Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters

Weapons Guide

Mega Man/Bass will gain a new weapon each time you defeat a level boss. Each of the weapons will have powers similar to the boss which it was gained from. The weapons can be used for different uses in certain areas of some levels and most importantly each one is a weakness against a certain boss encountered in the game.

Mega/Bass Buster Mega/Bass Buster Gained From: N/A
The Rock/Forte Buster is Mega Man's/Bass' primary weapon. This weapon will be available from the beginning of the game. Each one will have different abilities. Mega Man's can charge up to allow him to fire a large blue blast which is much stronger than normal blasts and can heavily damage targets. His shots can also pass through solid walls. Bass' weapon can be fired rapidly and in different directions to aim at enemies above or below. Mega/Bass Buster
Ice Wall Ice Wall Boss: Cold Man
The Ice Wall is gained once you defeat Cold Man. This weapon will create a solid ice wall in front of you which can be pushed and will slide forward and smash through enemies. After a few seconds it will crumble and break. The wall can also be used as a platform to stand on and reach higher areas. If timed correctly, you can push it and ride on top of it as it slides across the ground. Ice Wall
Wave Burner Wave Burner Boss: Burner Man
The Wave Burner is gained after you defeat Burner Man. This weapon will blow out a short flame which will fan out in front of you and will burn anything that comes within its range. When used underwater, this weapon can be used to move floating spikes and blow bubbles into enemies. It can also be used to melt ice blocks in certain levels. Wave Burner
Remote Mine Remote Mine Boss: Pirate Man
The Remote Mine is gained after Pirate Man is defeated. This weapon will fire out a small mine and its direction can be partially altered by pressing down or up when it is moving forward. Once the mine hits something, it will attach itself to it. When you press fire a second time, the mine will detonate and damage anything in the range of its explosion. Remote Mine
Spread Drill Spread Drill Boss: Ground Man
The Spread Drill is gained once you defeat Ground Man. When fired, a large drill will fire out straight ahead and will damage anything it touches. If you press fire as it is flying forward, the drill will split into two smaller drills, and into four smaller drills if you press fire again. This can also be used to destroy certain blocks in some levels to reach secret areas. Spread Drill
Tengu Blade Tengu Blade Boss: Tengu Man
The Tengu Blade is gained once Tengu Man is defeated. This weapon will fire out a spinning blade that will fly straight ahead and damage anything it hits. If you dash/slide forward while using this weapon, Mega Man/Bass will charge forward and damage anything they hit. Tengu Blade
Magic Card Magic Card Boss: Magic Man
The Magic Card is gained once you defeat Magic Man. This weapon can be fired straight ahead or straight up above you, allowing you to hit enemies directly above you. It will also allow you to retrieve powerups normally out of reach. Magic Card
Copy Vision Copy Vision Boss: Astro Man
The Copy Vision is gained once Astro Man is defeated. This weapon will allow Mega Man/Bass to create a clone of themselves that will fire shots straight ahead. The clone is invincible but will only remain active for a few seconds before disappearing and can also attract enemy fire while you slip by. Copy Vision
Lightning Bolt Lightning Bolt Boss: Dynamo Man
The Lightning Bolt is gained once you defeat Dynamo Man. This weapon will allow Mega Man/Bass to release a huge electric attack by firing down lightning bolts that will damage or destroy any enemy on screen. This can be very effective for destroying enemies that surround you and are difficult to destroy. Lightning Bolt