Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters

Hints and tips

This section deals with some handy hints you might want to know about the game. Some people might consider the information revealed below as spoilers (but most of the other guide sections contain spoilers anyway), so please don't read this section unless you've already been through the game or you're truly in need of assistance. Some information deals with the endings of the game, so read on with care.

X won't be a playable character from the beginning. Save 64 wounded reploids or defeat the eight Mavericks to get him.
You'll begin the game as Axl when escaping Red Alert HQ. When half the stage is finished you'll be playing as Zero in the same stage as the very first Mega Man X game began with.
X and Axl will be able to use Auto Lock-On which means that they automatically lock onto an enemy. If there are many enemies near, you can switch the lock-on to another enemy by pressing the L2 and R2 buttons.
X's new armor is called the Glide Armor which allows him to glide in the air.
Zero will gain new swords to fight with when a specific boss is defeated. These are called the V-Hanger, which is a pair of daggers and the D-Glaive, which is a lance.
Axl will receive new guns to fire with when a specific boss is defeated, such as the Double Bullet which is two guns and the Ray Gun which is a pistol that fires a potent laser beam.
If you finish the game, you can continue in the same save file but you will begin the whole game again. But this time with all the Power-Up Parts and such that you collected before.
There are three endings in the game, one for X, one for Zero and one for Axl.
Save the wounded reploids! They can upgrade your life and weapon energy or give you Power-Up Parts. If they are hit by an enemy, their name will be written in red after the mission which means that they're in fact dead.
Some stages or some parts of the stages will be played in 3D and some on 2D "rails".
Before each stage, you can select two out of three characters (when X is available). By pressing the L2 button in the mission, you can switch between them.
When X is available, you can play as Normal X, Zero, Axl and X in his Glide Armor.
If one of your characters die in a mission, the other one will also die. You cannot play as the other one if the first one dies.
X's Ultimate Armor and Zero's Black Armor cannot be gained in this game.