Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters

Bosses Guide

Listed below are all the bosses (Robot Masters) you'll encounter in the game. Most bosses (including the first eight) you'll face at the end of each stage, try to save as much life/weapon energy as possible before facing them to even up the odds. Each entry has a detailed description and guide on how to defeat each boss, including which special weapons to use. The eight Robot Masters of the game are displayed in order of weapon weaknesses.

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Claw Crab
Dr. Wily #: ?? Weakness: Mega Ball Special Weapon: N/A
Claw Crab
You'll encounter the Claw Crab at the end of the first stage just before the crash site. Once it opens up and readies it's claws, it'll attack. Be careful as the crab will jump to each side of the screen often, make sure you slide underneath when it jumps to avoid being crushed. Try to stay far back from the crab as it'll try to grab you with it's claws. It might also fire out several smaller purple shells from the top of it's shell, try to avoid being hit by any of them when they land. Be careful if it walks forward, as it'll try to corner you with it's claws.

To defeat it, use charged shots of the Mega Buster on it's face to temporarily stun it. It's shell will reel back and expose the crab's weak point, blast away at the bubble above it's eyes to damage the crab. You can also kick the Mega Ball into it's face to stun it, then fire away at the bubble. Once it blows you'll confront Wily as he takes off with the meteor.

Clown Man
Dr. Wily #: 60 Weakness: Tornado Hold Special Weapon: Thunder Claw
Clown Man
Clown Man will swing around the hook at the top of the room with his long arms before the battle begins. He'll be moving around quite quickly so you'll need to be fast to avoid taking damage. If he jumps up or charges at you, he'll grab onto the hook and begin to swing right around the screen, stay in the center and jump over him when he passes underneath, try to avoid being hit as it'll cause heavy damage.

Once he lands he'll perform one of two attacks. If he shouts "Thunder Claw!" he'll plow his hands into the ground and they'll come up again under Mega Man, jump up quickly to avoid being caught. If he shouts "Thunder Powerball!" he'll become a large red energy ball that will bounce around the screen, time it right so you can slide under the ball before it lands.

Clown Man's weakness is the Tornado Hold, when he swings around the hook fire it out so that he's caught in the wind vortex. He'll fly up out of the screen and land on the ground with his arms tangled up, blast away with the Mega Buster before he gets up. If you don't have the Tornado Hold yet, use charged shots from the Mega Buster whenever he's open for attack. Once you defeat Clown Man you'll receive the Thunder Claw weapon.

Grenade Man
Dr. Wily #: 63 Weakness: Thunder Claw Special Weapon: Flash Bomb
Grenade Man
Grenade Man will enter via the background wall, he'll blow his way into the room for a flashy entrance before attacking. He'll be firing out bomb-type projectiles often, if he jumps over to the opposite corner of the room he'll fire out three small grenades down below, try to stay under him as he jumps and move towards the wall to avoid them. If he shouts "Flash Bomb!" he'll fire out a large bomb that'll explode when it strikes something, make sure it doesn't hit you.

He might also charge at you, jump over him as he passes. If the screen begins to shake, metal objects will fall down from above, try your best to avoid being hit by them. To defeat Grenade Man, use the Thunder Claw. Get close whenever he lands and fire the weapon, you'll strike him and cause heavy damage. Try to avoid his attacks as best you can, then once his health drops below half, he'll plant four bombs across the room and blow open the floor. You'll drop down to a lower room, finish him off there. Once you defeat Grenade Man you'll receive the Flash Bomb weapon.

Frost Man
Dr. Wily #: 62 Weakness: Flash Bomb Special Weapon: Ice Wave
Frost Man
Once you enter Frost Man's room you'll spot several ice blocks ahead shaped like Mega Man. Frost Man will enter and bash the ice blocks to pieces as his taunting move before the battle begins. He'll be using some tough attacks so you'll need to be extra fast to avoid them. If he pounds the ground with his fists, he'll fire forward ice spikes across the ground, quickly jump above them, otherwise he'll slam you against the wall if the ice hits Mega Man. He'll jump around often, try to slide under him as he flies overhead. He might also often call down one of the moving ice blocks from above and punch them at the opposite wall, move quickly to dodge them. If he pounds the ground repeatedly all the ice blocks above will fall straight down, keep moving to dodge them.

To defeat Frost Man, use the Flash Bomb. Keep firing at him when he lands on the ground, just wait for each explosion to stop before firing again. Use the Mega Buster's charged shots to deal out more damage, and keep moving to avoid his attacks. Once Frost Man's defeated you'll receive the Ice Wave weapon.

Tengu Man
Dr. Wily #: 57 Weakness: Ice Wave Special Weapon: Tornado Hold
Tengu Man
Tengu Man will be tough to beat, as he'll be using some powerful moves. He'll drop down from the sky and taunt you before attacking. He'll be flying around the top of the screen for most of the battle, so you'll have to wait for him to lower down before firing. After flying around the screen for a few seconds, if he shouts out "Tornado Hold!" he'll fire out a large air-disc that'll fly down towards you. Once it hits the ground it'll fire up a large wind vortex straight up, make sure you don't get caught in it as Tengu Man will fly in and cause more damage if Mega Man's caught in the vortex.

Be very careful of the two holes in the ground on the left and right, make sure you stay well away from them. If Tengu Man fires out a large wind ball, jump over it as it passes below, as if you're caught the ball will try to drop Mega Man into a hole. If Tengu Man shouts out "Here we go!" he'll swoop down and try to hit you, quickly jump over him, once he flies up out of the screen move to the left or right as Tengu Man will drop straight down from the top of the screen. You should be able to hit him with charged shots of the Mega Buster when he flies low, but wait until he performs his dive attack before using a special weapon.

When he drops down out of the sky and lands, hit him with the Ice Wave and he'll become stuck in the ice. Blast away with the Mega Buster to inflict more damage before he breaks free. Wait until he performs the dive attack before firing again with the Ice Wave. Keep dodging his fast attacks and you should finish him off fairly quickly. Once you defeat Tengu Man you'll receive the Tornado Hold weapon.

Dr. Wily #: N/A Weakness: Mega Buster Special Weapon: N/A
You'll confront Duo in the rocky stage after defeating the first four bosses. He'll argue with Mega Man first about not interfering with his mission before he attacks. You'll have to be very quick to avoid Duo, as his attacks are fast and deadly. If he hovers above the ground while a huge energy vortex appears below him, he'll become a flaming blue ball that'll bounce around the room, try your best to slide under him as he bounces around. Try to stay away from him, as if Duo charges up energy in his arm, he'll dash forward with a punch attack and slam the ground with his fist. He might also charge forward and punch the ground without warning, try to jump over him as he passes.

Use charged shots from the Mega Buster to damage him, also use the Mega Ball for extra help. Duo won't have a visible health bar, so you'll just have to hold out while continuously damaging him. Eventually Duo will land and the battle will end while the next cutscene begins.

Search Man
Dr. Wily #: 61 Weakness: Flame Sword Special Weapon: Homing Sniper
Search Man
Search Man will be using a lot of firepower during this battle so you'll have to move quickly to dodge his attacks. Once he comes out from his hiding place behind the bush he'll attack. If he jumps up out of the screen, three large bushes will appear on the screen and Search Man will be hiding behind one. Two large red crosshairs will appear on the corners of the screen and move downward to try and target Mega Man.

Try to slide away from them when the move downward as if they hit you, Search Man will appear and fire out several missiles that will home in on you. If you have the Flame Sword weapon, you can destroy the bushes to reveal Search Man while he's hiding. Once he reappears he might jump up and fire out four blue missiles. Each one will drop down around the screen, try to stay between them to avoid being hit.

Search Man might also jump up and release a small razor blade that'll bounce around the room in a downward fashion, blast it before it hits Mega Man. He might also land on the ground and release a barrage of missiles at you, try your best to dodge them while returning fire at him. Search Man's weakness is the Flame Sword, but if you don't have it, use charged shots from the Mega Buster instead. Avoid his attacks as best you can and attack him whenever he's visible. Once you defeat Search Man you'll receive the Homing Sniper weapon.

Astro Man
Dr. Wily #: 58 Weakness: Homing Sniper Special Weapon: Astro Crush
Astro Man
Astro Man will be teleporting around often during this battle, so you'll find it difficult to hit him successfully. Once the background of the room changes he'll make his entrance before attacking. He'll start by sending out his two smaller floating balls which will fly around the room while firing small energy balls at you, stay in the corner to avoid the balls and jump up or slide around when the energy balls appear.

Try to stay at the sides of the screen as Astro Man will often fly around in an attempt to crush Mega Man. Be very careful if Astro Man begins to frantically teleport around the room, as he'll shout out "Astro Crush!" followed by a huge barrage of meteors from above, try to stay in the corners of the screen to avoid taking damage.

Use the Homing Sniper to defeat Astro Man. Whenever he's not teleporting, try to stay close as when you fire the weapon the missile might target one of the floating balls instead of Astro Man. Once you manage to hit him, jump up just as he recovers and fire again, if you keep this pattern up you'll be able to defeat him quite easily without worry of taking damage. Once you defeat Astro Man you'll gain the Astro Crush weapon.

Aqua Man
Dr. Wily #: 64 Weakness: Astro Crush Special Weapon: Water Balloon
Aqua Man
Aqua Man will make his grand entrance into the room before attacking. He'll be using a load of water attacks which involve using the water below the platform you're standing on, so you'll have to be quick to avoid taking damage. He'll begin by jumping around the room, try to avoid being squashed by him. If he draws up water from below and calls out "Water Cannon!" he'll fire out the water straight at you, but the beam will break and leave a gap as it comes towards you, try to stay within the gap to avoid being hit.

If part of the water below begins to churn, stay away from it as a huge water pillar will shoot up before blowing into smaller water bubbles. If Aqua Man shouts "Water Balloon!" he'll fire out a multitude of water bubbles from his arm cannon, they'll float up and drop down so try to slide under them to avoid taking damage.

To defeat Aqua Man, use the Astro Crush. Each time you call down the huge meteors, Aqua Man will take heavy damage and fall over to the corner of the room. Quickly blast away at him with the Mega Buster before he recovers. If you run out of energy for the Astro Crush, just finish him off with charged shots. Once you defeat Aqua Man (or "handsome guy" as he prefers) you'll receive the Water Balloon weapon.

Sword Man
Dr. Wily #: 59 Weakness: Water Balloon Special Weapon: Flame Sword
Sword Man
Sword Man will be using some tough attack patterns during this battle, you'll have to be fast to avoid his sword attacks. Sword Man will drop into the room encased in a large statue before breaking out to attack. If Sword Man jumps over to a corner of the screen, quickly slide towards him as a huge statue will drop down from above. If he readies himself, he'll charge forward while detaching his upper body. He'll fly up out of the screen while his legs charge forward, jump over them as they pass. Just after his upper body returns, stand back as he'll swing out a large slash attack with his sword.

If he shouts "Fire Slash!" his upper body will begin to spin around while sending out fire around himself, when the upper body flies towards you slide under it, the body will then stick to the opposite wall before returning to the legs, slide under him again when he moves back. If Sword Man stabs his sword into the ground, he'll create a massive fire shield around himself which you can't penetrate, stand well back until it disappears.

Use the Water Balloon to defeat Sword Man. You'll have to hit his upper body, so jump up as you fire so that the bubble can hit him successfully. Don't bother trying to attack his legs as they're invincible. You should be able to break through his fire barrier with the Water Balloon, just try to avoid his other attacks as best you can and fire at him whenever he's open for attack. Once you defeat Sword Man you'll receive the Flame Sword weapon.

The following bosses will be encountered in Dr. Wily's castle.

Penguin Bell
Dr. Wily #: ?? Weakness: Mega Ball Special Weapon: N/A
Penguin Bell
You'll encounter this boss at the end of the first Dr. Wily stage. This boss consists of four separate parts, as large bell-shaped objects hanging from the ceiling. The large bell with the penguin sitting on top is the main part and the weak point for the entire machine. As the four bells come down, the penguin bell will drop out a smaller version of itself that will crawl along the ground, blast away at it before it hits Mega Man.

After the penguin bell goes back up the other three bells will lower down and fire out either round bombs or missiles, quickly blast away at them to destroy them and their projectiles. To defeat this boss, use the Mega Ball. You'll need to hit the penguin bell with the Mega Ball, so when all four bells come down, if the penguin bell is up against a wall, stand against the opposite wall and move towards the penguin bell until you're standing below the first wall pylon separating the bells.

Kick the Mega Ball over at the penguin and if you aimed it correctly, it'll bounce up into the penguin's chamber and strike the bottom of it, causing damage. Once the penguin retreats, blast the other bells that drop down with the Mega Buster. If the penguin appears in one of the inner chambers, stand directly under it and kick the Mega Ball towards the closest wall, it'll bounce off and travel up the chamber to hit the penguin.

Keep this attack pattern up, but once half of it's health is gone, a new bell will appear, one similar to the penguin but it'll have a skull on the front, make sure you don't hit this one as it'll drop down a huge energy wave which is almost impossible to avoid. Once you manage to destroy it you'll move on to the second Dr. Wily stage.

Fighter Airship
Dr. Wily #: ?? Weakness: Astro Crush Special Weapon: N/A
Fighter Airship
You'll be battling this boss while riding atop the Rush Jet, so it'll be very handy to have Auto, Beat or Eddie to help you out here. Once the ship appears from below it'll attack. If the wings spin around it'll open up part of the wing section, if the vertical wings open and small energy balls charge up within the wings, they'll fire out energy beams straight across the screen, try to stay between them to avoid taking damage. If flashing panels appear on the wings, missiles will come flying out at you, try to dodge them as best you can.

As the ship flies about the head might fire out a barrage of pink floating mines, the mines will disappear off the screen and then come floating back towards you, quickly blast them all before any come in contact. If the rear horizontal wings open up, stay back from them as six missiles will fire out up and down the screen. If all four wings open up the ship will fly back towards you, stay low on the screen to avoid being hit.

To defeat this boss, use the Astro Crush. It'll help here if you've got the Energy Saver item as you'll have two extra shots than before, and remember that you can only attack the ship when the wings open up. When the wings open, fire the weapon and you should cause heavy damage to the ship. Use the Mega Buster to fire at the wings to deal out more damage. Once the ship runs out of energy all four wings will blow off and the ship will explode, allowing you access to the third Dr. Wily stage.

Bass and Treble
Dr. Wily #: ?? Weakness: Mega Buster Special Weapon: N/A
Bass and Treble
You'll confront Bass and Treble halfway through the third Dr. Wily Stage. After taunting Mega Man he'll summon down an Evil Energy capsule before using it to merge with Treble. He'll then reappear as a new form, with a large jetpack on. Bass will be flying around for most of the battle, so you'll have to wait for him to lower down before you can hit him. He'll be using some strong attacks so you'll need to be quick to dodge them.

If Bass charges up a load of energy and fires up two massive energy balls into the air, two huge rounds of energy bolts will come flying down from the top of the screen. Stand close to a wall, then once the first round comes down slide into the wall, then the second round will miss you once it comes down. If he charges up energy and lands, he'll fire out two energy balls at Mega Man, jump over both of them to dodge them easily.

If Bass moves up a little and charges up huge energy again, he'll fly out of the screen and dive back down in one of the corners, he'll then extend an energy beam down to the ground and will zoom across the screen, quickly dash to the opposite wall to dodge the beam. Use charged shots to damage Bass, but you can also use weapons such as the Flash Bomb and Astro Crush to cause multiple damage. Keep dodging his attacks and don't stop attacking whenever he's open. Once you defeat Bass he'll retreat and you can continue on to the final boss of this stage.

Green Slime
Dr. Wily #: ?? Weakness:
Flash Bomb / Thunder Claw
Special Weapon: N/A
Green Slime
You'll encounter the Green Slime boss (aka Shadow Devil, Cyclops) at the end of the third Dr. Wily stage. As with the previous Mega Man games that feature this boss, you'll have to wait for the eye to be exposed before you can damage the main body. Once you enter the room the slime will come up out of the floor and the eye will come down to form the main body.

Once the main body forms together it'll remain frozen for a few seconds, then once the eye sparkles it'll break apart. The eye will leave while the slime falls to the floor. It'll have different forms of attacks now, one where the slime balls will stack on top of each other and begin to slide across the room. You'll have to jump over and slide under the blobs as they move, but you shouldn't have too much trouble avoiding them. The slime might also sink down into the floor, the slime will then either come back up to form the main body somewhere else, or it could perform one of two attacks.

If the slime spreads out to fill the entire floor, the eye will return and will follow Mega Man. The eye will call up green spikes from the slime so you'll have to keep sliding about to dodge them. If the slime begins to churn at one end of the room instead, the eye will cause the slime to fly across the room creating a large tunnel, slide about and stay out from inside it to avoid taking damage. You'll only be able to attack this boss when the eye is open while the main body is active.

Once the eye comes down and enters the body, use the Mega Buster to break open a hole in the side of the body to have a clear shot at the eye, but you can also use the Flash Bomb to break open the slime easily. Once the hole completely opens, quickly press Start and switch to the Thunder Claw (or press R1 to switch to it). Fire it into the eye to cause heavy damage. After a few seconds the slime will close and the eye will leave. The body will break up and the slime will perform one of the main attacks again. Hold out each time the slime attacks you, and remember to use the Flash Bomb and Thunder Claw to greatly damage the eye. Once the eye explodes the slime will break apart and you'll move on to the final Dr. Wily stage.

Before battling Dr. Wily, you will have to fight the first eight bosses again in any order. Refer to the guides above to defeat them again, keep in mind that you'll probably find defeating them much easier the second time around.

Dr. Wily Part 1
Dr. Wily #: ?? Weakness: Flame Sword Special Weapon: N/A
Dr Wily Part 1
After Duo and Protoman save Mega Man from Wily's Evil Energy barrier, you'll begin the final battle against Wily's new skull ships. He'll be tough to beat, you'll need to be fast to avoid his multitude of weaponry. His first form will be using two main forms to attack you with, the large buzz-saw weapon on the side of the ship and the large cannon mounted inside the mouth of the front skull.

Wily won't move around much so you shouldn't have trouble hitting him. If the buzz-saw begins to spin, it'll detach itself and move towards you, ether by bouncing across the room or just flying across the floor. If it bounces slide under it as it passes, otherwise just jump over it if slides across the floor, but be careful as it'll return after a few seconds. The buzz-saw might also become a laser cannon that will fire out several small energy balls straight ahead, try your best to dodge them as they'll be following diagonal paths as well as going straight ahead.

The cannon might also fire out a large purple energy ball straight up, if it does quickly move to the side as the ball will come straight down on top of Mega Man, once it lands quickly jump up as two smaller energy balls will shoot out along the floor. If the skull mouth opens and begins to charge up energy, after a few seconds it'll fire out a large energy beam straight ahead which is near-impossible to avoid, so quickly fire away at the mouth so that it closes and doesn't fire.

You can use the Mega Buster to hit the top part of the head to damage the ship, but the Flame Sword will help cause further damage, you can also use it to close the skull's mouth whenever it opens. Dr. Wily's first form will be pretty tough to beat, but once you get the hang of his attack patterns you should be able to beat him. Try not to take too much damage during this part of the battle, then once you destroy the ship Wily will attack in his smaller pod.

Dr. Wily Part 2
Dr. Wily #: ?? Weakness: Flash Bomb Special Weapon: N/A
Dr Wily Part 2
Dr. Wily's final pod-ship form will be much tougher to beat than his previous form. He'll be floating around the screen in his pod and will teleport around the room often. If you've taken a lot of damage from his previous form, use the Rush Health ability to grab some life and weapon energy capsules that Rush will drop.

Whenever he reappears he'll fire out different kinds of attacks in the form of purple energy balls. If the energy balls appear surrounding him, they'll fly out in a circular pattern towards the edges of the screen, stay on the edge of the screen and jump up as the balls fly out to dodge them. If the four balls appear above and below Wily, they'll move three times towards Mega Man.

Each time they move they'll pause, stay under Wily, when they first move slide to the left or right, then jump up when they move again so that they fly under Mega Man to avoid taking damage. If Wily fires two large purple balls straight up out of the screen, quickly move to the left or right as they'll come straight down on top of Mega Man, then jump up to avoid the energy balls they send out along the ground when they land. He might also send out four energy balls that will move out in a circular path, stay close to the corners of the screen to avoid being hit.

You'll have to practice a lot to be able to dodge his attacks successfully, and remember to use charged shots on the pod whenever he flies low enough. You can also use the Flash Bomb to deal out more damage, just keep firing at him whenever he appears. Dr. Wily will be very difficult to beat, but once you manage to take him down, sit back and enjoy the entertaining finale.