Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters

Parts Guide

The Parts guide deals with all the special parts you can buy from Iris' Part Shop. You'll need to collect small energy cells required to build each part, the amount for each varies. Read on for more info and how they can help out X and Zero.

Special item parts

The Part Shop can be accessed via the stage selection screen. You'll see three rows of parts, the top level has common parts which both X and Zero can use, the second row has parts only X can use, and the third only Zero can use. Each part will have a certain amount of DNA Souls to build, they can be found in each stage as small yellow and blue energy balls which enemies occasionally drop.

The yellow balls also give your character more life energy, while the blue ones also give you weapon energy. The more balls in the group, the more DNA Souls you'll get. They look similar to energy capsules but are rounder and more common. Each time you defeat a stage boss you'll receive a hefty amount of them. You'll also have a new item available each time a stage boss is defeated, and the parts available in the current game mode will be available at the start of the next.

Normally, X and Zero can equip two to three parts at a time, but keep in mind that once one character has a common part active, the other will not be able to use it. Read on below for specific part details.

Common parts
Hyper Dash Hyper Dash Cost: 1000 This will increase the speed and distance of the dash move, it'll also make your character invincible while dashing.
Super Recover Super Recover Cost: 200 This doubles the amount of life/weapon energy you receive from energy/weapon capsules.
Energy Saver Energy Saver Cost: 100 This halves the amount of energy used up from special weapons/techniques.
Barrier Extender Barrier Extender Cost: 100 This halves the damage taken from enemies.
Extreme Mode Extreme Mode Cost: 2000 This will activate Extreme mode in the main menu (will not be available in Extreme mode).
Boss Attack Mode Boss Attack Mode Cost: 200 This will activate Boss Attack Mode in the main menu (will not be available if already enabled).
X's parts
Buster Plus 1 Buster Plus 1 Cost: 200 Enhances shots from the X-Buster - causes more damage to enemies.
Buster Plus 2 Buster Plus 2 Cost: 200 Strengthens the X-Buster to the next level after Buster Plus 1.
Speed Shot Speed Shot Cost: 100 X-Buster shots fly across the screen faster.
Ultimate Buster Ultimate Buster Cost: 500 Every time you fire the X-Buster will fire off a charged shot.
Hyper Charge Hyper Charge Cost: 1000 This will enable the X-Buster to charge faster than normal.
Armor Armor Cost: 2000 This will give X all the armor upgrades at once (will not be available if you've already found all the armor capsules).
Zero's parts
Saber Plus 1 Saber Plus 1 Cost: 200 This enhances the Z-Saber's damage inflicted upon enemies.
Saber Plus 2 Saber Plus 2 Cost: 500 Increases the Z-Saber to the next level after Saber Plus 1.
Ultimate Saber Ultimate Saber Cost: 800 Gives Zero the strongest enhancement to his Z-Saber.