Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters


Many characters make up the detailed plot and interact with the growing storyline. You'll be using Mega Man X, Zero or Axl throughout the game, along the way you'll meet up with all the characters, good and bad, listed below. Read on for detailed descriptions of each character.

Mega Man X Mega Man X
X has become tired of all the fighting between the Maverick Hunters and Mavericks, so he has decided to retire from his spot and work with Alia and Signas behind Zero and newcomer Axl to develop more peaceful solutions. Because of his retirement, the Maverick Hunters have become weaker in their chase for world peace and Mavericks.

When Axl appears, X feels some kind of new external threat and decides to join him and Zero in the chase for Sigma.
Zero Zero
Zero continues his fight against Mavericks and would personally work alone now that X has retired. But when he captures Axl and brings him to Maverick Hunter HQ, he gets to know that Axl wants to become a Maverick Hunter and Zero has to deal and stick with him through their mission. As X joins them again, Zero feels that they can actually stop Sigma once again.
Axl Axl
Axl is a young teenage reploid with a very mysterious power to transform into other reploids his own size. Axl was once a member of a gang called Red Alert, which filled the vacuum of the weakened Maverick Hunters when X retired.

They used Axl's mysterious power to do their evil work and when Axl finally noticed it, he escaped. While he was trying to escape, he was captured by Zero who took him to Maverick Hunter HQ, where he had to face a very upset Mega Man X. Axl promised that for every bad thing he has done he will make up for in good deeds.
Dr. Light Dr. Light
He appears again with the same function as before, to give X new armor. And he is still sorry for what has happened to X and the world they live in. As Sigma has become stronger, Light feels that X needs a new powerful armor, the Glide Armor.
Alia Alia
Alia returns with the same job as before, to navigate you through the missions. She will also tell you which wounded reploids you've rescued after each mission. She can also inform you with what special and specific abilities to use in different situations.
Signas Signas
The new leader of Maverick Hunter HQ, Signas returns in his support of the Maverick Hunters and the reploids. He gives good advice and tries to get X back in action. He also gives X the hint to train Axl, but X refuses because he believes that Axl may make the same mistake he did before. Signas though, believes that Axl can become strong and useful.
Red Red
The charismatic leader of Red Alert has become very upset about Axl's escape and wants him back. He challenges the Maverick Hunters to see who the real Maverick Hunters are, and sends out eight powerful Mavericks. He says that if the Mavericks win, they will get Axl back. But if they lose, he'll leave the result to their imagination.
Sigma Sigma
Yes, he's back again. This time he's not just in chase of X and Zero. This time he wants Axl's mysterious power. In his need for this, he takes command over Red and orders him to destroy X and Zero. And he does this by turning Red's own men against him. Can Sigma defeat X and Zero and get Axl's power? Thatís up to you!