Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters

Items Guide

Listed here are the many hidden items throughout the game. Each one can greatly help out Mega Man and Rush and are definitely worth looking for. You can also buy items at Auto's shop, enter it by pressing Select on the boss selection screen. You'll need to gather up bolts throughout each stage to pay for items. Further down are the items found in certain stages. Also note that the stronger items in Auto's shop can be found hidden in some stages.

Auto's Shop
Extra Life Extra Life
Cost: 40 Bolts
This will give you an extra life.
Energy Tank Energy Tank
Cost: 60 Bolts
This will allow you to fully regain your energy when in a level.
Weapon Tank Weapon Tank
Cost: 100 Bolts
This will allow you to fully refill all of your special weapon's energy.
Beat Beat
Cost: 80 Bolts
Beat will come and rescue you if you fall down a hole.
Exit Part Exit Part
Cost: 200 Bolts
This device will allow you to exit a stage that you have defeated a boss in.
Auto's screw Auto's Screw Auto's screw can be found in Spring Man's stage. In the area where the black boxes shoot out large bouncing jack-in-the box type objects, jump up the top left corner of the area using the Super Adapt. The box up there will destroy the wall to the left when it hits it.

Go into the secret room and you will find the screw. This will make all of the items at Auto's shop half their original price and will make the following five new items available.
Super Can Super Can
Cost: 80 Bolts
This will allow you to refill both your energy and all of your special weapon's energy to maximum.
Rush Jet Rush Jet
Cost: 120 Bolts
This will allow Rush to become a jet and carry Mega Man over dangerous areas.
Rush Search Rush Search
Cost: 120 Bolts
Rush can search the ground near Mega Man to see if any special powerups are hidden below.
Energy Equalizer Energy Equalizer
Cost: 240 Bolts
This will allow the weapon with the lowest energy to be refilled when you find a weapon refill capsule.
Hyper Rocket Buster Hyper Rocket Buster
Cost: 100 Bolts
This will allow Mega Man to fire off a longer shot with the charged-up shot when using the Super Adapt. It will also home in on enemies.
Exit Part
Freeze Man stage The Exit Part is found in Freeze Man's stage. You will need Rush Search to find this. It is found just outside Freeze Man's room. On the raised platform just before the one with the door to Freeze Man's room, use the Rush Search and if Rush begins to bark, it means he has found something special. He will then dig up the Exit Part. This item can be used from the menu screen and will allow Mega Man to leave a level from any point if he has defeated the level boss.
Energy Equalizer
Shade Man stage The Energy Equalizer is found in Shade Man's stage. You will again need Rush Search to find this. When you have to fight the pumpkin robot near the middle of the level, instead of shooting the core of it when it opens to destroy it, shoot the eyes of the outer shell when it is closed to destroy it. You will notice the eyes will flash when you hit them, indicating that it is taking damage.

Keep shooting it until it explodes and it will blow open the right wall. Continue on and when you find a large painting of Dr Wily in the background, use Rush Search under it to find the item. This item will refill the weapon with the lowest energy when you are using the Mega Buster or a special weapon that has full power and find a weapon refill capsule.
Hyper Rocket Buster
Turbo Man stage The Hyper Rocket Buster is found in Turbo Man's stage. Again, you will need Rush Search to find it. When you come to the area where there is a long ladder leading up and to the left of it are platforms attached to the wall that look like traffic lights, jump off the ladder from the top and land on the bottom platform. Destroy the enemy there and pick up the energy capsule. Use Rush Search to find the item. The Hyper Rocket Buster will allow a charged shot while using the Super Adapt to home-in on targets and destroy them.
Shade Man stage To find the Protoshield, you will need to find Protoman in two locations. The first one is in Cloud Man's stage. When you come across a ladder leading up that is too high to reach, use the Rush Coil to jump up to it and climb up into a small room where you will meet Protoman. The second location is in Turbo Man's stage near the location of the Rocket Buster Upgrade.

At the top of the long ladder but still in the large room with the traffic-light platforms, jump off the ladder and hold right to walk through the wall and meet Protoman again. Then go to Shade Man's stage and destroy the pumpkin robot the normal way by shooting the core.

Go down, and then walk to the right wall of the room and you will walk through it and find another room. Continue on and you will meet Protoman, who will then battle you. Beat him to receive the Protoshield. This item can allow Mega Man to be protected from some energy blasts.
Slash Man stage Beat is found in Slash Man's stage. You will need the Scorch Wheel to find this item. When you reach the area with the large trees with the snakes wrapped around the trunks, go to the farthest one on the right and use the Scorch Wheel on it. The tree will burn and reveal a hidden ladder behind it. Use the Shield Adapt or the Rush Coil to reach the ladder and continue on.

You will find a bird trapped in a cage in a small room. Use a charged shot of the Mega Buster to break the bird out. Beat will help Mega Man by rescuing him if he falls down a hole. When Beat comes down and picks Mega Man up, hold left or right to pull him away from the hole. You can only use this item four times.

Rush Power-Ups

The Rush items will harness Rush's abilities and allow him to assist Mega Man in many areas of the game. All of Rush's items are limited except the Super Adapt, which will not run out of energy when you use it.

Rush Coil
Rush Coil You will begin the game with Rush Coil. This item will allow Mega Man to jump to higher places by jumping on Rush's back and then jumping higher from his jump-coil.
Rush Search
Freeze Man stage Rush Search is found in Freeze Man's stage. It is in clear view on top of a high platform, accessible by jumping across other platforms high up in the screen. Rush Search will allow Mega Man to find different items in the ground, including powerup items such as energy and weapon tanks, plus other special items.
Rush Jet
Junk Man stage You will need the Thunder Bolt weapon to find the Rush Jet. In Junk Man's stage, you will find an area with a large platform attached to what looks like a chain in the background. A small control panel will sit on the ground near the platform and is easily seen. Shoot the panel with the Thunder Bolt to make the platform begin moving.

Climb up the ladders and you will find the Rush Jet which has now been uncovered from one of the platforms. The Rush Jet will allow Mega Man to ride on Rush's back as he flies across the screen and will keep flying until he hits something. You can control the jet by pushing up or down.
Super Adapt/Rocket Buster
RUSH metal plates To find the Super Adapt, you will need to locate the four Rush circuit plates, each with the letters R, U, S and H on them. They are all found in the first four levels of the game.

R - This plate is found in Burst Man's stage. It is easy to find, as you will see it while proceeding through the area where the water rises and falls above the spikes.

U - This plate is in Cloud Man's stage. When you come to the area where you can't see the platforms in the sky unless they are near Mega Man, keep going until you find a platform above him. Use the Rush Coil to jump up to it and climb up it. There will be an extra life above on the right and the U plate will be on the left.

S - This is in Junk Man's stage. You will need the Freeze Cracker to find this. When you find the lava waterfall in the level, shoot it with the Freeze Cracker and it will freeze and then crumble. Walk through to find a secret passage and a ladder. Climb down and shoot the next lava waterfall to find the S plate.

H - This one is in Freeze Man's stage. When you find the area where there are two ladders, one going down and the other up, use the Rush Coil to jump up to the upper ladder and climb up it. You will see the plate on a ledge high above, so jump up the platforms or use the Rush Coil to reach it.

The Super Adapt will allow Mega Man and Rush to combine, giving Mega Man the ability to use a rocket boost when in the air to allow him to fly up to some areas, and will also allow him to fire out his fist when using a charged shot. The only disadvantage is that Mega Man can't slide while using the Super Adapt.