Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters


Mega Man X8


Eight episodes in and X is still going strong. Mega Man X8 rolls out fully 3D characters and environments introduced in X7, but returns to the classic platforming Mega Man formula in a unique way. Dominated by 2D platforming stages rendering in 3D, a new standard for the X series is born.


Since newcomer Axl proved his worth in landing the final blow to Sigma during their last encounter, the Hunters have accepted him into their ranks. Long since the disbanding of the Red Alert Syndicate, the people of Earth and Reploids alike face a new challenge.

With the world still suffering the after-effects of Sigma's most recent schemes since the Eurasia incident, humans now look to the stars for salvation.

New Reploids are built for the purpose of constructing a giant elevator for transport to Earth's moon, where people hope to begin their explorations into space and beyond.

Entitled the "Jakob Project", the new Reploids responsible for construction works are in fact based from Axl's prototype design, giving them the ability to copy Reploid DNA and assume different forms. Along with the direness of the situation and tight schedule to complete the elevator comes a new threat.

Although the new Reploids contain the best anti-Maverick virus programs scientists have developed, several of them gradually begin to turn Maverick and endanger the Project. Responding with the utmost swiftness, X, Zero and Axl begin their investigations into the outbreaks with help from Alia, as well as two new Maverick Hunter navigators, Layer and Pallette.

Soon they discover the causes of the outbreak, and ultimately a sinister plot devised by Sigma himself to hijack the construction of the elevator and use it to create a "new world" of Sigma's own twisted design.

Eight new Mavericks emerge to do Sigma's bidding and to assist in his grand design, so it'll be up to the Hunters once again to defend the world from this ever-persistent threat. They may also meet up with a familiar face from X and Zero's past along the way...

Game specifications

Don't let X8's 3D style fool you, as the game returns to the classic Mega Man platforming action we all know and love. A platforming game to the heart (save for two stages played out in 3D), you'll direct X, Zero and Axl through stages filled with a variety of twists and turns giving the player a sense of complex exploration possibilities while offering a fresh and unique experience every time.

Although the standard eight Mavericks and general quest to stop Sigma's dastardly plans are back, X8 introduces an enhanced Chip Upgrade system building from the foundation of X7's system. Special items and upgrades can all be developed at the Hunter Base upon collecting certain numbers of Metals - small minerals dropped by defeated enemies.

A new armor system for X also enters the arena, this time with interchangable parts for the four main components, allowing players to customise X's abilities. This time Axl won't share X's special weapons, so all three characters will receive their own personal arsenal to fight with.

With a great new cast of voice actors, every character comes to life with great and believable personalities. Mix this with a surprisingly deep storyline, and you've got a battle against evil worthy of the Mega Man X brand.

In-game introduction

-- The endless Reploid rebellions continue. Humans, however, have begun migrations to the Moon, thanks to new technology. This plan is called the "Jakob Project," and an Orbital Elevator was built as part of it.

Highly advanced new generation Reploids have been brought to the Moon's surface to work.

There has been an accident on board the No. 4 descending container. All personnel...

X: This is X. I've encountered an accident while on patrol of the Orbital Elevator... Dispatch rescue Mechaniloids immediately... --

Release dates:

Mar 10, 2005
Dec 7, 2004
Feb 11, 2005


  • Capcom

CD media:

  • 1 disc

Original platform:

  • Sony PlayStation 2