Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters


Mega Man X7


Mega Man X7 has the same things included in the most recent games and delivers a few new additions. X7 includes a new playable character named Axl, meaning that you can select two characters in every mission. Zero will also be able to gain new blades to fight with.


The world has entered a new century and the Mavericks have gone berserk. They are not fought and defeated as effectively as they were before. The reason of this is that Maverick Hunter Mega Man X has retired from his position and is now working together with Alia and Signas behind his partner Zero as he goes out on missions.

Zero though, is not as effective as he was together with X. Because of X's retirement, the Maverick Hunters have become less effective in fighting Mavericks. Another Maverick Hunter team, Red Alert, saw their chance to prove what they could really perform. The Mavericks were once again defeated.

One day, when Zero was inspecting the highway from where the first Mega Man X game began, he found a young teenage reploid named Axl, escaping Red Alert. Zero took him to Maverick Hunter HQ because he had damaged the town greatly by his escape.

There, Axl met a furious Mega Man X who told him that he didn't understand what he had done. Suddenly, a message from Red Alert's charismatic leader Red showed up on-screen. Red demanded to get Axl back, while Axl refused.

Red decided to make a deal with the Maverick Hunters. He sends out eight powerful Mavericks to show who the real Maverick Hunters are. Red suggested that if the Maverick Hunters cannot defeat the Mavericks, then Red Alert will get Axl back. But if the Maverick Hunters do defeat the Mavericks, he will leave the outcome to their imagination.

Game specifications

Mega Man X7 takes Mega Man X over to a whole new platform, PlayStation 2. The new sounds and gameplay are exactly the same with once difference, you can play with three characters and you can play some parts of the game in 3D.

The game also includes a new armor for X and eight brand new Mavericks to fight. Another new component in the game is that each character has an English voice actor. As in X6, you are able to save wounded reploids spread out in the stages. If you save them, they can give you Power-Up Parts (2 in each stage), they can upgrade your life energy and weapon energy, and they can also give extra lives.

The last thing which makes the game more enjoyable is that if you finish the game, you can continue on the same file, but this time you'll have all the Power-Up Parts that you collected before.

In-game introduction

-- Sometime in the 22nd century... Thanks to the Reploids, even the most devastated regions were set back on the road to recovery. But crimes perpetrated by "Mavericks" were on the rise. The "Maverick Hunters" was the official organization that responded to incidents involving Mavericks. One of the veteran members, X, began having second thoughts about the group's forceful methods. He removed himself from the front lines, and instead worked to achieve more peaceful solutions.

X: Why must Reploids fight one another? I've had enough violence.

With the Maverick Hunters crippled by X's retirement, an underground organization filled the vacuum. And thus Red Alert, the illegal band of bounty hunters who pursued Mavericks, was born. Soon there was not a single Reploid that had not heard of Red Alert and their charismatic leader, Red. One day, a young Reploid, and key member of Red Alert, made the decision to leave the group. This decision would change destiny itself.

Axl: "Goodbye, Red... I'll become a Hunter on my own..."

And thus a new battle began. --

Release dates:

Jul 17, 2003
Oct 14, 2003
Mar 5, 2004


  • Capcom

CD media:

  • 1 disc

Original platform:

  • Sony PlayStation 2

Note: All Mega Man X7 guides were originally written by Shadow Zero and edited for use on this website.