Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters

X's Weapons

Each new weapon X gains when he or Zero defeat each of the eight bosses. Each weapon has its own special abilities and can be a certain bosses' weakness or can assist him to retrieve certain items that are out of reach or hidden from view.

X-Buster X-Buster/Z-Saber Gained from: N/A
You'll have the classic X-Buster weapon for every one of X's armor suits. Each suit has the primary fire, a short burst of laser blasts, as well as a special charged shot. Most of the suits can fire off the charged shot to inflict much heavier damage to enemy targets. X will also be equipped with Zero's signature weapon, the Z-Saber.

X can use the saber to deliver a deadly swing of energy, causing significant amount of damage to enemies. The two special armor suits, Blade and Shadow, can utilize a special charged saber shot, causing much more damage than a normal swing.
X can only use special weapons with his normal, Falcon, Blade and Ultimate armor suits. The secondary fire can be used with any of the suits mentioned before. Below the energy bar for each weapon is a number which indicates how many times you can fire it until the energy runs out. When you charge up a special weapon, the number will change to indicate how many more charged shots you can perform.
Yammar Option Yammar Option Boss: Commander Yammark
The Yammar Option is gained once you defeat Commander Yammark. This creates three dragonfly-type missiles which hover around X wherever he goes. If any enemies strike the dragonflies, the dragonfly will explode and cause heavy damage to the enemy. You can also cause the dragonflies to fire energy blasts by pressing fire when they are active.

The charged shot will cause the three dragonflies to fire out larger blasts in random directions.
Yammar Option
Ground Dash Ground Dash Boss: Ground Scaravich
The Ground Dash is gained once Ground Scaravich is defeated. This weapon fires a large block compound of metal and dirt which flies out a short distance from X. Any enemy in striking range will take heavy damage. This weapon can also be used to destroy the brown blocks that appear in various stages, and can also be used to move the other colored blocks.

The secondary fire creates a huge boulder, once activated it will shoot out away from X and devastate any targets in firing range.
Ground Dash
Magma Blade Magma Blade Boss: Blaze Heatnix
The Magma Blade is gained once you defeat Blaze Heatnix. This weapon utilizes the Z-Saber, causing X to swing out a blade of fire which creates a large fireball-type projectile. The fireball will fly out straight ahead and burn any targets it strikes.

The secondary fire will cause X to summon several huge fireballs which fly across the screen in random directions. Anything caught in the blaze is either instantly destroyed or heavily damaged.
Magma Blade
Ice Burst Ice Burst Boss: Blizzard Wolfang
The Ice Burst is gained once Blizzard Wolfang is defeated. This weapon fires out a small ice block which will fly out a short distance from X before landing on the ground. If the block strikes any target before landing it'll explode and cause heavy damage to the enemy.

If it does land successfully, X can jump on top of the block, acting as a stepping stone allowing him to jump higher.

The secondary fire will cause X to flash for several seconds. While flashing, dash around to create two large ice-spikes, each one will fly up and down the screen from where X fires them off. Any targets within range will be heavily damaged or destroyed.
Ice Burst
Meteor Rain Meteor Rain Boss: Rainy Turtloid
The Meteor Rain weapon is gained once you defeat Rainy Turtloid. This weapon fires out a small water-bubble which flies directly up from X. Once it hits a ceiling or object, it'll bounce off and fly back down towards the ground before dissipating. Any enemy target caught in the bubble's flight path will take heavy damage.

The secondary fire will fire a single bubble up out of the screen. Several bubbles will then fly down from the left on a diagonal path in random positions. Anything caught in the hail will take heavy damage.
Meteor Rain
Metal Anchor Metal Anchor Boss: Metal Shark Player
The Metal Anchor weapon is gained once Metal Shark Player is defeated. This weapon fires out an anchor shaped projectile which will bounce out forward along the ground until it strikes something. If it hits a wall, it'll bounce back in the opposite direction, otherwise after several seconds it'll explode.

On contact with an enemy, the anchor will explode, causing heavy damage. You can also use this weapon to destroy the silver blocks appearing in certain stages.

The secondary fire is very effective, as it'll summon several projectiles shaped like Storm Eagle from the first Mega Man X game. Each one will fly down the screen diagonally and devastate any target caught in their path.
Metal Anchor
Guard Shell Guard Shell Boss: Shield Sheldon
The Guard Shell weapon is gained once you defeat Shield Sheldon. This weapon creates a small energy barrier in front of X, which can be used to deflect energy weapons fired by enemies. Solid objects cannot be blocked by the shield. You can also direct the position of the shield by pressing up, down, left or right when activating the shield.

The secondary fire will create four large clam-shell objects which will position themselves in each corner of the screen. Once in position, press fire again to cause each one of the shells to fire off a small energy ball. Each blast will fire down in a diagonal direction. Anything caught in the fire range will be destroyed or heavily damaged.
Guard Shell
Ray Arrow Ray Arrow Boss: Infinity Mijinion
The Ray Arrow is gained once Infinity Mijinion is defeated. This fires out a large energy blast which will fire out straight ahead from X. If the blast hits an object, it'll change direction and fly straight up. Any enemy caught in the blast will take heavy damage.

The secondary fire will create several huge energy blasts which will fly straight up the screen, devastating any enemy targets on-screen.
Ray Arrow