Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters


Mega Man X5


The sequel of the hit Mega Man X4, Mega Man X5 continues the legend, introducing new characters, loads of new features and an all-new battle system. Once again, you'll take the role of X or Zero in their never-ending quest for peace against the relentless Mavericks and their leader Sigma.


Long after the fourth defeat of Sigma at the hands of Maverick Hunters X and Zero, and after the crushing downfall of the Repliforce army, the Maverick Wars have ended and space colonization has begun, with many businesses investing in the use of large space stations orbiting the Earth.

The Maverick Hunters have increased in numbers, introducing four new key Hunters, Signas, the new leader of base operations, Alia, a computer analyst expert, Douglas, an expert Reploid mechanic, and Lifesavor, a medic Reploid.

Already gaining the trust and respect of all current Maverick Hunters, these four new characters will play a key role in future missions. As the years went by without any sign of Maverick activity, the Hunters truly believed the threat was finally over. But little did they know, their biggest challenge was about to rear it's ugly head.

Emerging from a hidden location, a new form of Sigma has taken over one of the largest orbiting space stations, Eurasia, and set it on a collision-course with Earth. If his plan succeeds, the Earth and all life on it would be destroyed.

The Maverick Sigma had truly gone insane to try a stunt like this. Analyzing the situation, the Hunters discovered that they only have one possible hope of destroying the station before it crashes, in the form of a large energy cannon called the Enigma, this weapon was capable of destroying the station, but it required much repair and upgrading to function properly.

X and Zero must now race against time to find all the necessary parts to finish the Enigma, they only have 18 hours before Eurasia crashes, and their time is fast running out...

Game specifications

Continuing the action, Mega Man X5 utilizes the magnificent graphics, gameplay and music introduced in X4, but at a much larger scale. You'll be able to play as Mega Man X or Zero in the game, but unlike X4, you'll be able to switch between either character before you enter a stage in the game. Each stage is a challenge on its own, you'll find that the gameplay will be much more challenging than any other MMX game before.

New items, parts, weapons and techniques will add to X and Zero's arsenal, greatly enhancing their abilities and giving them an edge over enemies in battle. Huge bosses, some particularly difficult, stand in X and Zero's way to reaching the special parts for the Enigma, you'll need all the skill to conquer them all before confronting Sigma for the toughest showdown yet.

As this time, Sigma's ready to react at any time, and he'll be much tougher to beat this time around than in any other previous battle. And this time, Sigma's main target isn't X, its Zero. More of Zero's past will return to haunt him, and will test X and Zero's friendship to the point where they face each other in battle...

Game introduction

-- Long after Sigma and the Mavericks caused the downfall of the Repliforce army, space colonization has begun and Earth has entered a new age of peace and prosperity. The Maverick Hunters still have the job of ridding the world of any Mavericks, and are growing stronger every day.

The two strongest hunters, Mega Man X and Zero, are beginning to hope that the Maverick threat has ended once and for all, but, as always, they were wrong.

Sigma, somehow (as usual) returns and threatens the world with a huge danger, he has taken control of an orbiting space colony and has set it to collide with the Earth, as well as causing the Maverick virus to completely cover the planet and infect just about every reploid in operation.

X and Zero have been summoned to action and have only 16 hours to stop Sigma before the colony hits the Earth to cause total desruction. This time though, the ending might bring back haunting memories from the past... --

Release dates:

Nov 30, 2000
Jan 31, 2001
Aug 3, 2001


  • Capcom

CD media:

  • 1 disc

Original platform:

  • Sony PlayStation