylines to follow.


Many months have passed since Sigma's third defeat and the death of the renowned Reploid scientist Dr. Doppler. After Sigma's plan to use Doppler to spread the Maverick virus failed, Reploids X and Zero have begun to help build a world where no Mavericks exist. Since then, the Reploids are now living in peace with humans, and many large Reploid armies have formed, each one at peace with one another and growing every day.

The Maverick Hunters, ever growing, have begun to wipe out the remaining Maverick resistance, and have been heralded as the keepers of the peace. One of the largest and strongest Reploid armies, known as the Repliforce, have developed strong ties with the Maverick Hunters, with their similar ways in honor and the desire for peace.

In particular, Zero has befriended one of the leaders of Repliforce, Colonel, so much so that they have become fast friends, and Zero has shown affection for Colonel's sister Iris.

Together, the Maverick Hunters and Repliforce protect the world from the Mavericks and ensure peace, but little did they know that their loyalty toward each other was about to be tested. Before long, the Maverick Hunters receive a report that the Sky Lagoon, a floating city in the sky, has been sabotaged to cause it to slam into the city below.

All intelligence showed that Repliforce were suspected to be behind the plot.

X and Zero respond immediately, heading out to the Sky Lagoon to find answers, little realizing that the true Mavericks are about to pit the Hunters and Repliforce against each other, in a bid to wipe out both sides, unless the Hunters can discover who is really behind the plot before all is lost...

Game specifications

Mega Man X and Zero return in this all-new action adventure as the first MMX game to appear on the Playstation. Bringing with it all the graphics, sound and gameplay of the first three, X4 introduces rich new graphics and sound, as well as a new style of challenging gameplay.

You'll be able to take control of either X or Zero during the entire game, each character has their own unique storyline, so you'll want to play through the game with both characters to experience the full storyline. New characters are introduced, including the main cast of the Repliforce, as well as new Mavericks waiting to try their luck against X and Zero.

Dr. Light will be waiting in the special capsules hidden throughout the game, each one containing a vital upgrade for X's body armor. X and Zero must challenge huge bosses, both Maverick and Repliforce, before confronting the real mastermind behind the plot to bid the Hunters and Repliforce against each other.

Energy hearts, sub-tanks, special Robot Ride Armor suits, special weapons and techniques await X and Zero, all the items capable of giving both characters higher advantages in battle. Before the end of their quest, X and Zero's loyalty to the Hunters and their friends, as well as each other will be tested to the very core...

Game introduction

-- It has been months since the defeat of Sigma at Dr Doppler's lab which ended the war between the Mavericks and the Reploids. New reploid armies have risen, the most powerful being Repliforce, which is lead by the strong-willed General.

The Mavericks have been destroyed, and it seems that true peace has finally been restored. Zero, Mega Man X's best friend and partner, begins to have strange dreams in which he is confronted by his creator and is ordered to destroy X. Soon after the mysterious dreams, Mavericks attack the Sky Lagoon, a large city in the sky.

The Maverick Hunters begin to suspect that Repliforce was behind the destruction of Sky Lagoon, and so Repliforce vows to build their own reploid-only utopia. Little do Repliforce or the Maverick Hunters know that a more sinister force is behind the evil deed and is planning to turn the two armies against each other... --

Release dates:

Aug 1, 1997
Sep 25, 1997
Oct 13, 1997


  • Capcom

CD media:

  • 1 disc

Original platform:

  • Sony PlayStation