Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters


Many characters make up the detailed plot and interact with the growing storyline. You'll be using Mega Man X or Zero for most of the game, along the way you'll meet up with all the characters, good and bad, listed below. Read on for detailed descriptions of each character.

Mega Man X Mega Man X
X returns to action, this time to investigate the mysterious mass malfunction of Reploids on the Reploid Research Island, and to discover who is stealing the DNA Souls from the Reploids.

Along with his pal Zero, X will have to battle restored Mavericks from his past, as well as the new Maverick leaders commanding the operation. Along the way, X will be receiving assistance from Zero, Iris and Dr. Light to help him complete this new and challenging mission.
Zero Zero
Along with X, Zero is also involved in the investigation of Laguz Island, teaming up with X to help restore the DNA Souls to the damaged reploids and to find and retire the Mavericks responsible.

This time Zero will have to face four Mavericks from X's past, as well as one of the mysterious Maverick leaders, but with his Beam Saber (aka Z-Saber), X, Iris and Dr. Light's help, he can be almost guaranteed success in his part of this mission.
Mega Man X Dr. Light
Dr. Light will be waiting for X and Zero in the special hidden upgrade capsules, where once found he'll give X and Zero new enhancements for their armor to help them succeed in battle. As well as giving X the normal upgrades, Dr. Light will also enhance Zero's capabilities for battle.
Iris Iris
As her first mission with the Maverick Hunters, Iris takes leave from the Repliforce to assist X and Zero in their mission on Laguz Island. She'll play an important role by providing them with useful information and hints to further their progress, as well as building new upgrade parts with the DNA Souls X and Zero collect throughout the island.
Gareth The Soul Eraser - Gareth
Gareth, a 'Soul Eraser,' is one of the two Mavericks leading the DNA Soul operation. He first pretends to be a destroyer of evil Mavericks, but X and Zero see right through his disguise for what he really is. Hiding away in the Reploid Research Laboratory, he waits there for a final showdown with Zero, but his arrogance and oversized ego will be his downfall and Zero's advantage.
Berkana Berkana
Berkana is the second Maverick in charge of the DNA Soul operation. As the first female-type Maverick, Berkana believes that she can succeed where so many other Mavericks have failed, by finally defeating X. As well as taunting X and Zero throughout their journey on the island, she waits in the Reploid Research Laboratory for a final showdown with X, eagerly awaiting her chance to defeat him once and for all.
Sigma Sigma
As always, Sigma is behind the entire DNA Soul operation, giving Berkana and Gareth command of the island. Sigma's reason for stealing the DNA Souls is not completely known, but it seemed that he was trying to utilize the Souls and reploid's bodies to create stronger Mavericks than ever before, to then launch a huge campaign against Earth from Laguz Island.

Hiding away in the core of the operation, the Reploid Research Laboratory, Sigma watches from there X and Zero moving through the island, but he's certain that Berkana and Gareth will fail to stop them reaching him, so he's prepared a new battle body just in case...