Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters


Many characters make up the detailed plot and interact with the growing storyline. You'll be using Mega Man for the entire game, along the way you'll meet up with all the characters, good and bad, listed below. Read on for detailed descriptions of each character.

Mega Man Mega Man
Mega Man is back again to stop Dr. Wily's evil plans. After receiving the message from Dr. Light about the mysterious meteor crash, Mega Man finds no other than Dr. Wily escaping with part of the meteor. After discovering Duo, the powerful robot with a mission to destroy evil, Mega Man heads out to stop Wily, but he'll have to face eight new powerful Robot Masters built by Wily before the final showdown can occur. Along the way he can rely on his trust partner Rush to help him out, as well as some old friends, the other robot creations of Dr. Light.
Rush Rush
Rush is back to help out Mega Man in any way he can. With his vast array of abilities, Rush will help Mega Man by carrying him over dangerous areas, and giving him back-up help and weaponry. Many areas Mega Man can't get through without Rush's help, so the two of them remain good friends and partners, and this is one creation Dr. Light can be truly proud of.
Protoman Protoman
Protoman, one of Dr. Light's other robot creations, will make a few appearances during the game. Normally out on his own crusades, Protoman often watches over Mega Man's progress and occasionally intervenes to assist Mega Man in any way he can. With his strong will and righteous mind, Protoman proves to be a valuable friend and ally to Mega Man, even though he may have been envious of Mega Man's power in the past.
Duo Duo
Duo is the mysterious alien robot from deep space sent to destroy the destructive source of what is known as the "Evil Energy." His creators and origins are completely unknown, but his righteous and strong will helps him to fight for justice alongside Mega Man. During Mega Man's quest, Duo will often help out by continuing his mission to stop Dr. Wily from using the Evil Energy for world domination, vowing to stop Wily at all costs.
Roll Roll
Roll, Mega Man's robotic sister, often helps out during the game by offering Mega Man new abilities at Dr. Light's lab. She'll be able to build the new parts for Mega Man, but you'll first have to find enough bolts for each part before they can be made. Always looking out for Mega Man's well-being, Roll proves her value in the ongoing battle against Dr. Wily's evil plans.
Auto, Beat and Eddie Auto, Beat and Eddie
Auto, Beat and Eddie can help Mega Man out in certain stages that require him to fly over dangerous areas aboard Rush. Waiting in the special floating purple balls, signal boxes await Mega Man, and once called, one of the three characters will arrive to help Mega Man in the battlefield. Utilizing special weaponry, each one can greatly assist Mega Man and give him better chances for survival against Wily's robotic minions.
Dr Light Dr. Light
Dr. Light, Mega Man's creator and also the creator of the rest of the gang, has a new mystery to solve when the meteor crash lands on Earth. After repairing Duo, Dr. Light continues to study the "Evil Energy" that Dr. Wily is using in his new robots, trying to discover the power they hold and what kind of danger they pose. Keeping an eye on Mega Man's progress, Dr. Light maintains Mega Man's equipment and assists Roll in creating the special new parts for Mega Man.
Bass & Treble Bass and Treble
Bass and Treble return to rival Mega Man's power. Still reeling from his losses to Mega Man in the past, Bass begins to forget about Wily and lives only for the sole purpose of proving that he and Treble are more powerful than Mega Man and Rush, and Bass is willing to stop at nothing to achieve his goal. Waiting for Mega Man in Dr. Wily's new castle, Bass awaits him eagerly as he has a new surprise in store for Mega Man, but Bass' constant overconfidence and lack of judgement may prove to be his undoing.
Dr Wily Dr. Wily
After Bass rescued Dr. Wily in Mega Man's previous quest, Wily began to build up a new robot army, but his time for action came when the meteor crashed on Earth. Reaching the meteor before Mega Man could, Wily stole part of it that contained the "Evil Energy," and made off to his new castle to begin researching the meteor's power. After deciphering it's power, Wily began to integrate the energy into his new robots, making them more powerful than ever. Thinking he can finally move on to world domination, Wily still underestimates Mega Man's power, as Mega Man doesn't need the Evil Energy's power to stop Wily, and he also has a new ally who is also ready to stop Wily's plans.