Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters


Mega Man Zero


Introducing the second Mega Man series onto the Game Boy Advance after the Battle Network series, Mega Man Zero brings 32-bit graphics, gorgeous sound and intriguing gameplay to a new portable level, as well as all the enjoyment and challenge from the X series.


More than 100 years have passed since the seemingly endless battle against the Mavericks, and much has changed. The Maverick Hunters have finally managed to wipe the Earth clean of all Mavericks, and peace had begun to form between the Reploids and Humans, it seemed that the machines and humans could now live together in harmony.

Maverick Hunters X and Zero, exhausted from working tirelessly against the Mavericks, have settled down and begun to enjoy the peace. Zero, worried of the threat of the original Maverick Virus contained in his body, planted there by his creator Dr. Wily, sealed himself inside a capsule where he would sleep for 100 years, enough time for his body to extract the virus and rid himself of the threat forever.

Untouched for over a century, a human scientist known as Ciel hastily finds Zero and releases him form hibernation.

100 years of sleep has changed Zero's body drastically, but the virus had left him while his mind remained intact. Slightly dizzy from the hasty wake-up call, Zero quickly discovers that a new evil threat has arisen, a huge army known as Neo Arcadia has taken control of the major governments of the world and is ruling over everything with an iron fist, while hunting down reploids they deem to be "Maverick." Zero quickly joins up with the Resistance fighters, a group of Reploids fighting for world peace and the freedom of all Reploids.

Zero has no idea where X is, or what may have become of him since their last battles together, neither can he contact or find Alia, Signas or Douglas, so Zero must trust Ciel, but little does Zero know that the identity of Neo Arcadia's leader may be very close to him, but either way, Zero must now fight for the freedom of Reploids and humans, against this corrupt army and for the salvation of the world.

Game specifications

You'll be taking control of Zero for his first solo mission, taking the Resistance fighter's fate into your own hands while battling the armies of Neo Arcadia in over 10 missions packed with action and adventure. Equipped with his trusty new Z-Buster and Z-Saber, Zero will learn new techniques after gaining experience, as well as gaining new weapons and abilities.

Using new Cyber-elf technology, you can enhance Zero's powers and defenses to maximum heights, making him into the Neo Arcadia's worst nightmare.

Facing hordes of enemies, Zero will gain help from the many reploids hoping for peace, but after 100 years of sleep, Zero will have to shake of the hibernation effects as although the Mavericks are gone forever, this new evil threat will prove to be far more dangerous and more capable of destruction than the Mavericks ever were. Their leader in particular is waiting for the final moment to meet Zero, when he can match his powers to Zero's immense abilities...

Release dates:

Apr 26, 2002
Sep 10, 2002
Oct 31, 2002


  • Capcom

Cart size:

  • 32 megabits

Original platform:

  • Game Boy Advance