Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters

Bosses Guide

Listed below are all the bosses you'll encounter in the game. Most of the bosses you'll face at the end of each mission, try to save as much life energy as possible before facing them to even up the odds. Each entry has a detailed description and guide on how to defeat each boss, including which weapon and Element Chip to use. Sub-tanks greatly help you during battles against bosses, but remember that you'll lose points for using Cyber-elves.

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1. Intro Stage
2. Disposal Center
3. Destroy Train
4. Retrieve Data
5. Occupy Factory
6. Find Shuttle
7. Find Hidden Base
8. Rescue Colbor
9. Duel in Desert
10. Protect Factory
11. Stop the Hacking
12. Defend the Base (2)
13. Neo Arcadia Shrine
14. Neo Arcadia Tower
15. Neo Arcadia Core

Mission: Intro Stage Suggested Weapon: Z-Saber E-chip Weakness: None
The Golem will be holding onto Ciel during the entire battle, so try to avoid hitting her by accident. It'll be using some pretty heavy laser attacks with it's head, so you'll have to be careful. If it points it's head at Zero, it'll fire out a beam at the floor and then up the wall. Jump up into the top left corner of the room to avoid it. If it fires the beam up the wall and onto the roof, stay on the ground, but be careful as large blocks will drop from the ceiling.

Try to destroy the blocks as they fall and stay near the corner. Once all the blocks stop falling the Golem will charge forward into the left wall, quickly jump up the wall to avoid it.

The only weak point of the Golem is it's head, so climb up the wall and pick off shots from there. Each shot will only take off one bar of it's health, but after fighting it for awhile Zero will stop and the right computer terminal in the background will begin to glow. Unknown X will then drop Zero's Z-Saber out of the screen, once you get it quickly switch your main weapon to the Z-Saber. Jump up the wall and slash at the Golem's head once to finish it off.

Aztec Falcon
Mission: Disposal Center Suggested Weapon: Z-Buster E-chip Weakness: None
Aztec Falcon
As you'll only have a small range of weaponry, Aztec Falcon will be quite tough to beat. He'll be using a lot of electric attacks, and to top it off, you'll have 1 minute 15 seconds to beat him as the floor will be slowly lowering down to crush the Reploids below. If Aztec Falcon stands in a corner and points one of his wings/arms at Zero, he'll fire out a small electric bolt. He'll stand and crouch as he fires the bolts, so you'll have to jump up over them as they pass to avoid taking damage.

If Aztec jumps up to a wall he'll jump down and land in the center of the room, discharging more electric bolts that fly along the floor and walls. Jump up to avoid them. He might also jump up a wall and fire down three bolts at the same time, stay up the opposite wall to avoid them. Be careful as Aztec will also be dashing about trying to hit Zero so you'll have to be quick.

Aztec might also stop in a corner and open up his wing/arm, then static electricity will course over his arm, drawing Zero closer to him, dash away from him as much as you can to avoid being hit. Striking Aztec's arms will be useless, so you'll have to hit his body to cause damage. Use the Z-Buster to hit him from long range, but it's a good idea to have built up the Z-Buster to the maximum level (use the spider nests in the Underground Lab to build it up quickly).

Try to hit him as much as you can, and whenever he stands still and fires the bolts at you, hit him when he stands up. Use fully charged shots as they'll cause heavier damage, but you'll have to hold out long enough to finish him off, as Zero won't be able to take much damage before losing. Once you defeat Aztec Falcon you'll receive the Thunder Chip.

Train Engine Core
Mission: Destroy Train Suggested Weapon: Z-Saber E-chip Weakness:
Thunder Chip
Train Engine Core
The train's engine core will be a huge machine with a large circular object in the center. You'll spot a blue soldier hanging out of the front of it, you'll have to strike that part of the core to cause damage. The core will have two main types of attacks, one attack involves a large flamethrower at the front of the core, it'll fire out small bursts of fire often, but stay right back as it'll also fire out a huge flame that stretches across most of the screen.

It might also slowly move forward as it attacks, so try to stay back to avoid being hit. The other more deadly attack occurs after the fire attacks. Certain parts of the floor will rise up to the ceiling where deadly spikes will appear. You'll have to be extremely careful as if you're hit by the spikes you'll lose a life. Try to keep moving and stay off the rising floor sections.

Use the charged Z-Saber attack against the core with the Thunder Chip equipped to cause major damage. Try to stay close to the engine so that you can cause multiple hits before the floor sections rise, but keep in mind the flamethrower will still expel fire often. If you can avoid the spikes above you shouldn't have too much trouble beating it, but don't take too long as you've got a time limit. Once you destroy the core you'll receive the captured Cyber-elf Totten.

Maha Ganeshariff
Mission: Retrieve Data Suggested Weapon: Z-Saber E-chip Weakness:
Thunder Chip
Maha Ganeshariff
You'll confront Maha Ganeshariff in the large underground room where Ciel found Zero at the beginning of the game. He'll be using some strong attacks, so you'll need to move around a lot to avoid losing too much health. Maha will often lash out one of his hands in a rapid fire pattern while slowly moving forward, make sure to stay well back to avoid being caught in his fist.

He might also fire out small arc-blades which will return to him after travelling a short distance, just jump over them to avoid being hit. Maha's two strongest attacks involve his massive body moving around in an attempt to crush Zero. If he retracts his head, arms and legs into his body and begins rolling towards you, quickly jump over him just as he begins moving, as he'll fire out bombs into the air as he rolls along the floor, if you jump over him quick enough you should avoid them.

He might also retract his limbs and hang from the ceiling via a long wire. He'll then begin swinging back and forth, quickly go to one end of the room and when he swings a second time dash out under him just before he lands to avoid being crushed.

Use the Z-Saber equipped with the Thunder Chip to inflict heavy damage. You'll have to hit his head to cause damage, so make sure you only hit him when he's open for attack and watch out for his fist attack. If you're having trouble, use the Z-Buster and hit him from afar. Once you beat Maha Ganeshariff you'll need to escape from the area and get back to the Trans Server before the entire area becomes sealed off (See the Mission Guides). Once you jump down the large shaft near the Trans Server you'll complete the mission.

Hydra Mechaniloid
Mission: Occupy Factory Suggested Weapon:
Z-Saber / Z-Buster
E-chip Weakness: None
Hydra Mechaniloid
You'll fight this boss hidden within the abandoned factory. It'll have eight heads, each pair will perform different attacks throughout the battle. The main circular part of the boss will move back and forth across the screen while firing out several energy bolts from the circular core, try to avoid them as best you can. When you run underneath the core, the main body will begin rotating clockwise, as it does, the heads that line up horizontally will open up and attack.

Each pair of heads will have different attacks, the orange heads lunge down at Zero, the red heads fire out a small flamethrower, the blue heads spew out ice and the green heads fire electric balls. The right head will attack first, followed by the left. If you manage to destroy a head, once the damaged head reaches the upper vertical position, a large machine will lower down from above and replace the head with another one.

Destroying the heads can give you a clearer shot at the core, which will open up when the heads attack. Hit the core with a charged shot to cause major damage, but if you're having trouble with the heads, use the Z-Buster from long range. Stay under the robot when the heads retract so that it'll rotate without firing at you. Keep avoiding the head's attacks and you should beat it fairly quickly. Once you defeat the Hydra Mechaniloid you'll secure the factory and receive the Flame Chip.

Anubis Necromancess III
Mission: Find Shuttle Suggested Weapon: Z-Saber E-chip Weakness: Flame Chip
Anubis Necromancess III
You'll confront Anubis just before reaching the crashed shuttle. He'll be floating around the top of the screen for most of the battle, so hitting him successfully will be a bit tricky. He'll often throw his staff down to the ground and leave the screen, stay at the opposite end of the screen as he'll reappear there and the staff will fly back up to him. If you hear a moaning sound jump up as Anubis will summon up a few zombie-like Reploids that will try to grab hold of Zero, stay well back as it's a pain if there's a heap of them and they just won't let go.

Quickly destroy the zombies before they cause trouble, you can also use the Thunder Chip to slow them down. Anubis will also sometimes dive into the sand, if he does, two pillars will rise up out of the sand and crash together in an attempt to crush Zero. You can see where the pillars will rise from the dust they kick up, try to dash outside of their range or quickly jump up one when they rise and jump up out of their way before they crash.

After a few rounds of the pillars Anubis will reappear. Use the charged Z-Saber equipped with the Flame Chip to cause heavy damage to Anubis, but be careful as he'll dive down into the sand often or perform a different attack whenever you hit him. Make sure you don't get caught out by the zombies he summons and watch out for the pillars, you should then beat Anubis without much trouble. Once you defeat Anubis you can then rescue the Reploid survivor at the crashed shuttle.

Blizzack Staggroff
Mission: Find Hidden Base Suggested Weapon: Z-Saber E-chip Weakness: Flame Chip
Blizzack Staggroff
You'll confront Blizzack Staggroff in the shuttle bay of the Find Hidden Base mission. As his appearance suggests, he'll be using ice attacks throughout the battle. He'll be jumping around the room often in an attempt to crush Zero, keep moving and dashing to avoid him. If he stands in a corner, he might jump up and fire down a small ice ball. Once the ball hits the ground it'll become a small clump of ice spikes, make sure you're not hit by the ball as it'll freeze Zero and you won't be able to move.

Press A and B repeatedly to break out of the ice. Blizzack will also often fire out four large ice spikes that will fly out and crash down on the ground, try to stay back to avoid taking damage. His other main attack will involve the large cannons on his arms, he'll often fire out a massive blizzard vortex that will push you away from him, if small icicles flow along the vortex they'll grab hold of Zero and slow him down, but the vortex might also fire out small ice projectiles. Jump up the opposite wall to avoid the blizzard.

Defeat Blizzack with the charged Z-Saber shot with the Flame Chip equipped. Try to rip into him as often as you can, just try to avoid his ice attacks at close range. If you're having trouble, use the Z-Buster from long range. Once you defeat Blizzack Staggroff you'll rescue the captured Reploids and complete the mission.

Mission: Rescue Colbor Suggested Weapon: Z-Saber E-chip Weakness: Ice Chip
The first of X's Guardians, you'll encounter Harpuia at the far end of the bay in the Rescue Colbor mission. For this battle, we strongly recommend that you have the Ice Chip, otherwise it'll be one of the most frustrating and difficult battles you'll encounter in a Mega Man game. He'll begin by a usual taunt before attacking. Harpuia will often fly around the screen performing one of two attacks, he'll often fly about unleashing a large arc-beam of energy at Zero, try to stay well clear or jump up to avoid the beam as it travels diagonally down.

If he swoops about without firing the beam, stay well clear as if he grabs Zero he'll take him up into the sky and ram him down on the ground. If Harpuia lands he'll use his energy sais to fire out a barrage of blasts. The first blast you can easily jump over, the second will fly upward so stay on the ground to avoid it, then jump over the third blast. Harpuia will then fly up and fire the large arc-beam again, stay as far back as you can and jump up just as he fires it. If Harpuia stops in mid-air he'll fire out small electric probes, hack at them before they hit Zero.

If Harpuia becomes engulfed in fire, he'll float up to one corner of the screen and create two large electric beam barriers on either side of the screen. A large tornado will try to blow Zero into one of the beams, try to avoid taking too much damage while the attacks lasts. Use the Z-Saber with the Ice Chip equipped to finish Harpuia easily. Each time you hit him with a weapon he'll perform the three-blast attack before firing the large arc-beam, but if you're quick, hit him with a charged shot, then quickly jump over him and hit him with another charged hit in the back. If you can keep this routine up you'll have no trouble finishing him off. Once you beat Harpuia you'll rescue Colbor and complete the mission.

Mission: Duel in Desert Suggested Weapon: Z-Saber E-chip Weakness:
Thunder Chip
Fefnir will confront you just before the crashed shuttle in the desert. He'll be using his arm cannon for most of the battle, so you shouldn't have much trouble dodging him. He'll often fire out three flames from his cannon, just jump over them as they pass. He'll also jump around and fire down diagonal shots often, just stay out of their way. If he charges his cannon, he'll fire out a larger flame, jump over it once again to avoid being hit.

He might also jump over you and fire downwards, dash to the side to avoid being hit. Be careful as he might dash into Zero and grab him, he'll then shoot Zero into the sky, causing damage. If he charges his cannon and punches the ground a large shockwave will fly forward, stay back to avoid it. If a huge flame engulfs Fefnir, he'll split his cannon in two and begin firing huge fireballs into the sky, they then come flying down all over the screen. Dash away from him to avoid all the flames.

Use the charged Z-Saber with the Thunder Chip equipped to inflict heavy damage on Fefnir. Keep dodging his attacks and whacking him whenever you can and you should beat him fairly quickly. Once you beat Fefnir you'll have scattered the Neo Arcadia forces in the desert and completed the mission.

Mission: Protect Factory Suggested Weapon: Z-Saber E-chip Weakness: None
Phantom will be the toughest Guardian to beat as he doesn't have any element chip weaknesses. After taunting Zero he'll dash straight at him, quickly jump up to avoid taking damage. Phantom will be using some strong attacks, so you'll either have to hold out long enough, or bring along a Sub-tank. If he stands in a corner and throws out a large shuriken, it'll fly out and then back to him.

Phantom will jump on top of it when it reaches the middle of the screen, he'll then begin flying around the screen throwing small needles down, you shouldn't have any trouble dodging them. After a while he'll jump down and perform a different attack. If he jumps up and throws the shuriken down, it'll hit the ground and break into smaller needles that'll fly out in diagonal paths, try to avoid them as best you can. Phantom's other main attack involves an illusion trick. If he jumps into the center of the screen and faces forward, he'll begin to flash and his body will begin to grow taller.

He'll then create three copies of himself all lined up in a row, you can tell which one is the real Phantom as the clones will be flashing and slightly out of focus. Phantom and his clones will move around the screen a few times before he returns to normal. If you hit one of the clones, they'll become two blue soldiers and Phantom will dive down from above. If that happens quickly dash to the left or right to avoid him. Unequip any element chip and use the charged Z-Saber to damage Phantom. You can also hit him when he's performing the illusion trick, just make sure you don't hit one of the clones.

Phantom might also perform another illusion trick, if a huge flame engulfs him the entire screen will become black and he'll disappear. Wherever he's standing, he'll begin throwing small needles at Zero, try to avoid them and hit the area of the screen where the needles are coming from to hit Phantom. Try and hit Phantom at any time during his other attacks, but try not to take too much damage, unless you've got a Sub-tank. After a few tries you should manage to beat him, but you'll then have to go and disarm all the bombs planted in the factory.

Mission: Stop the Hacking Suggested Weapon: Z-Saber E-chip Weakness: Flame Chip
You'll fight Leviathan under the lake in the hidden base below the desert. She'll be swimming about the lake during most of the battle, so you'll have to jump up to hit her. She'll often fire out three staff projectiles that home in on Zero, try to jump up over them as they close in. Leviathan might also conjure up a circular pattern of ice crystals, she'll then send them straight at Zero, stay on the ground and jump up just before they hit the ground.

Try your best to stay away from the spike traps lining the ground. If Leviathan begins swimming back and forth across the screen, she'll create ice crystals everywhere, then send them down at Zero. Try to stay between the gaps and keep jumping to avoid them. Leviathan might become engulfed in a large flame, she'll then create a large ice-serpent that will swim after Zero. Just use a charged shot on it's head to destroy it.

Use the Z-Saber with the Flame Chip equipped to cause heavy damage to Leviathan. You can also use the charged shot to destroy the ice crystals she creates. Keep hacking away at her and you shouldn't have much trouble finishing her off. Once you defeat Leviathan you'll have completed the mission.

Mission: Defend the Base (2) Suggested Weapon: Z-Saber E-chip Weakness:
Thunder Chip
You'll find Hanumachine hiding out in the Energy Crystal room. He'll begin by running straight at Zero, quickly jump over him before you're hit. As Hanumchaine is a monkey Reploid, he'll be running up the walls and jumping about a lot. If he stops moving and charges up energy, he'll extend his staff and lash out with a huge swing, stay well back to avoid being caught by his staff.

Hanumachine will also often engulf himself in fire and begin bouncing around the room, ricocheting off the walls, floor and ceiling. You won't be able to damage him when he's engulfed in fire, so just try to stay out of his way. He might also send out small clones of himself that jump around the room, try to avoid being caught by them as they'll grab onto Zero and slow him down. You can also get a Cyber-elf if you destroy a number of his clones. Hanumachine also often jumps up and spins around in the air, his tail will then fire out a range of fire waves, stay up against the wall and get ready to dodge them as they pass.

Use the charged Z-Saber with the Thunder Chip equipped to cause major damage. Be careful whenever you hit Hanumachine, as he'll begin jumping around sporadically, dash away from him to avoid a collision. Keep hacking into him whenever he holds still, and you should take him down fairly easily. Once you beat Hanumachine the Neo Arcadia forces will retreat and you'll have completed the mission.

You'll fight the following bosses in the Neo Arcadia missions.

Herculious Anchortus
Mission: Neo Arcadia Shrine Suggested Weapon: Z-Saber E-chip Weakness: Ice Chip
Herculious Anchortus
You'll face Herculious Anchortus at the end of the Neo Arcadia Shrine mission. He'll often engage a jet pack on his back and slowly fly forwards, jump up the wall and over him to avoid being crushed. He might also fire out three small energy balls from his head, just jump over them as they pass. Herculious will also often fire out two small clamps at the ground and wall straight at Zero, he'll then create a large electric field between himself and the two clamps.

Herculious will then slowly move forward and slam into the ground or wall. Make sure you don't get caught between his fields as you won't be able to avoid taking damage when he charges. Jump over him or dash under him as he creates the fields to avoid his trap. He might also use a different electric field attack, he'll jump up into the air and create four short beams, each one will fire down small energy blasts at Zero, dash between them as he fires each one.

Use the charged Z-Saber with the Ice Chip equipped to cause heavy damage. Just keep attacking Herculious whenever you can and keep dodging his attacks, you shouldn't have much trouble beating him. Once you beat Herculious Anchortus, head through the next two doors on the right to find the Trans Server room.

Rainbow Devil
Mission: Neo Arcadia Tower Suggested Weapon: Z-Saber E-chip Weakness: None
Rainbow Devil
You'll face this boss at the top of the tower in the Neo Arcadia Tower mission. This creature is a soldier's head encased in a large slime-like substance. It'll be breaking up into smaller pieces often, so you'll have to move around a lot to avoid taking too much damage. If it dashes into a corner and begins spinning around, jump up the opposite wall as small bits of slime will spurt out everywhere, and after landing they'll go back to the main body.

If it jumps into the air the body will become a large head that bounces around the room, stay in the corner to avoid being crushed. After a few seconds the head will break into two smaller sections, then four even smaller sections. Try to stay up the walls and off the floor as it'll be hard to dodge the slime balls from the ground. Stay away from the main body as it'll often punch out over a long distance if you get too close. Each element seems to cause the same amount of damage as each other, so use any chip with charged shots from the Z-Saber.

When you hit the bouncing head it'll break into smaller pieces straight away, concentrate on hitting the slime ball that contains the soldier head. Make sure the body doesn't grab Zero as it slithers across the ground as it'll constrain him and cause damage. Stay up the walls most of the time and attack when the body stops moving. You shouldn't have too much trouble beating the Rainbow Devil, once it's gone you can proceed to the final Trans Server in the next room where Ciel's waiting for you.

Before taking on Master X in the Neo Arcadia Core mission, you'll first have to fight four bosses from previous battles including Maha Ganeshariff, Anubis, Blizzack Staggroff and Herculious Anchortus. Use the same tactics as before and you shouldn't have any trouble beating them. Once you clear those four bosses, further on in the mission you'll have to face the four Guardians of X again.

Each one will use the same attacks as before, but once you beat Phantom, he'll attempt to self-destruct and take Zero with him. After Phantom stops talking, you'll gain control of Zero again, get away from Phantom as quickly as possible as he'll fire out small explosions that are lethal if Zero touches them. After firing out a few bursts Phantom will explode.

Master X
Mission: Neo Arcadia Core Suggested Weapon: Z-Saber E-chip Weakness: Variable
Master X
You'll confront Master X at the core of the Neo Arcadia Palace. He'll taunt you before equipping his heavy battle suit. You'll need to be fast on your feet to avoid taking too much damage from X, as his next form will be a lot more tougher than his first. X will have four different types of attacks, a normal style, and a fire, ice and thunder style. In his normal style, he'll often fire out a burst of three energy bolts at Zero, try to stay up a wall or jump over them as they pass.

He'll also perform a sliding attack often, just try to jump over him or jump up a wall again. He might also jump into the air and execute a mid-air dash attack, if he's high up don't worry about being hit, just watch out when he lands, otherwise try to dash away from him to avoid the attack. If you hit him with a charged shot with an element chip equipped, he'll change to one of the element attack styles. In the fire style, instead of firing energy bursts he'll jump up and fire out a long fire wave, be very careful as the wave will continue to fly down on a parabolic path until it leaves the screen.

Try to jump over it when it reaches the lowest point of it's path. If he charges up his weapon on the ground, he'll fire out several fireballs that fly up and down to the ground, try to stay between them to avoid taking damage. In his thunder style, he'll fire out small electric balls that follow Zero horizontally, quickly jump up a wall and over them to avoid them. He'll fire out a large tornado of ice crystals in his ice style, Jump up a wall to avoid the vortex.

If X jumps up and fires at the ground, small icicles will fly out diagonally from the ground, stay well back when they appear. Each time X changes his attack style, he'll have an element weakness. When he becomes green, use the Flame Chip, red, use the Thunder Chip and blue use the Flame Chip. You can also unequip the element chips to damage him in a general fashion. Sub-tanks will come in handy here, but you'll probably want to save them for the final battle. Try to stay up the walls and dodge X's attacks as best you can, after a few tries you should be able to finish him off. Once you defeat Master X he'll appear in his final form.

X's Final Form
Mission: Neo Arcadia Core Suggested Weapon: Z-Saber E-chip Weakness: Ice Chip
X's Final Form
X's Final Form will be that of a huge winged mechaniloid, it'll take up most of the screen and you won't have much room to move around in as floor sections on the left and right will fall away, leaving you on a small section below X. Two vertical pillars will be floating up and down either side of X, you'll be using these to reach and attack X. X will have three main types of attacks. If he sends three large blue circle-shaped objects into the sky, they'll come down on top of Zero. If any of them catch Zero, they'll paralyze him and you won't be able to move.

Make absolute sure that you're not above the hole as if one of the circles catches you there it'll drag Zero down into the hole. Stay under X as he fires out the circles, as soon as he sends out the third, quickly dash away from where you are and if done successfully, all three circles will come down where you were just standing. If X charges energy in both his hands, he'll fire down a barrage of laser bolts, if you time it right you can dash between the shots, but quickly jump up on one of the pillars to avoid being hit.

A good trick is to stand on one corner of the platform, then once X fires the beams quickly dash and jump over to the opposite pillar, if done correctly X will fire both rounds of beams to where you were standing before. If X fires a thin beam across the ground, very quickly jump up to a pillar as a massive fire wave will blanket the floor and cause heavy damage if you're caught in it. You'll have to hit X's head to cause damage. You can hit him be just jumping straight up when he floats down, or jump off one of the pillars to hit him as you drop down.

Use the Z-Saber equipped with the Ice Chip to inflict heavy damage on X. Be careful as further on in the battle X will fire down more than three circle objects, try your best to avoid them and stay away from the holes. Hack away at X's head whenever you can, just remember to use the special tactics described earlier to avoid his attacks. If you're up to it, you can jump right over to either the left or right walls and hit X's head from there with a charged shot from the Z-Buster, but quickly jump back to the platform when he fires the circles. Don't hesitate to use a Sub-tank, but after practice you should finally beat him and complete the game!