Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters

X's Weapons

Each new weapon X gains when he or Zero defeat each of the eight bosses. Each weapon has its own special abilities and can be a certain bosses' weakness or can assist him to retrieve certain items that are out of reach or hidden from view.

X-Buster X-Buster Gained from: N/A
You have the X-Buster from the start of the game. Every armor suit for X will have a different version of the X-Buster, each which have their own special abilities. The standard X-Buster in X's normal and Fourth armor can fire off the usual small energy blasts as well as the heavier charged-up shot.

Unlike previous X games, the X-Buster cannot shoot through solid objects. The Falcon Armor has a special charged shot which is stronger than the normal X-Buster and the blasts can fire through walls. The Gaea Armor uses a shorter-range but powerful energy blast which can destroy certain blocks.
X can only use special weapons with his normal, Fourth, Falcon and Ultimate armor suits. The secondary fire can only be used with the Fourth Armor or the Ultimate Armor. Below the energy bar for each weapon is a number which indicates how many times you can fire it until the energy runs out. When you charge up a special weapon, the number will change to indicate how many more charged shots you can perform.
C-Shot C-Shot Boss: Grizzly Slash
The C-Shot is gained once you defeat Grizzly Slash. This weapon fires out a small boomerang-shaped blade which will fly away from X in a straight or diagonal path. The blade can slice through most enemies, inflicting heavy damage.

The charged shot will create an energy barrier around X which can protect him from enemies, any target striking the field will be damaged or destroyed. The field doesn't use up continuous energy while in use.
Gel Shaver Gel Shaver Boss: Duff McWhalen
The Gel Shaver (aka Goo Shaver) is gained once Duff McWhalen is defeated. This weapon fires out a small blue cloud-like projectile which will crawl along the floor and walls until it strikes a target. This is useful for hitting enemies attached to walls.

The charged shot will create eight massive ice blocks, four on each side of X will fly out and come crashing down, destroying any enemies below or near X.
Gel Shaver
Tri-Thunder Tri-Thunder Boss: Squid Adler
The Tri-Thunder is gained once you defeat Squid Adler. This weapon will shoot out three electric bolts, one forward, above and below X. Once they strike a wall, ceiling or floor, large energy balls will appear and crawl along the terrain for a short distance. This is very useful for striking any enemies surrounding X as if the bolts miss them, the energy balls could easily catch an enemy off guard.

The charged shot will create huge lightning bolts that fly down the screen at given intervals. The positions of each bolt is random, and you won't be able to switch to another weapon until they all fly down.
F-Laser F-Laser Boss: Izzy Glow
The F-Laser is gained once Izzy Glow is defeated. This weapon can fire out a small missile projectile which you can direct around with the D-pad. When fired, you won't be able to move X until to missile blows, so be careful and make sure X is safe before firing it. This is useful for hitting enemies that move around often, you can easily track them down and destroy them without much effort.

The charged shot will fire out a massive energy beam that reaches to the edge of the screen. The beam will remain active for a few seconds so that you can easily direct it toward an enemy.
Dark Hold Dark Hold Boss: Dark Dizzy
The Dark Hold weapon is gained once you defeat Dark Dizzy. This weapon only has a primary fire, once used, all enemies and moving objects on-screen will be temporarily frozen. This can help X to navigate through areas infested with enemies easily.

You'll notice that when the weapon is active, its energy will be continuously draining, so make sure you deactivate it before it runs out if you want to keep using it. Go into the weapon selection screen and select another to deactivate the weapon. Also note that some enemies and most bosses will be unaffected by this weapon.
Dark Hold
Wing Spiral Wing Spiral Boss: The Skiver
The Wing Spiral weapon is gained once The Skiver is defeated. This weapon will create a large tornado-shaped projectile which will fly up above X. This is useful for striking any enemies above him. You can also direct the whirlwind around a bit by holding left or right when you fire. You'll have to stand near an enemy on the ground to hit them with this weapon.

The charged-up shot will create a much larger tornado that will fly out and up a diagonal path away from X. This shot can easily hit any enemy in front of X.
Wing Spiral
Ground Fire Ground Fire Boss: Mattrex
The Ground Fire weapon is gained once you defeat Mattrex. This weapon fires out a large bouquet of flames which will fly out a short distance and then land on the ground. Once it lands, smaller flames will randomly fly straight out of the fire and can damage any enemy that touches them. This weapon can also burn away certain wooden blocks.

The charged shot will create two huge flame-bars which will fly out either side of X and can easily destroy any enemies in front or behind him.
Ground Fire
Spike Ball Spike Ball Boss: Axle The Red
The Spike Ball is gained once Axle The Red is defeated. This fires out a large green spiked-ball which has limited range but is very powerful. Once the ball stops moving, it will stay still for a few seconds before disappearing. This can be useful for inflicting further damage on stationary targets.

The charged shot will fire out another large spiked ball, but this one will bounce around the screen and destroy any enemies that move into its path. The ball will bounce around a few times before disappearing.
Spike Ball