Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters

Zero's Techniques

Each time X or Zero defeat a stage boss, Zero receives a new technique that can be used at any time during the game. Each technique will add to his skills and enable him to perform special moves as well as new attacks.

Zero's Beam Saber Z-Saber/Beam Saber Gained from: N/A
This time Zero can use his trusty Z/Beam Saber and his new Z-Buster (you can only use the Z-Buster if you choose Zero as the main character). The Beam Saber has the same moves as in X4, Zero can perform a single or three-strike attack. The three-strike combo attack can be stopped if you press down while Zero swings.

You can also swing the Beam Saber while Zero crouches. The Z-Buster can fire off a small but strong energy blast which is very useful for striking enemies at a far distance. You won't be able to charge the Z-Buster, it only has a primary fire mode.
Beam Saber/Z-Buster
All of Zero's techniques will require special button combinations to be used, and will involve the use of the normal fire button for the Beam Saber and the special Giga Attack button. Each technique can be used an unlimited amount of times except for the C-Flasher, Dark Hold and Twin Dream.
Special Techniques
Crescent-Sword Crescent-Sword - Mikazukizan

Once you jump up, press jump again to perform a double-jump. Press fire while jumping to perform this special attack.

The C-Sword is gained once Grizzly Slash is defeated. This technique allows Zero to perform a double-jump and also the special spin attack in the air, which also creates a stronger beam around Zero to inflict further damage on any enemy around him.
F-Splasher F-Splasher - Hisuisho

After jumping up, press the dash button to perform this attack.

The F-Splasher is gained once you defeat Duff McWhalen. This technique will allow Zero to dash while in mid-air, but it will also create an ice-barrier around Zero which will protect him from most enemies and can damage any target striking him.
E-Blade E-Blade - Denjin

While standing still, press up and then the fire button (Beam Saber) to perform this attack.

The E-Blade is gained once Squid Adler is defeated. This technique allows Zero to jump straight up while releasing a huge electric beam which can heavily damage any enemy in front of Zero. You'll need to stand near an enemy on the ground to hit them, higher enemies are easier to hit.
C-Flasher C-Flasher - Messenko

While on the ground, press the Giga Attack button to perform this attack.

The C-Flasher is gained once you defeat Izzy Glow. This technique allows Zero to punch the ground and release several purple energy bolts that will fly out in separate directions, covering the entire screen. Any enemy nearby will be either heavily damaged or destroyed.
Dark Hold Dark Hold

Select the weapon and press fire (Beam Saber) while standing still to perform the attack.

The Dark Hold is gained once you defeat Dark Dizzy. This weapon has the same effect as X's version, it freezes all enemies on-screen. Again, the weapon will slowly drain, select another weapon or de-select it to deactivate it. Some enemies and bosses won't be affected by this weapon's freezing effect.
W-Shredder W-Shredder - Shipuu

While dashing on the ground, press the fire button (Beam Saber) to perform this attack.

The W-Shredder is gained once The Skiver is defeated. This technique allows Zero to create a temporary clone of himself which will fly out while Zero dashes and can damage any enemy standing in front of Zero. Make sure that you dash further away from the target so that there is enough room for the clone to hit them.
Quake Blazer Quake Blazer - Danchien

While falling from a jump, press down and fire (Beam Saber) to perform this attack.

The Quake Blazer is gained once Mattrex is defeated. This weapon allows Zero to use a fire-attack to crash down above an enemy and severely damage them. Once Zero lands, several explosions will appear for a few seconds, inflicting further damage. Make sure you come down to the side of an enemy, otherwise you'll take damage by touching them.
Twin Dream Twin Dream - Sogenmu

Select the weapon and press fire (Beam Saber) to activate it.

The Twin Dream is gained once you defeat Axle The Red. This weapon also creates a clone of Zero, but this one will remain active for about ten seconds or until an enemy hits Zero. The clone will stand in front of Zero and will perform the same moves Zero does, if you hack away with the Beam Saber, it'll do the same, causing heavy damage to any enemies nearby.