Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters

Animated sprites

This section contains an archive of animated sprites from Mega Man & Bass. If you're looking for static sprites, then go no further than Sprites INC., a great site full of sprites from just about every Mega Man game imaginable.

Sprite name File size
Mega Man firing his charge shot 10.4 kb
Mega Man sliding 6.82 kb
Mega Man walking 5.01 kb
Bass firing 11.0 kb
Bass walking 6.05 kb
Bass dashing 10.5 kb
Bass using the Treble Boost 20.3 kb
Protoman firing 21.9 kb
Cold Man 18.5 kb
Astro Man 54.2 kb
Dynamo Man 15.5 kb
Pirate Man 18.3 kb
Magic Man 14.6 kb
Ground Man 31.0 kb
Tengu Man 78.9 kb
Burner Man 21.6 kb