Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters

Mission Guides

This section contains guides for each of the sixteen missions in the game. As most of the missions are quite complex, each guide will give you hints on how to get through them successfully. Keep in mind though that these guides are spoilers, so don't read them unless you've already beaten the missions or if you really need help. The missions are arranged in an order that allows you to have the right element chips to use against the bosses.

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1. Intro Stage
2. Disposal Center
3. Destroy Train
4. Retrieve Data
5. Occupy Factory
6. Find Shuttle
7. Defend the Base
8. Find Hidden Base
9. Rescue Colbor
10. Duel in Desert
11. Protect Factory
12. Stop the Hacking
13. Defend the Base (2)
14. Neo Arcadia Shrine
15. Neo Arcadia Tower
16. Neo Arcadia Core
Intro Stage
Zero heads into battle This is a pretty straightforward mission, you'll need to reach the Trans Server at the far end of the Underground Lab. Once Ciel releases Zero from his hibernation, head right. You'll encounter a load of blue soldiers, blast them before they hit you or Ciel.

Beyond you'll move through large hallways filled with a multitude of spider-like robots. Make sure Ciel keeps up with you, and blast any spiders you encounter. Whenever you see a large white spider nest, destroy it as more spiders will continue to pour out of them. You'll soon encounter more blue soldiers, this time equipped with small electropoles. Stay away from them to avoid taking damage.

If you see a small red ball hovering in the air, shoot it from afar as it'll blow and cause a large explosion once hit. Once you reach the end of the hallway, Ciel will fall through the floor as Zero catches her. You'll drop down a huge hole, head right once you land to face the Golem boss.
Disposal Center
Shut the crusher down This mission will have you venturing into the Disposal Center with the intention to shut down the facility to stop innocent Reploids from being destroyed there. Once you begin, head right and be careful of the spiked balls rolling towards you often. Use the Z-Buster to pick them off quickly before they roll into Zero. Take down any blue soldiers on the way, then once you reach a large wall climb up the ruined crane to reach the top.

You'll notice that it'll begin to rain. When the rain comes down on an angle, it'll push you in one direction, so you'll need to find and destroy the large floating devices to stop the rain falling at angles. Drop down the other side of the wall and continue on.

When you reach the large spiked pillar that rises up out of the ground, destroy the three main blocks of the pillar to push it back down. Continue on and watch out for the spiked trap. You'll eventually reach another large wall, scale the ladders and hack the blue soldiers above. Jump down the other side of the wall and move on. Keep going right and you'll reach a crashed vehicle. Jump up to the entrance on the right to find the Disposal Center and to confront Aztec Falcon.
Destroy Train
Hanging around In this mission you'll have to locate and destroy the enemy train docked in the subway. Once you begin, head down the ladder and go right. Throughout this large hallway you'll find a range of enemies, including ones that fly towards Zero, hack at them before they hit you. You'll also encounter gun turrets on the roof and small robots wheeling around the ground. Be careful of the large holes and don't get hit as you jump over them otherwise you'll fall in.

When you reach the long wires hanging from the ceiling, hack at them to knock them down and avoid touching the ends of them. Eventually you'll reach a large door. Head through to face a large robot with a shield.

Jump up and hit the top of the robot to reveal it's weak point, the large orange capsule near the bottom of it. Hack away at the capsule before the robot rises back up, but when it does stand back as it'll launch out a spiked ball on a chain. It might also fire out several energy bolts. Once you destroy it grab the Cyber-elf that appears and head right to find the train.

Once you jump on the train it'll begin to move and you'll have 3 minutes to rescue the captured Cyber-elf. Jump up to the top of the train and head right. Be careful as there'll be strong blue soldiers on the train as well as the jetpack ones, quickly hack away at them and jump if they dash towards you. Once you reach the next carriage, jump down into it to find a full health refill capsule. Jump to the next carriage and head right. Watch out for the flying robots and the missiles they fire, and be careful of the robots with the large spiked balls. Once you reach the final carriage head through the door to find the train's Engine Core.
Retrieve Data
Back to the beginning This mission will involve heading back to where Ciel found Zero, you'll need to retrieve data from that area. You'll start out at the Trans Server in the Underground Lab, heading back to the room where the game started won't be too difficult, you'll just have to get past more enemies than before.

As you climb up the large shaft ahead, you'll notice a round robot that rotates around with two electric beams extended. You can't destroy these robots, so you'll just have to time it right to avoid the beams. You can use these robots to raise your weapon levels quite quickly, as they can't be destroyed and you can go on hitting them for as long as you like.

You'll encounter more blue soldiers along the way, but once you make it back to the Zero's hibernation room you'll confront Maha Ganeshariff. Once you defeat Maha, you'll need to get back to the Trans Server as quickly as possible, as massive blocks will begin falling from the ceiling, sealing off the entire area. Once you gain control of Zero again dash back to the right, have the Z-Saber equipped and get ready to break down any doors that close up on you. Don't worry about confronting any enemies along the way, just keep going as fast as you can and hack down the doors. Once you reach the large shaft leading down you'll complete the mission. Head into the Trans Server to return to base.
Occupy Factory
Watch the sensors Here you'll have to make your way through the factory and find the boss guarding the main control room. You'll begin outside the main entrance, so head right to enter the factory. If you want to find a secret room full of crystals, and extra life and a Cyber-elf, jump up to the raised platforms and head left to reach the top of the large silos. Head right across them to find the hidden room.

If you go into the main entrance of the factory, you'll have to avoid being detected by large sensors otherwise a huge door will begin to close further inside. If a sensor spots you, quickly get up to the elevator before the door closes fully. You'll eventually reach the elevator, hit the switch on the right wall to activate the elevator, then ride it down the shaft and go right.

Climb up the ladder ahead and go over to the huge hole. Here you'll have to ride across moving platforms, but as you go along watch out for the metal welders moving back and forth ahead. Try to stay back or rush ahead as they rise, but make sure you don't get hit or you might fall off. You can also jump over the welders, you won't take damage unless you hit the spark at the end of them. Hack the spiders along the way, and try to remember where the platforms rise up from, as you'll be coming back here in a later mission.

Once you reach a ladder, climb up and go left. Be careful of the laser traps ahead, go through when they stop firing. Keep going until you reach another ladder leading up, climb up and head right to face the Hydra Mechaniloid.
Find Shuttle
The scorching desert This mission involves a trek across the desert to find a crashed shuttle and any surviving Reploids. You'll just have to proceed left over the desert over fairly easy terrain while facing a horde of enemies. Slash the dragon heads that pop up out of the ground before they fire bombs, and be careful of the vultures that swoop down often. One swing should finish the vultures easily.

When you reach the sand pits, destroy the rotating devices at the bottom to stop the sand from moving, but be careful of all the bear-traps lying about, hack away at them from the side to destroy them easily (the Flame Chip burns them well). It's a good idea to destroy all the rotating devices in the sand pits as you'll be leading an injured Reploid back through them soon.

When you encounter large tornadoes, use the Z-Buster to destroy the robots at the center of them from afar. After clearing a number of sand pits and ruined structures you'll reach the clearing before the shuttle where you'll face Anubis Necromancess III. Once you beat Anubis, head left to find the shuttle and the only survivor. The Reploid will follow you back to the entry point, head right to the main entrance of the desert, just make sure the Reploid doesn't get hit too much from enemies and make sure he keeps up with you. Once you make it back to the entrance you'll complete the mission.
Defend the Base
The mechaniloid attacks This emergency mission will involve defending the base from a huge mechaniloid attack. You'll start off at the Trans Server in the Disposal Center, so head left and exit the building.

Once outside, jump on top of the crashed vehicle against the wall and the huge mechaniloid will drop down out of the sky. It'll slowly charge forward over the terrain, intent on reaching the main gate of the base where it will self-destruct. You have to destroy it before it can reach the gate. There's three main weak points on the mechaniloid that you'll have to destroy, a small cone-shaped section on the back that deploys small land mines, a missile-launching section on the top and another section that launches flying reploids.

Just hack away at the weak sections with the Z-Saber, but be careful of the spiked traps along the way, and try to avoid the projectiles the tank fires. The Z-Buster also comes in handy when trying to hit the top part of the tank. If you want to find a hidden Cyber-elf later on, when the tank begins plowing through the large wall near the base, wait for it to open up the hole near the start of the wall, then finish it off. Do your very best to blow off all three parts before it reaches the base, once they're all gone the tank will explode and you'll have completed the mission.

Be careful though as sometimes blue soldiers will pop up out of the tank once the three sections are gone, one will fire several shots at Zero, while another fires a small trap that immobilizes Zero, if you're caught hack away at the restraints to break free. A third soldier will throw two small bombs out, hack at them before they hit the ground. Hack away at the blue soldiers then once you defeat them the tank will blow.
Find Hidden Base
The prison cells In this mission, you'll have to infiltrate a hidden enemy base buried under the desert. You'll need to locate six captured Reploids and set them free. Once you begin, head left until you reach the first sand pit. Destroy the rotating device at the bottom to reveal a large tunnel leading down. Drop right down to the bottom to find the secret base.

Once Ciel opens up the electric barriers, head right and drop down the next shaft. Head down, but be careful of the spikes on the roof sections and ledges. Once you reach the bottom you'll be in a large cavern. Head left and whenever you see large stalactites (rocks hanging from the ceiling) shoot them down to provide platforms for crossing over the dangerous areas.

Blast the red balls that float about without getting too close. Keep going left and you'll eventually reach a huge cavern with a frozen lake. Go left and watch out for the large green robots that fire out missiles, hack away at them before they hit you. You can go all the way to the left to find an extra life and health, but once you're ready, climb up the ladders about halfway down the frozen lake and go right through the large door to find the inner base where the hostages are.

You'll have to find and release seven Reploids before you can leave, but as you go through the corridors watch out for the range of blue and green soldiers patrolling, some of them have red sensor beams that set an alarm off if they see you. Blast them from a distance or hit them from behind to avoid setting the alarm off, as if it goes off all the prison doors will activate electric beams blocking access. There are three levels of cell rooms, 1-01, 2-01, 3-01 etc.

Go up and down all the ladders to find the cells, but be careful as some cells contain blue soldiers for some reason. Hack the door locks by the doors to open each cell. Once you rescue all seven Reploids, go up to the second floor level (there's two main floors in total) and head all the way to the left to find all seven Reploids waiting for Zero. They'll ask you to defeat the boss guarding the shuttle in the hangar, so head through the door on the left to face Blizzack Staggroff.
Rescue Colbor
Exploring the bay You'll be heading back to the subway for this mission, this time you'll be crossing the bay to rescue a fellow Reploid from an evil danger. Once you begin, head right to reach the bay. You can head through the door near the ladder to find a few crystals. You'll have to be careful once you reach the open area as most of this area is filled with floating platforms, so try to avoid falling into the hole. You'll encounter more of the robots that skid around the ground, as well as the flying robots that fire missiles at you. The level 6 Z-Saber attack will help, whenever flying enemies appear you can perform the air rolling attack and easily destroy them.

Watch out for the falling platform sections, just quickly jump to the next set of platforms before you fall in. Whenever you find a ladder leading down, head down to find crystals or health energy. Eventually you'll reach a large open area with platforms moving vertically up and down, you can cross over them but you'll have to deal with blue soldiers. If you want to go an easier way, drop down below the first platform and you'll find a lone stationary platform. Jump on it and activate it with a slash from the Z-Saber, it'll then take you over to the other side of the hole. Keep going right and you'll find Colbor, and the first of X's guardians, Harpuia.
Duel in Desert
Hot-headed camels You'll be back in the desert for this mission, to stop a frontal assault on the Resistance Base. You'll need to head back to where you faced Anubis in the Find Shuttle mission to confront the leader of the attack. Along the way you'll face a horde of blue soldiers, just try not to take too much damage from them. Many of the enemies will be similar to the previous missions, but you'll also encounter large camels that breath out fire. Jump up and whack them in the face, they'll reel back so you can finish them off by hitting the body.

About halfway across the desert a large shuttle will appear and drop off a load of enemies, try not to take too much damage but make sure you get rid of all of them. Eventually you'll reach the clearing before the shuttle where you'll face the second guardian of X, Fefnir.
Protect Factory
Disarm the bombs This mission will be tricky, as you'll have to venture back to the factory to defend it from X's third guardian, Phantom. You'll start out at the entrance to the factory, where you'll immediately face Phantom. Once you beat him he'll reveal that he's planted eight bombs throughout the factory that will blow in 3 minutes unless you can find and disarm them all. Once Phantom leaves, head right into the factory.

The first bomb is up on a thin roof section just before the elevator shaft. Slash at the bomb then grab it when it falls. The second bomb is down the right side of the elevator shaft, and the third is further down the shaft on the left wall.

Once you reach the large hole with moving platforms, things will become a little tricky. Be on the constant lookout for the annoying flying robots, as they'll be constantly trying to knock you off the platform. The fourth bomb will be in a small alcove platform, you should see it early on over the hole. The next bomb will be tricky to get, as it'll be up on another platform alcove, but the flying robots will be hanging around, so you'll have to try and destroy them quickly to avoid falling in the hole.

Further on you'll find the sixth bomb hiding above in a well concealed alcove. Once you reach the end of the hole climb up the ladder and head left. The seventh bomb is hiding on a high wall within the area with the diagonal laser projectors, and you'll find the last bomb just before the huge room where you fought the Hydra Mechaniloid. Grab all eight bombs to complete the mission.
Stop the Hacking
Repliforce's submarines In this mission you'll be heading back down to the hidden base under the desert to stop Neo Arcadia's hacking computers from gaining entry into the Resistance's systems. Once you begin, head left to the secret entrance in the sand pit and drop down. Head into the cavern and go to the frozen lake, which isn't frozen anymore.

Two massive Repliforce submarines will be floating up and down in the lake, you'll have to get on top of them to reach the ladder leading to the inner base. Jump into the lake and head left, just be careful of the mechanical squids and fish. Watch out for the spike traps, and make sure you don't get crushed by the subs.

Once you reach the far end of the lake, you'll be able to jump aboard the left submarine. Head over the hull of the sub, just be careful of the multitude of missiles that fire out of the sub. Once you reach the back end of the sub, dash-jump to the front of the other sub. Go over to the back end of the sub and you'll be able to reach the ladder. Head into the base and go up to the second level. Go all the way to the right wall, then walk through it to find a hidden passage behind the wall. Go over to the green door ahead and Ciel will open it for you.

You'll now be in a small room filled with six of the hacking computers. Destroy each one with the Z-Saber, each computer will dispense either crystals, an extra life or a Cyber-elf when you destroy each one. You can also search the rest of the hidden base to find Cyber-elves and health/crystal capsules in the cell rooms. Once all the computers are shut down, head back out of the base and jump off the end of sub to land back in the lake. Head right and you'll confront X's fourth guardian, Leviathan.
Defend the Base (2)
Rescue Cerveau Once you finish all of Ciel's missions, Neo Arcadia will launch a second attack on the base, this time successfully infiltrating the inner corridors. Most of the Reploids will begin evacuation, so you'll have to cover them from the enemies infesting the base. You'll begin outside Ciel's room, and she'll tell you that you need to get the main elevator back online. Head over to the elevator shaft, then drop down to the bottom. Go over to the engine room and hack any blue soldiers on the way. Head inside and save Cerveau from the three soldiers, once you beat them the main elevator will go back online.

A soldier will now tell you to head to the Energy room, as there's a Neo Arcadia commander in their trying to steal all the energy crystals. Head over to the elevator and go up to the highest floor. Go left and blast any soldiers there, head down the ladder and go into the Energy room to face Hanumachine.
Neo Arcadia Shrine
The temple shrine You'll enter the shrine through the Trans Server and the mission will begin. Head out of the Trans Server room and go right. Watch out for the green dogs and vultures in the area, eventually you'll reach another building. Head in to find the area filled with the rotating electric beam balls. Head through the building with care, try to avoid taking damage from the electric beams as best you can.

Once you exit the building, head right and you'll find a motionless floating platform. Slash the platform and hop aboard as it rises up, then jump over to the moving platform on the left (watch out for the annoying vultures). Jump onto the vertical moving platform and up to the next ledge (you can jump over to the motionless platform ahead to reach two Cyber-elves).

Keep going up the path on the left until you reach another building. Head in to find two stone statues inside. The statues will come to life and become two flying purple soldiers. You'll have to defeat both of them before continuing on. Just hack away at them when they fly close and you should beat them with no trouble at all. Just make sure you don't fall into the spike trap below. Once you beat them head left and go up the next path. Hack the flying robots you encounter, and eventually you'll reach a rocky cliff area. Head up the cliff and you'll reach a higher platform. Go right and enter the next large building to face a four-armed mechaniloid mini-boss.

He'll be carrying three swords and a shield, but dodging his sword attacks shouldn't be much trouble. You shouldn't have any trouble beating him, just remember to use the Thunder Chip and stay up the walls to avoid his projectiles and his spin attack. Once you beat the mechaniloid head through the door on the right.

This next part will be tricky, as you'll have to travel over disappearing blocks. Keep going right until you reach an area high enough to reach the first round of blocks (don't stand under the blocks as they shoot down when they appear). It'll take some time to reach the next platform, try to remember where each block appears. You can also reach a ledge on the right which contains a full life refill capsule, a large energy crystal capsule and an extra life. There's two more rounds of the disappearing blocks, but with practice you should make it to the top fairly easily. Just remember that you have to land on top of the blocks, you wont be able to jump up the sides of them. You can reach another Cyber-elf by jumping from the last round of blocks to the platform on the left. Once you reach the top, head into the building on the right to face Herculious Anchortus.
Neo Arcadia Tower
Scaling the tower This mission will involve scaling a large tower. Once you begin, head right into the main shaft and jump aboard the elevator. It'll begin to rise, and for most of the elevator's section, you'll face blue soldiers, the gun turrets on the walls and the floating robots that fire small blasts diagonally. Just blast or hack any enemies that appear on the way up and try not to lose too much health.

Eventually the elevator will stop and you'll reach an area filled with spikes. Keep going up the walls, and you'll find moving platforms running along a track in the background. Use the platforms to climb the tower, just stay away from the spiked areas.

Eventually you'll reach an area with electric blocks that charge electricity on random sides. Use the blocks to climb up but try not to take too much damage from the electricity. Keep going up and you'll finally reach the door leading to the boss of the mission.
Neo Arcadia Core
The final battles This mission will be a simple trek through the core of the Neo Arcadia Palace to find X's hideout. The toughest part of this mission will be the boss battles, as you'll have to battle a number of bosses before reaching X. Head down the first corridor to find it packed with blue soldiers, try not to lose too much health here.

Eventually you'll reach a large purple door. Head through to find a large room with four doors. Here you'll have to battle Anubis, Maha Ganeshariff, Blizzack Staggroff and Herculious Anchortus again. Each time you beat a boss a small and large energy capsule will appear in the main room, make sure you pick them up before fighting another boss.

Once all four bosses are gone, head through the purple door on the right. You'll have to make your way through more corridors filled with blue soldiers and a range of enemies, eventually you'll reach another purple door. Head through to find another large room with four doors. Here you'll have to fight the four Guardians again, but after beating Phantom, he'll self-destruct so you'll have to get away from him quickly before he blows. Once you've beaten all four Guardians, head right through the door and proceed through the final corridor to find X's room.