Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters

Parts Guide

The Parts guide deals with all the special parts you can get from rescuing certain trapped Reploids. The part system is rather straight-forward, a description and overview is given below. Most parts X and Zero can equip, adding to their abilities and enhancing their armor suits.

Special power-up parts

The Power-up Part system in X6 is much different to the one in X5, and is substantially less complicated. Four types of parts will be available, normal parts which both X and Zero can equip, specific parts that X or Zero can only equip, and special limited parts that can be used once only in a stage. You can also find the life energy and weapon energy parts that enhance your current character's life or energy bars.

The only way to gain the special parts in the game is to rescue the Reploids that carry these parts. 128 Reploids are hidden through the eight stages, with each stage having 16 to find. Certain Reploids will be carrying the power-up parts, once you rescue the Reploids you'll have gained the part straight away - you won't have to wait for it to be built.

You must make sure that no Nightmares take over the Reploids, as if one is taken over that's carrying a part, you won't be able to get that specific part. It is possible, however, to gain all of the parts, just make sure that you rescue most if not all of the Reploids to ensure that you'll get all the parts. X and Zero can both equip a maximum of five parts, one limited part and four of any other kind, but you'll need to raise your Hunter Rank before being able to equip parts.

The only way to increase your rank is to gather Nightmare Souls from defeated Nightmares, so scout around each stage often to find loads of Nightmares waiting (especially Ground Scaravich's stage). Also keep in mind that fighting Dynamo will greatly increase your Nightmare Soul count, hit him with the Meteor Rain or the Ensuizan to cause him to drop a Nightmare Soul. Pick it up for to receive a huge 200 Souls! The number of Nightmare Souls you'll need for each extra part is listed below:

  • Rank D (0-200): No parts can be equipped.
  • Rank C (200-300): No parts can be equipped.
  • Rank B (300-500): No parts can be equipped.
  • Rank A (500-900): One part can be equipped.
  • Rank SA (900-1500): Two parts can be equipped.
  • Rank GA (1500-5000): Two parts and a Limited Part can be equipped.
  • Rank PA (5000-9998): Three parts and a Limited Part can be equipped.
  • Rank UH (9999): Four parts and a Limited Part can be equipped.

Remember that Limited Parts can be used only once in a stage at one time, so use them wisely. Also keep in mind that you'll be able to view the amount of Reploids you've rescued by pressing the R1 button on the Boss Selection Screen (press L1 to reach the parts equip screen). This can tell you how many Reploids are left to find in each stage. All the parts available and their stage locations are listed below.

Life/Energy parts
Life Up Life Up All Stages This part will give your current character an extra energy heart.
Energy Up Energy Up All Stages This will increase your maximum special weapon energy by a small amount.
Normal parts
Speedster Speedster Central Museum This will allow your character to move faster and jump further than normal.
Jumper Jumper Northpole Area This will increase your character's jumping height and distance.
Hyper Dash Hyper Dash Inami Temple This will increase your character's dash speed and dash-jump.
Energy Saver Energy Saver Laser Institute Your special weapons will use half their normal energy when used.
Super Recover Super Recover Amazon Area Health and weapon refill capsules will restore double their normal level.
Buster Plus Buster Plus Magma Area The X-Buster/Z-Buster's damage inflicted on enemies increases by one.
Speed Shot Speed Shot Weapon Center This will increase the speed of shots fired from the X-Buster/Z-Buster.
Shock Buffer Shock Buffer Recycle Lab This will decrease damage taken by half and reduce the stun period after taking damage.
D-Barrier D-Barrier Laser Institute The temporary invincibility time after your player takes damage will be doubled.
D-Converter D-Converter Weapon Center Damage taken will restore weapon energy for the Giga Attack as well as special weapons.
X's parts
Rapid 5 Rapid 5 Amazon Area This will increase the maximum number of buster shots on-screen from 3 to 5.
Ultimate Buster Ultimate Buster Magma Area All shots fired will be charged shots, including special weapons.
Weapon Plus Weapon Plus Magma Area This will increase the damage caused to enemies by special weapons.
Quick Charge Quick Charge Central Museum Charging time for the X-Buster takes half as long as it normally does.
Zero's parts
Saber Plus Saber Plus Inami Temple Damage inflicted on enemies by the Z-Saber will be increased.
Saber Extend Saber Extend Recycle Lab The Z-Saber reaches out a little further than normal, giving it a longer range.
Shot Eraser Shot Eraser Northpole Area Most energy projectiles fired by enemies can be blocked with the Z-Saber.
Master Saber Master Saber Weapon Center Special Z-Saber techniques will cause more damage than normal.
Limited parts
Life Recover Life Recover Amazon Area Your character's life energy will be completely refilled once.
Hyperdrive Hyperdrive Recycle Lab This part will greatly enhance your character's defense power temporarily.
Weapon Recover Weapon Recover Inami Temple Your character's special weapon energy for all the weapons will fully recharge.
Power Drive Power Drive Magma Area This will increase the damage inflicted on enemies by special weapons temporarily.
Weapon Drive Weapon Drive Northpole Area Special weapons will not consume any energy for a limited time.
Overdrive Overdrive Central Museum This will increase the X-Buster/Z-Buster's damage inflicted on enemies temporarily.