Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters

Parts Guide

The Parts guide deals with all the special parts you can get from certain defeated bosses. The part system is complicated, a description and overview is given below. Most parts X and Zero can equip, adding to their abilities and enhancing their armor suits.

Special item parts

Once you defeat a boss, you'll notice that you can choose between a Weapon + Life or a Weapon + Energy. The "Life" option will give your character an extra life heart, the "Energy" option will give you more weapon energy for each of the special weapons. These two parts will be completed once you beat another stage after choosing them. The parts system is more complicated. You can have up to eight parts in the game, chosen from a total of 16. When the part option displays Weapon + Life/Energy +, it means that you'll also receive a special item you can equip to certain armor suits.

The Life and Energy options will give you different parts, so each boss has a maximum of two to choose from, but you won't know exactly what you're getting, so this guide will help you. To get the extra "+" to get a special part, you must fight a boss which is at least on level 8. To be able to get all possible eight items in the game, you'll need to waste time at the start by deliberately losing lives and returning to the Stage Selection screen to lose an hour off the timer. As the levels of the bosses rise as the timer lowers, this is the only way you can do it.

When playing as Zero, start fighting the bosses when there's 11 hours left (it'll change to 10 once you enter the first boss' stage). When using X, enter the first stage when there's 10 hours left (it'll change to 9 when you enter the stage). This will be cutting it very close if you go on to fight all eight bosses, once you start fighting the bosses do not waste any time otherwise you won't make it.

A part will be completed once you go through two stages. The boss' levels don't change on Easy mode, so you only be able to get the parts on the Normal and Xtreme modes. Once you have an item, on the Stage Selection screen, press L1 to reach the part equip screen. You can equip parts for the following suits: X, Zero, Fourth Armor, Ultimate Armor, Falcon Armor. The Gaea Armor can't have any parts equipped. X and Zero can have four parts equipped at a time, the other armor suits can have only two.

If you have Zero's Black Armor, he'll already have three specific parts equipped, so make sure that you don't equip them again - this way Zero's Black Armor can technically have up to seven parts equipped! You can get up to eight extra hearts or eight extra weapon up parts from defeated bosses. Listed below are all the possible parts and which bosses and Life/Energy option has them.

All Bosses
Weapon + Life Life Up Life Up This part will give your current character an extra energy heart.
Weapon + Energy Energy Up Energy Up This will increase your maximum special weapon energy by a small amount.
Grizzly Slash
Weapon + Life + Shock Buffer Shock Buffer When your character takes damage, they won't be stunned for as long as they normally are.
Weapon + Energy + Hyper Dash Hyper Dash When you dash, you'll go further than normal, it also allows you to perform longer jumps.
Duff McWhalen
Weapon + Life + Super Recover Super Recover You'll receive more energy when you pick up an energy capsule, it'll also fill up your energy tanks faster than normal.
Weapon + Energy + W-Energy Saver W-Energy Saver This part halves the energy use of any special weapon, allow you to use a weapon for much longer than normal.
Squid Adler
Weapon + Life + Quick Charge Quick Charge X: This allows X to charge his weapon faster than normal, it greatly helps when heaps of enemies are around.
Weapon + Energy + Z-Saber Extend Z-Saber Extend Zero: Zero's Beam Saber can reach out a little further than normal. Slash out and you'll notice the small yellow beam extension.
Izzy Glow
Weapon + Life + Burst Shots Burst Shots X: X can fire many more shots than normal. You'll be able to shoot off a maximum of five shots at a time, giving X a much better rapid fire rate.
Weapon + Energy + Shot Eraser Shot Eraser Zero: Zero can block energy beams with his Beam Saber. When an enemy fires an energy bolt, slash at it to destroy it.
Dark Dizzy
Weapon + Life + Anti-Virus Guard Anti-Virus Guard This increases your defense against the infection of the Sigma virus. You'll need to be hit by eight drones before you get infected instead of four.
Weapon + Energy + Virus Buster Virus Buster This will allow you to destroy the Sigma virus drones with the X-Buster/Beam Saber.
The Skiver
Weapon + Life + Jumper Jumper You can jump much higher than normal, very useful when fighting Sigma.
Weapon + Energy + Speedster Speedster This increases the speed of your character's movement. You'll move around about 50% faster than normal.
Weapon + Life + Speed Shot Speed Shot This increases the flying speed of energy blasts from the X/Z-Buster - they'll fly across the screen faster.
Weapon + Energy + Buster Plus Buster Plus This increases the damage caused by the X/Z-Buster, useful against strong enemies and bosses.
Axle The Red
Weapon + Life + Ultimate Buster Ultimate Buster X: Every time you press fire, X will fire off a charged shot automatically.
Weapon + Energy + Z-Saber Plus Z-Saber Plus Zero: Zero's Beam Saber will be stronger and can cause more damage to enemies and bosses.