Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters


Many characters make up the detailed plot and interact with the growing storyline. You'll be using Mega Man X for the entire game as well as Zero for short periods, along the way you'll meet up with all the characters, good and bad, listed below. Read on for detailed descriptions of each character.

Mega Man X Mega Man X
Reploid leader of the 17th Unit, Maverick Hunters. His creation is shrouded in mystery; nobody knows why he was built and then buried. X is famous among Maverick Hunters for defeating Sigma twice and leading to its ultimate demise. X understands his role, and believes deeply in the need to protect reploids and humans alike. But he has an inner conflict about fighting and violence. It is up to X and Zero to locate and destroy Dr Doppler before all is lost.
Zero Zero
Zero is Mega Man X's best friend and partner. His creation is a mystery as well, yet many rumors and much speculation have arisen. Recently destroyed to protect X against the maverick Vile, Zero has been revived to continue the aid he has offered X in the past. Once part of the 17th Unit, Maverick Hunters, Zero now leads a Special #0 Class Unit. Always cool and calm, Zero takes quick action against the evil forces he hates so much.
Dr Cain Dr. Cain
Dr. Cain is the main core advisor of the Maverick Hunters. He was the one who found X encased in the capsule, and was the one who began the construction of the new reploids. Deeply concerned about the current situation, he will provide X and Zero with as much information as possible about the Mavericks to ensure X and Zero's ultimate victory.
Dr Light Dr. Light
Dr. Light is the mysterious creator of X. Once again he will be found in the secret capsules found throughout the stages of the game. He will provide X with new upgrades for his armor to greatly enhance his components and give him further advantages over the Mavericks.
Mac Mac
Mac is a service reploid in operation at the Maverick Hunter headquarters. When the Doppler force invaded the HQ, he was captured and infected with the Maverick virus. Now he lies in wait of Mega Man X and has been programmed to exterminate any resistance to the Mavericks.
Bit Bit
Bit is one of Doppler's loyal henchmen. Created by Doppler for high-performance missions, Bit has a destructive mind and will follow orders closely. Bent on the destruction of humans and Reploids who stand in his way, Bit is built for war and has been programmed to destroy Mega Man X and Zero.
Byte Byte
Byte is Bit's larger partner. Also built for war, Byte has massive destructive power and is extremely confident in his ability to destroy Mega Man X. To confront Doppler, X must first deal with Bit and Byte.
Vile Vile MK-2
Once a top henchman for Sigma, Vile was destroyed at the hands of Mega Man X and Zero. When Doppler became virus-infected, his first move was to revive Vile. When Vile became infected with the same computer virus it went completely nuts. Doppler could not control Vile. Vile went on a rampage, and has become so striken with hatred for Mega Man X and Zero, and is waiting for the right moment to attack them for his revenge.
Dr Doppler Dr. Doppler
A scientist reploid created to support humans in creation of reploids. Equipped with a high-performance neuro-computer, Doppler was instrumental in determining the cause of the recent Maverick outbreak. His anti-virus program was revolutionary and once again brought peace to the world.

Re-programmed to build a utopian world called DopplerTown where humans and reploids lived in harmony, he grew too quickly and became infected with the same virus he was believed to remedy. Doppler incited a new Maverick outbreak and created chaos in DopplerTown. He changed his computer body into one geared for battle and gathered all the reploids in his first move in war against humans.
Sigma Sigma
Sigma has returned again, this time by infecting Dr. Doppler with the Maverick virus and then slowly building up his army. Once infected, Doppler secretly created new war bodies for Sigma to posses and use to rule the world. Once again at the helm of the Mavericks, Sigma's true form has been discovered to be that of a computer virus and the cause of all the Mavericks.

Sigma knows that X and Zero are after him, but he cannot wait for the moment where he can finally attempt to destroy Mega Man X, but he still underestimates the power X has. The destruction of Sigma is now more important than ever, as if the Sigma virus is destroyed, the Maverick revolt will end forever.