Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters


Mega Man Xtreme 2


Continuing the action on the Game Boy Color, Mega Man Xtreme 2 brings back the action that Xtreme had, as well as new features and a unique storyline for X and Zero. Unlike the previous title, you'll be able to play as either X or Zero for the entire game, utilizing new parts, weapons and techniques to defeat the Maverick threat.


Some time between the events occurring in the main series, the Maverick Hunters have hired a new temporary recruit, a familiar Repliforce member known as Iris. Before the events of Mega Man X4, Iris joined up with the Hunters for her first round of field experience, and she couldn't have picked a better time for that.

During a routine check of the Research Laboratory on a remote island, the Hunters have discovered unusual events occurring there.

It appears that many of the worker Reploids have shut down for no apparent reason. The island has become a desolate, dead place with all the Reploids ceasing to function, so X and Zero are dispatched to investigate.

On their arrival, they discover that the readouts were correct, all the Reploids have shut down and are all lifeless, empty shells. It almost seems as though their memory banks were sucked out of them.

They soon discover that many of the Reploids have indeed lost their memories, or 'DNA' Souls. Many of them had been replaced with the Maverick Virus, so it seemed for sure that the Mavericks were behind this deed. Not really knowing for sure what they're up against, X and Zero head deeper into the heart of the island to find the source of the trouble, and namely the Mavericks behind it.

Along the way, Iris will help guide them through the mazes of laboratories and facilities, as X and Zero will need all the help they can get to get to the source of the problem.

Game specifications

You'll take control of X or Zero on their quest to find the Mavericks responsible for the loss of all the worker Reploids. Along the way you'll have to battle through eight familiar stages, each reconstructed ones from past battles, including resurrected Mavericks once long-dead, now back for more. Iris will pipe in often to inform you of the current situation, and offer helpful tips along the way.

This game has two modes, one for X and one for Zero, as well as a third Extreme mode, only accessible once you'll played through the game with X and Zero. New parts, weapons and upgrades will be available, all needed to successfully defeat all the Mavericks you'll encounter.

You'll have to battle your way past the eight resurrected Mavericks before confronting the new menace, in the form of two new Mavericks, bent on fulfilling their masters wishes, and both waiting eagerly for their chance to defeat X and Zero. Behind them is the answer to the reason for their stealing of Reploid DNA Souls, as well as their master, awaiting the final battle...

In-game introduction

-- For some unknown reason, the programs of Reploids are suddenly erased. The Reploids stopped moving and almost seemed like they had become hollow shells. This phenomenon was named "ERASURE" and began to frighten the Reploids...

"Laguz Island" in the Southern Ocean. Here is where the Reploid Research Laboratory is located. One day, the readings of Reploids had instantly vanished. A lot of Reploids were erased! What happened in this island...?

Maverick Hunters, X and Zero received the orders and head into action! --

Release dates:

Jul 19, 2001
Nov 2001
Feb 8, 2002


  • Capcom

Cart size:

  • 8 megabits

Original platform:

  • Game Boy Color