Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters


Many characters make up the detailed plot and interact with the growing storyline. You'll be using Mega Man X or Zero for most of the game, along the way you'll meet up with all the characters, good and bad, listed below. Read on for detailed descriptions of each character.

Maverick Hunters

Mega Man X Mega Man X
X returns to battle three weeks after the devastating Eurasia incident. Now that the planet so badly damaged, X has major responsibilities in the restoring of the planet and the fragile relationship between the Reploids and humans. Still grieving for the loss of Zero, his best friend and partner, X now uses Zero's Z-Saber as a never-ending reminder of the good deeds that Zero performed.

Still a strong willed fighter of the Maverick Hunters, X continues to work with Signas, Alia and Douglas to restore peace throughout the world. Once the worker reploid went crazy and began the latest outbreak of chaos, X must now defend the world from the insane Gate, and must stop him from creating his evil Reploid-only utopia.

But during the new battles that occur, X is always on the look-out for a sign that Zero may have survived their previous battle with Sigma.
Zero Zero
During the Eurasia incident and the previous battle against Sigma, X and Zero defeated Sigma's battle bodies, but Sigma managed to take Zero down with him. X, believing that Zero was lost forever in that battle, did not realize that Zero did in fact just barely survive, and went into hiding to repair himself.

Now back at full strength, Zero reunites with X (after X destroys the Zero Nightmare) to once again battle evil. His near-death did not affect his abilities, as Zero now has a range of techniques and weaponry, all capable of taking down any enemy.

Feeling responsible for the outbreak of the Nightmare at Gate's hands, Zero feels he must face his past again and destroy the terror that his own body has caused, and is looking forward to facing Sigma again, to prove once and for all that Sigma can never defeat him or X.
Dr Light Dr. Light
Dr. Light will be waiting in the special upgrade capsules, eagerly awaiting X or Zero to find them. Once again, he'll give X new armor parts for the Blade Armor and Shadow Armor, but neither can be used until all the parts have been found. Still watching over X and Zero, Dr. Light is praying for world peace, but is sure that it will be won some day while X and Zero are still together, fighting for the good of all.
Alia Alia
Alia continues to aid the Hunters by giving them valuable advice during dangerous missions. She'll often contact X or Zero while they traverse through the stages of the game (press Select to listen to her) and provide the player with important information dealing with traps and obstacles in each stage, as well as some background info on the investigators of each stage.

Once Gate's colleague, Alia is very sympathetic towards him, and is sad that he's become a monster, one not interested in world peace but building a Reploid-only utopia. She can recognize the evil in him, and is trying to aid the Hunters as best she can to bring him down, but finds it difficult to be fighting against an old friend.
Signas Signas
Still supporting the Maverick Hunters for everything they stand for, Signas returns to lead the Hunters to victory. Signas watches over all the missions performed by X and Zero, and often offers advice on particular situations. Always there to offer help and advice, Signas continues to prove his leadership skills for the Hunters, and is always confident in X and Zero's capabilities.
Douglas Douglas
Douglas also returns to help out the Hunters in any way he can. Still the top mechanic and engineer he has always been, Douglas can use the parts gained from certain trapped Reploids once they've been rescued to make powerful Power-up parts for both X and Zero to equip.

Ever since the Eurasia incident, Douglas has begun to improve his skills, so much so that once X or Zero find a part from a rescued Reploid, he'll have the new part finished almost immediately with little waiting time.

Gate's Army

High Max High Max
High Max is an immensely powerful Reploid designed and built by Gate. As Gate's first creation once he gained Zero's DNA and began the Nightmare crisis, High Max is incredibly powerful and built to rival X and Zero's strength. Surpassing them in strength, but not intelligence, Gate believes that High Max is the key tool in the destruction of X and Zero as well as any others who stand in his way.

X and Zero will have to face High Max before confronting Gate, but his strength and power might be too much for them, unless they can break through his seemingly invincible body and find his weakness...
Isoc Isoc
Isoc is Gate's top commander of his vast army. Faithfully obeying all orders given to him, Isoc will gladly do as Gate says to bring about his new Reploid-only utopia. Calling out for all Reploids to join him, Isoc claims that Zero has caused all humans and Reploids much pain, and that the new Nightmare threat (which was in fact created by Gate) must be stopped.

Behind the lies, Isoc is trying to gather as many supporters for Gate as possible. Not exactly a strong fighter, Isoc will not face X or Zero in battle, instead he has been conducting research into a new plan by Gate to take over all the Reploids on the planet...
Gate Gate
Gate is the evil mastermind behind all the Nightmare occurrences that are causing chaos everywhere. Once a trusted and highly intelligent colleague of Alia's, Gate was finding himself held back by his peers, and broke away to begin his own research. After the Eurasia incident, Gate went to the crash site to survey the damage, and managed to reach the place where X and Zero has just fought and defeated Sigma.

Finding what seemed to be a piece of junk, Gate actually recovered a piece of Zero containing his DNA. Not knowing the dangers of Zero's dangerous and unknown interiors, Gate used the DNA on himself and became insane. The DNA had a Maverick-like affect on him, but instead of causing him to go crazy, he began to make plans to build a Reploid-only utopia.

Using the DNA which became known as the Nightmare, Gate created eight new robots designed to seek out and recruit other Reploids for his evil utopia. He also created the super-Reploid High Max, all this seemed to guarantee him victory, but he had forgotten about the Maverick Hunters, and in particular, X...

Mavericks / Mercenaries

Dynamo Dynamo
Dynamo managed to survive the Eurasia incident, and is now a true mercenary, he works for no-one but himself. Still annoyed that he could not defeat X or Zero in his previous work for Sigma, Dynamo realized just how strong they were, and after Sigma was defeated, Dynamo couldn't care less about Sigma or the fading Mavericks anymore.

Working to gain stronger, Dynamo has recently been scouting out the Nightmare areas, eager to gain as many DNA Souls as he can to increase his strength and power. He won't directly interfere with X and Zero this time, but if they manage to catch him lurking around any of Nightmare areas, he'll try his luck in attempting to overcome them.
Sigma Sigma
Sigma has managed to return, but not intentionally. After the Eurasia incident, once Gate used Zero's DNA on himself and became insane, he resurrected Sigma to be a part of his own army. Still as evil as ever, Sigma was given a new body by Gate, but it was a heavily damaged body and left Sigma very weak.

Now all Sigma does is watch as Gate continues with his plan to take over the world for his own Reploid utopia, but Sigma probably had other plans on what to do with Gate once he regained his full strength.

With his Maverick army completely destroyed and the remaining viruses wasted when he spread it all over Earth during the Eurasia incident, Sigma now relies on Gate to defeat X and Zero, but Sigma's many past losses against X and Zero lead him to being prepared if Gate manages to lose against them, and once that day comes, Sigma will be ready and waiting to take them on again, preparing his new battle body for action...