Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters

X's Weapons

Each new weapon X gains when he, Zero or Axl defeat each of the eight bosses. Each weapon has its own special abilities and can be a certain boss' weakness. X shares the same special weapons with Axl but can charge them up once you find the X-Buster upgrade.

X-Buster X-Buster Gained from: N/A
This is X's primary weapon which he has when you get him. X is able to charge this weapon for a more powerful shot which can quickly finish an enemy off. He can also combine it with his special weapons to charge up them too. He can use rapid fire to deliver fast and quick damage. X-Buster
X can only fire charged shots with special weapons once you locate the X-Buster upgrade in Flame Hyenard's stage. The weapon energy bar for each weapon is positioned just under X's health bar. When you charge up a special weapon, you will naturally drain more weapon energy than a normal shot would.
Gaea Shield Gaea Shield Gained from: Soldier Stonekong
The Gaea Shield is gained once Soldier Stonekong is defeated. This weapon creates a shield made of rock which protects X from enemy shots.

The charged-up version creates a huge rock above X which splits into two parts and then drives away in opposite directions to each other.
Gaea Shield
Volt Tornado Volt Tornado Gained from: Tornado Tonion
The Volt Tornado is gained once Tornado Tonion is defeated. This weapon fires off an electric tornado which will rush forward after a few seconds. Any enemy in its path will be destroyed.

The charged-up version creates an electric energy field around X which will spit out several life energy refills if it touches nearby enemies.
Volt Tornado
Splash Laser Splash Laser Gained from: Splash Warfly
The Splash Laser is gained once Splash Warfly is defeated. This weapon fires off a water beam which can destroy enemies.

The charged-up version fires a wave of bubbles which can destroy its target quickly.
Splash Laser
Circle Blaze Circle Blaze Gained from: Flame Hyenard
The Circle Blaze is gained once Flame Hyenard is defeated. This weapon fires off a burst of fire which explodes after a few seconds.

The charged-up version fires off an even more powerful shot which explodes heavily on enemy contact.
Circle Blaze
Moving Wheel Moving Wheel Gained from: Ride Boarski
The Moving Wheel is gained once Ride Boarski is defeated. This weapon fires off a tiny spinning wheel which drives away on the ground. This can also drive up on walls.

The charged-up version fires off three of these wheels with the same function.
Moving Wheel
Sniper Missile Sniper Missile Gained from: Snipe Anteator
The Sniper Missile is gained once Snipe Anteator is defeated. This weapon launches a homing missile.

The charged-up version fires off three of these missiles and they have the same function.
Sniper Missile
Wind Cutter Wind Cutter Gained from: Wind Crowrang
The Wind Cutter is gained once Wind Crowrang is defeated. This weapon fires off a tiny boomerang which will fly back to you if it doesn't hit anything.

The charged-up version fires off eight shots in eight directions around X, which will home-in on nearby targets.
Wind Cutter
Explosion Explosion Gained from:
Vanishing Gungaroo
The Explosion is gained once Vanishing Gungaroo is defeated. This weapon fires off a big blast which slowly travels forward.

The charged-up version will fire off four similar blasts in all four directions.