Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters


Many characters make up the detailed plot and interact with the growing storyline. You'll be using Mega Man X for the entire game, along the way you'll meet up with all the characters, good and bad, listed below. Read on for detailed descriptions of each character.

Mega Man X Mega Man X
Mega Man X is back, and this time he must face up to the new "X-Hunters," who are the few remaining Mavericks capable of leading the revolt and reviving Sigma. X also has a new mission, to locate his partner Zero's parts and successfully revive his long lost friend.

As Zero died protecting X, he believes that he owes it to Zero to revive him, so that the two can be re-united again and so that Zero can continue assisting the Maverick Hunters. Still unsure about his true purpose, X only knows now that his primary role is that of the destruction of the Mavericks and to ensure the safety of the world.
Zero Zero
Sacrificing himself to save X before X's first conflict with Sigma, Zero managed to allow X to destroy the Maverick Vile but at the cost of his own life. This was not the end of Zero, though. Mega Man X now has a mission to find Zero's parts and re-claim them from the X-Hunters, who plan to rebuild Zero themselves and use him as a Maverick against the humans and Reploids. X must find and defeat each of the X-Hunters quickly to regain the parts, otherwise he may have to face Zero in battle...
Dr Light Dr. Light
Dr. Light can be found waiting in the hidden capsules scattered throughout the stages of the game and will assist X by giving him new upgrades for his body armor to assist him greatly in battle and give him a higher chance of victory against the Mavericks. Still unknown to all, Dr. Light's reason for creating X is a mystery, even to X himself, but X almost feels as if Dr. Light is his own father.
Dr Cain Dr. Cain
Dr. Cain makes his first appearance in this game, and is quite useful to X. He will provide X with information about the mysterious X-Hunters and will gladly rebuild Zero for X if he can find all of his parts. Watching over from the Maverick Hunter HQ, Dr. Cain is confident in X's abilities, but is also unsure of his purpose in life, but he'll ensure that Dr. Light's creation is kept in good hands.
Serges Serges
Serges is one of the powerful members of the three X-Hunters. He often jumps to conclusions and believes that he can crush X in the war against the humans. He is open about his feelings and sometimes does things without thinking, giving himself a disadvantage. Serges plans to rebuild Zero as a Maverick, so X must stop him before he can do so. Serges protects Zero Part No. 1.
Violen Violen
Violen is one of the three X-Hunters bent on destroying Mega Man X. He is one of the last remaining Mavericks under the command of their leader Sigma. He, along with the other two X-Hunters, is planning to rebuild Zero to use against the Maverick Hunters and the humans. A huge and powerful Reploid, Violen protects Zero Part No. 2.
Agile Agile
Agile appears to be the leader of the X-Hunters, always calm and ready for battle at any time. Strong and built for war, Agile is almost certain that X is no match for him, and looks forward to meeting X in person. He is the brains behind the X-Hunters and there are few who stand up to him and live to speak about it. A quick and sleek fighter, Agile protects Zero Part No. 3.
Sigma Sigma
Sigma is back, and is stronger than ever since his last battle with X. He is the mastermind behind the plan to rebuild Zero to use him as a Maverick against X. Bent on destroying all humans and crushing all Reploids that stand in his way, Sigma is planning to rebuild his army to crush the Maverick Hunters once and for all.

Secretly building his forces in a new hidden base, Sigma believes that he now has a huge advantage over X, and likes the idea of turning Zero against him. X has no idea that Sigma has been revived, all he knows of is the mysterious X-Hunters, although Sigma still underestimates X and does not understand his true purpose or power.