Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters

Hints and tips

This section deals with some handy hints you might want to know about the game. This section also contains information revealing special parts of the game, so please don't read this section unless you've already been through the game or you truly want to know, as some of it might spoil the game for you.

There are three separate modes in this game, X's Mode, Zero's Mode and Extreme mode. Extreme mode contains X's and Zero's modes.
If you start the game with X, once you beat his mode, you'll then move on to Zero's mode. Once you beat Zero's mode you'll then have access to Extreme mode and vice versa.
If you beat the game first in X's mode, Zero will get the four techniques from X's bosses at the start of the game, and vice versa.
Once you beat the game on Extreme mode, you'll gain access to the secret Boss Attack mode, where you can choose to fight all eight bosses from either this game or the ones from Mega Man Xtreme. You'll have all the special weapons and techniques, but no armor upgrades or subtanks.

You'll also have available all the special upgrade parts. Once you start, go in the capsule on the left to face the bosses from Xtreme 1, or in the right capsule to face the bosses from Xtreme 2. Remember that you can switch between X and Zero at any time.