Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters


Many characters make up the detailed plot and interact with the growing storyline. You'll be using Mega Man or Bass for the entire game, along the way you'll meet up with all the characters, good and bad, listed below. Read on for detailed descriptions of each character.

Mega Man Mega Man (Rockman)
Mega Man is Dr Light's greatest robotic creation. His advanced defense and weaponry systems make him one of the most powerful robots in existence. Half-human, half-robot, Mega Man has his own feelings and a strong will. He believes that humans and robots should live in peace with each other, and he will defend all who are innocent against evil, no matter if they are human or mechanical. He is well known as the hero who defended the world from the evil Dr. Wily and has countlessly thwarted Wily's evil plans. Mega Man has vowed to stop Dr. Wily and will pursue him wherever he goes to defeat the mad scientist once and for all.
Bass Bass (Forte)
Bass was originally created by Dr. Wily to rival Mega Man's power and skill. During Mega Man VII, Bass was fighting against Mega Man and vowed to destroy him, no matter the cost. He failed, and lost confidence in his abilities. This time he's back for revenge against Dr. Wily after Wily tried to destroy Bass during Mega Man VIII. Bass believes that he is, and always will be a stronger robot to Mega Man and is willing to prove this. He may not be as strong-willed as Mega Man and not very friendly at times, but he believes in what is right and has also vowed to eliminate Dr. Wily once and for all.
Protoman Protoman (Blues)
Protoman is another robotic creation of Dr. Light's. He only makes a short appearance during the game, and often helps out when fighting King. A strong and tough robot, Protoman will defend the innocent the best he can and will do what he can to help defeat Dr. Wily.
King King
King is Dr. Wily's top robotic officer and newest creation. King leads Dr. Wily's army against the humans and is willing to assist Dr. Wily in taking over the world. King steals the 100 data cd's from the museum to help Dr. Wily use them to restore the countless amount of Robot Masters Mega Man has defeated in the past, leaving Mega Man and Bass to find and retrieve them. A strong warrior, he will fight Mega Man and Bass to the end, but his fate will be different depending on which character you're using. When using Mega Man, he may not seem so evil once you defeat him...
Rush Rush
Rush is back, but he only helps out Mega Man in one way during the game. Designed to be Mega Man's K9 partner, Rush was created by Dr. Light to assist Mega Man in his travels. This time Rush can dig up certain items from the ground and can help Mega Man retrieve hidden data cd's.
Treble Treble
Treble is Bass' robotic K9 partner. Also created by Dr. Wily, Treble assists Bass much like Rush does with Mega Man. Treble can merge with Bass, giving him mechanical wings and the ability to fly over dangerous areas.
Auto Auto
Auto is Dr. Light's mechanic robot that can help Mega Man and Bass out by selling important items to them. He has a friendly personality, but some of the prices for certain items are a bit steep. He only accepts bolts for payment, which can be gained from defeating enemies in various stages. Don't be too put off by his prices, as the items he sells are very important and can assist you in many ways.
Roll Roll
Roll is the household robot created by Dr. Light to be Mega Man's companion before he was converted to a war robot. (that's where the name Rock comes from, Rock and Roll). She assists Mega Man and Bass by providing information about the level they are in, the bosses' weakness and how many data cd's are left in a stage.
Dr Light Dr. Light
Dr. Light is the brilliant scientist behind Mega Man's creation. He originally created Mega Man to be a household robot, but converted him to a war robot when Dr. Wily began his rampage. Dr. Light believes in Mega Man's abilities and knows that he is strong at heart and can get the job done. He often gives you messages during the game according to how many data cd's you have found.
Dr Wily Dr. Wily
Dr. Wily is back... again. He uses his new robot design, King, to command all of his army to take control of the city, and it first seems that King is the mastermind behind the attacks, but it is actually Dr. Wily up to his old tricks. Dr. Wily will reveal himself once you defeat King. As usual, he will be difficult to defeat, but as always, he has his weaknesses.