Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters

Weapons Guide

Mega Man will gain a new weapon each time you defeat one of the eight stage bosses. Each of the weapons will have powers similar to the boss which it was gained from. The weapons can be used for different situations in certain areas of some stages and most importantly each one is the weakness of a certain boss encountered in the game.

Mega Buster Mega Buster Gained from: N/A
The Mega Buster is Mega Man's primary weapon. You will have this weapon from the start of the game. Apart from the standard yellow energy beam that fires from the gun, if you charge the weapon by holding fire, when Mega Man glows blue, a small burst of energy will fire out which causes more damage to targets.

If you charge it for longer, Mega Man will glow green and fire out a larger energy beam which causes the maximum amount of damage to a target that the Mega Buster can inflict.
Mega Buster
Danger Wrap Danger Wrap Boss: Burst Man
The Danger Wrap is gained once you defeat Burst Man. This weapon will shoot out a bomb encased in a small bubble which will float out and up into the air and will explode once it hits a target or a wall. This weapon can be used to encase some enemies inside the bubble and be damaged by the blast from the exploding bomb. Danger Wrap
Thunder Bolt Thunder Bolt Boss: Cloud Man
The Thunder Bolt is gained after Cloud Man is defeated. This weapon will fire out a large sphere of electricity which will separate and two sparks will fly up and down if it hits a wall or target. This weapon can be used to electrocute enemies and activate electrical control panels in Junk Man's stage. Thunder Bolt
Junk Shield Junk Shield Boss: Junk Man
The Junk Shield is gained after you defeat Junk Man. This powerup is not a projectile weapon, but will create a deflector shield around Mega Man. The floating pieces will protect Mega Man from some attacks from enemies, but it will be destroyed if it takes too many hits. The shield parts floating around Mega Man will damage enemies if they strike them. Junk Shield
Freeze Cracker Freeze Cracker Boss: Freeze Man
The Freeze Cracker is gained after you defeat Freeze Man. This weapon will fire out an ice block which will explode and fire out smaller blocks of ice if it hits a wall, and can also freeze some enemies and other targets on impact. Freeze Cracker
Slash Claw Slash Claw Boss: Slash Man
The Slash Claw is gained once you defeat Slash Man. This weapon will allow Mega Man to slash at enemies close by to slice them apart. The weapon's range is only small, but it can produce a heavy blow to certain enemies who are weak against it. Slash Claw
Wild Coil Wild Coil Boss: Spring Man
The Wild Coil is gained once Spring Man is defeated. The Wild Coil will fire out two springs which will bounce out from Mega Man, one forward and the other behind Mega Man. If the weapon is charged up, larger springs will bounce out from Mega Man and will bounce higher than normal shots. Wild Coil
Noise Crush Noise Crush Boss: Shade Man
The Noise Crush is gained after you defeat Shade Man. This weapon will fire out a sound wave which can damage certain enemies. If the sound wave hits a wall it will bounce back in the opposite direction.

If it bounces back and hits Mega Man, he will glow green indicating that the weapon is charged up. When you fire the weapon, it will shoot out a larger, more powerful sound wave.
Noise Crush
Scorch Wheel Scorch Wheel Boss: Turbo Man
The Scorch Wheel is gained once you defeat Turbo Man. This weapon will fire out four fireballs which will spin out in a circular fashion and fly forward. Firing while jumping will take some practice, but if the weapon hits a target or enemy it will burn. This weapon can be used to burn certain objects as well as enemies. Scorch Wheel