Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters

Weapons Guide

Each new weapon X gains when you defeat each of the eight bosses. Each weapon has its own special abilities and can be a certain bosses' weakness or to retrieve certain items that are normally out of reach. The first four weapons are available in the normal mode game setting, the second four will be found in the hard mode setting. All will be available in Extreme mode.

X-Buster X-Buster Gained from: N/A
You'll begin the game with the X-Buster. As the standard weapon, most enemies can be defeated from sustained fire or a few charged shots.

You'll need to X-Buster to proceed through the stages, but you'll need special weapons gained from defeated bosses to inflict heavier damage on certain bosses - the X-Buster will only slightly damage the bosses.
The special weapons can only have their secondary fire mode used when X has the X-Buster upgrade and can charge his X-Buster until he glows purple.

Normal mode weapons

Storm Tornado Storm Tornado Boss: Storm Eagle
The Storm Tornado weapon is gained once you defeat Storm Eagle. This weapon's primary fire will shoot out a long gust of wind which can strike through targets and cause more damage than a regular shot. The blast will either completely destroy the target or damage it and blow it further away from X.

The charge-up fire will create a huge swirling vortex of wind around X and will destroy any targets above or below him.
Storm Tornado
Speed Burner Speed Burner Boss: Flame Stag
The Speed Burner is gained when you defeat Flame Stag. This weapon will fire out a large flame-ball which will scorch any targets it strikes.

The charged-up state is useful, as it will cause X to fly straight ahead a small distance while flaming red, so that any enemies he strikes will be destroyed. This can also be used to reach items normally out of reach or in a dangerous area.
Speed Burner
Shotgun Ice Shotgun Ice Boss: Chill Penguin
The Shotgun Ice weapon is gained after you defeat Chill Penguin. This weapon's primary fire is an ice block which can either damage targets or sometimes freeze enemies. If the block hits an obstacle such as a wall, the block will break and smaller projectiles will reflect back off the wall.

The charged state of the weapon creates a platform which X can ride. Once the platform is created it will slide forward for a limited time.
Shotgun Ice
Electric Spark Electric Spark Boss: Spark Mandrill
The Electric Spark weapon is gained once you defeat Spark Mandrill. The weapon's primary fire will shoot out an electric spark-ball which can damage or electrocute targets.

The charged state of this weapon will fire out two giant walls of electricity either side of X and can destroy any targets they strike through.
Electric Spark

Hard mode weapons

Rolling Shield Rolling Shield Boss: Armored Armadillo
The Rolling Shield is gained after you defeat Armored Armadillo. The primary fire of this weapon shoots out a large blue ball that bounces across the screen until it hits a target. If it hits a wall, it will reflect off it and continue on in the opposite direction.

The charged-up state will create a defensive shield around X. This will protect him against any enemies who try to strike X. Energy projectiles will be deflected, but if a strong solid object strikes the shield it will turn off.
Rolling Shield
Silk Shot Silk Shot Boss: Morph Moth
The Silk Shot is gained once Morph Moth is defeated. This weapon will fire a small ball-shaped projectile which will land on the ground in front of X and shoot out four smaller projectiles in diagonal directions. This can hit any enemy normally out of reach.

The charged-up state will attract a large amount of junk towards X, which will fly out and spread projectiles across the screen once fire is released.
Silk Shot
Magnet Mine Magnet Mine Boss: Magna Centipede
The Magnet Mine is gained once you defeat Magna Centipede. This weapon will fire a small mine-projectile which will continue flying straight forward until it hits something. When it attaches itself so an object, it will detonate after a few seconds.

The charged-up fire will shoot out a small energy ball which will continue to fly through targets once it hits them and cause more damage than a normal shot.
Magnet Mine
Spin Wheel Spin Wheel Boss: Wheel Gator
The Spin Wheel is gained once Wheel Gator is defeated. This weapon will fire out a small metal wheel which will slowly launch away from X and roll through any enemies and cause damage, as well as being able to destroy certain walls.

The charged-up shot will fire out eight energy beams that will fire away from X in a circular fashion.
Spin Wheel