Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters


Many characters make up the detailed plot and interact with the growing storyline. You'll be using Mega Man X for most of the game, along the way you'll meet up with all the characters, good and bad, listed below. Read on for detailed descriptions of each character.

Mega Man X Mega Man X
Mega Man X returns to action, this time he volunteers to enter the Maverick Hunter HQ's Mother Computer to remove the virus that is causing the computer to act strangely. This time though, X must relieve his past as he battles against the first Mavericks he fought and defeated long ago.

With help from Zero and Middy, X is determined to reach the core and defeat the source of the virus - most likely Sigma. As always, X's strong sense of justice and unending dedication to maintaining peace will see him through this mission.
Zero Zero
Zero also returns, this time assisting X but not taking much part in the action. Zero stays at HQ, leaving X to enter the computer and defeat the virus alone. Meanwhile, Zero clears away the Mavericks who have emerged during the confusion caused by the virus, and he helps Middy maintain X's status and position in the computer. The reality of Zero's past and creation take a break during this game.
Dr Light Dr. Light
Dr. Light plays his usual role, waiting in the hidden capsules for X to find. He'll give X new upgrades to help him survive in the heat of battle. The usual four upgrades will be available - as well as a hidden capsule containing two special moves.
Dr Cain Dr. Cain
Dr. Cain makes a few appearances during the game. Usually with Middy, Dr. Cain follows X's status in the computer and assists X by providing him with information and hints to further X's progress.
Middy Middy
Middy is a new Reploid designed to work with computers, and after some time, he became a well-known genius at his work. Allowing X to enter the Mother Computer, Middy maintains X's status and helps him make his way through the heavy data files. Always willing to help the Hunters, Middy has proved to be a reliable and trustworthy ally, although he does have secrets of his own...
Techno Techno
Techno is working with the Mavericks Zain and Geemel to hack into the Mother Computer to cause chaos. He was originally Middy's twin brother, but he was infected with the Maverick Virus and began working for evil. He is under Zain and Geemel's command, and will unquestioningly destroy Middy if he has to. Hidden well within the Maverick's hideout, Techno is well protected, but as all Mavericks, he underestimates X's true power.
Geemel Geemel
Geemel, along with Zain, has managed to hack into the Maverick Hunter's Mother Computer, infecting it with a virus which causes complete chaos and confusion. Using this to their advantage, the two Mavericks have built up a small force of Mavericks and are beginning to attack the world. Too overconfident for their own good, Zain and Geemel are about to find out why Vile, Agile, Serges, Violen, Bit, Byte and several forms of Sigma have all lost against one reploid - Mega Man X.
Zain Zain
Zain is a powerful Maverick working along with Geemel to attempt to succeed where Sigma and many Mavericks before him have failed. A strong and skilled fighter, Zain is eager to battle X and is confident that he can match X's power and crush him, but he underestimates X's power, the usual flaw of the Maverick virus. Zain will battle X more than once before X can reach the core of the Mother Computer.
Sigma Sigma
Sigma returns in his first original form, re-constructed from the past data from the Mother Computer. As the core of the virus causing riot in the computer, Sigma has almost complete control over the system, managing to access Maverick data and effectively revive his long-dead Maverick soldiers.

Not the core leader of the operation, Sigma can only remain inside the computer and wait for X to confront him, where he hopes to crush X once and for all. Sigma's only disadvantage is that he has no new bodies or moves, he'll re-use the same tactics that he used during their first battle in the original Mega Man X.