Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters

Items Guide

The item list shows where all the special items are to be found and how they can help out X. The list includes the locations of the energy hearts in each levels, the four sub-tanks, the four body upgrades and the secret Fireball weapon. Energy hearts will allow X to hold more energy, making him stronger and able to survive longer in battle. There are eight in total to find.

Sub-Tanks will allow X to store energy to be used during battle if his energy is low. They are important and very useful. There are four in total. The body upgrades will allow X to become much stronger and able to perform special abilities.

Energy hearts
Wire Sponge stage The first heart can be found in Wire Sponge's stage. This heart is by far the most easiest to find and reach. When you begin the level, climb up the wall to the left of the screen and just above X's health display is a tiny hidden room where the heart is hiding.
Wheel Gator stage The second heart is in Wheel Gator's stage. Just after you climb up the ladder after using the armored carrier and making your way under the tank, you will see this heart up on ledge which has spikes on the wall. You will need the Speed Burner and X-Buster upgrade to reach this.

Stand on the raised platform to the right of the heart and then charge up the Speed Burner. Before releasing fire, jump up as high as you can to the left and then release fire. X will fly across the screen towards the heart. If he drops too early, try to use the edge of the platform to jump up to the heart.
Flame Stag stage The third heart is in Flame Stag's stage. When you come to the area where the lava rises and you must climb up the walls to evade it, you will notice this heart on the left of the screen as you ascend. A door will close over it. As you are jumping up the walls charge up the X-Buster and quickly destroy the wall. Dash and grab the heart and then quickly dash out of the small room and up the wall to evade the lava.
Morph Moth stage The fourth heart is in Morph Moth's stage. You will need the Crystal Hunter to reach this. At the start of the stage, you will find an enemy with a shield just outside the large building. Shoot his shield so it flies up and then shoot him with the Crystal Hunter to freeze him. Jump on top of him and then jump to the right to grab onto the wall of the building. Climb up the wall to find the heart.
Magna Centipede stage The fifth heart is in Magna Centipede's stage. You will need the Speed Burner and X-Buster upgrade to reach this. At the start of the level where there are two of the yellow spotlights covering an area, dodge the lights so that the gun turrets will not fall down.

You will notice that the second turret of this area is below an opening in the roof. Use the charged-up Speed Burner to grab onto the right side of the turret and then scale the wall to find this heart.
Crystal Snail stage The sixth heart is in Crystal Snail's stage. This heart is difficult to reach successfully. You may need the Strike Chain to reach this. At the start of the stage when you find the armored carrier, jump back to the left where there is a large hole. Jump down the hole and hold left to land on a lower platform.

There will be a large hole to the left of you. Charge and jump off the left side of the platform and hover in the air until the carrier begins to fall, and then jump out of it and fly to the left. If you can't make it to the platform, use the Strike Chain to grab onto the wall and pull yourself to the heart. This one might take a few tries to reach.
Overdrive Ostrich stage The seventh heart is in Overdrive Ostrich's stage. This one will also take a while to reach. Near the end of the level you will see the heart on a ledge covered in spikes with some other powerups.

There are two ways to reach this heart. One way is to successfully drive the hover bike you get earlier up to the ledge and turn around to reach the heart and miss the spike wall, or you could use the charged-up Speed Burner to reach it. You'll lose a life this way, but you'll get the heart.
Bubble Crab stage The eighth heart is in Bubble Crab's stage. Near the start of the level wait for the large fish to open the floor and continue on into the level. Jump up to the large wall where the door was and once at the top, jump off to the left and you should see two vertical platforms floating up and down in the water. Grab on to one and jump up to find the heart.
Wire Sponge stage The first sub-tank is in Wire Sponge's stage. Near the start of the stage you will find vertical platforms rising and lowering above a bed of spikes. Jump on top of the first platform and then jump off on to the wall to the left. Jump up the wall and then onto the large platform in the air. Continue on to the right to find the sub-tank.
Flame Stag stage The second sub-tank is in Flame Stag's stage. Near the start of the level you will find the large beetle-shaped enemy that charges at the wall and destroys certain parts of the wall. Jump on to the flat part of its back and then wait for it to bring you up to the top of the screen. Jump to the left onto the high-up platform to find the sub-tank.
Magna Centipede stage The third sub-tank is in Magna Centipede's stage. You will need the Speed Burner and X-Buster upgrade for this. In the area where the large blocks move around, go to the last part where three rows of two blocks will fall down and stack on top of each other. Dash past them before they all fall and charge up your weapon.

When you see the last block, jump on it and wait for it to move to the right. Before it falls down the hole jump to the right and release fire so that X flies across and grabs onto the wall. Jump up to the opening in the roof to find the sub-tank.
Bubble Crab stage The fourth sub-tank is in Bubble Crab's stage. You will need the Bubble Splash weapon and the X-Buster upgrade. In the long flat rocky area underwater where the giant fish passes, destroy any of the jellyfish around and charge up the Bubble Splash. Release fire and bubbles will begin to fly around X. Jump up high out of the water and you will see the sub-tank to the left.

Body upgrades

Armor Upgrade Armor Upgrade Stage: Morph Moth
The Armor upgrade is found in Morph Moth's stage. You will need the Spin Wheel to find this. Near the start of the stage just after the first room with the magnetic roof will be a small elevated ledge leading to the next magnetic room.

At the foot of the ledge on the left side, use the Spin Wheel and it will begin to break open a hole in the ground. Keep digging down to find the capsule. The Armor upgrade will give X the G-Crush weapon.

This upgrade will absorb damage taken from enemies and convert it into weapon energy. The G-Crush can be selected from the menu screen and used the same way as a normal special weapon.
Morph Moth stage
Helmet Upgrade Helmet Upgrade Stage: Crystal Snail
The helmet upgrade is found in Crystal Snail's stage. In the area where there is a lot of slanted platforms and many of the bat-type enemies flying around, slide down a large hole and on the left just before the bottom of the hole you will see an opening.

Continue down the tunnel to find the upgrade. The helmet upgrade will give X a new sensor device which can be selected from the menu screen.

This device once activated will send out a large cross-hair which will target secret openings not normally seen where hidden items can be found.
Crystal Snail stage
Boots Upgrade Boots Upgrade Stage: Overdrive Ostrich
The boots upgrade is found in Overdrive Ostrich's stage. Just before the end of the stage you will see a dark colored wall on a ledge to the right above the last door of the stage. Use the Spin Wheel to destroy the wall to find the capsule.

This upgrade will allow X to perform a dash in mid-air. To use it, jump and then press left or right and A.
Overdrive Ostrich stage
X-Buster Upgrade X-Buster Upgrade Stage: Wheel Gator
The X-Buster upgrade is found in Wheel Gator's stage. You will need the Leg upgrade to find this one. Near the start of the stage you will notice and area with an opening in the ceiling. Jump onto the wall to the right of the opening and use the mid-air dash to reach the small protruding wall and climb up the opening to find the capsule.

This upgrade will allow X to fire off two stronger shots and will also allow him to charge up the special weapons.
Wheel Gator stage
Dragon Punch Dragon Punch Stage: Sigma Stage 3
The Dragon Punch weapon is much like Ryu's Dragon Punch attack from the Street Fighter games. This weapon can be used to either completely destroy a target in one shot or heavily damage one. It is found in the third stage of Sigma's fortress.

Just after the area with the elevator that you must jump around one to successfully take you up the shaft, you will eventually see two ladders, one leading up and the other down. Use the elevator to reach the upper ladder and continue on. Finding the weapon will be difficult. You will need to use mid-air dashes and the charged-up Speed Burner to avoid the spikes in the next room.

Once you make it past them there will be a long shaft leading down. Slide down the left wall and eventually you will enter a secret room with the capsule. To use this weapon, you must have full power and be using the X-Buster. To fire it off, press forward, down, forward and then fire. This might take a while to get used to but it can be done.
Sigma Stage 3