Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters


Mega Man X6


Expanding the series into its sixth episode, Mega Man X6 retains all the action and adventure of the previous games, as well as introducing entire new systems of gameplay, including new bosses, characters, weapons and armor suits - as well as a new threat for the Maverick Hunters.


Three weeks have passed since the devastating Eurasia incident which left the Earth severely damaged and in dire need of repair. While the humans wait underground for their battered planet to be restored, the Reploids begin to work to recover the damage Sigma and the Mavericks caused.

Mega Man X, leading the Maverick Hunters, has begun to work towards bringing Dr. Light's dreams to reality, to rebuild the Earth so that the Reploids and humans can co-exist in peace.

Grieving for the loss of Zero, his best friend and partner, at the hands of Sigma in their last battle, X is devoted to keeping the memory of Zero and all that he fought for alive in his heart. It seems as though Sigma has been destroyed for sure after wasting the Maverick virus by spreading it all over the planet, but all is still uncertain.

During a routine repair operation on a ruined building, a large worker mechaniloid has unexpectedly gone berserk and is running out of control. Alia, receiving the call for help, signals X to investigate. As X heads out to find the worker mechaniloid, little does he realize that this is only the beginning of a new threat, one caused by the mysteries of Zero's mechanical body.

Gate, a highly intelligent Reploid scientist, has been infected by a dangerous form of the Maverick virus through Zero's DNA found at the crash site of Eurasia, and has begun to cause chaos everywhere.

Claiming to be creating a Reploid-only utopia, Gate begins to take over key areas of the globe, all the while using Zero's DNA to create stronger Reploids, ones with such strength as the world has never seen. X must now stop Gate's evil plans, but along the way he'll be keeping an eye out for any signal coming from Zero, his disappearance may not have meant his death...

Game specifications

Mega Man X6 continues the action not long after the events of X5. The magnificent graphics, sound and gameplay already made famous in X4 & X5 are back, this time a load of new features will be making an appearance as well.

The new Nightmare System is one, in which stages will affect each other by causing changes to occur throughout the stages, certain stages will also have randomized sub-level areas.

A new Reploid rescue system is another feature, where rescuing trapped Reploids in each stage will sometimes grant you new Power-up parts. The bosses encountered in the game will be the toughest yet, especially Gate's personal henchmen. A new Hunter Ranking system, new armor suits, stages, bosses, characters and more make this the most challenging and longest X game yet!

You'll need all the skill you've gained from the previous games to stop the Nightmare, as well as Gate's hideous plans for world domination. And along the way, a surprise bonus will be waiting to be discovered, one that makes the game much more enjoyable, and reduces Gate's chances of succeeding...

In-game introduction

-- Three weeks ago... The Space Colony "Eurasia," was taken over by Sigma. Sigma hired a mysterious Reploid, "Dynamo". Dynamo led the Eurasia into orbit toward the Earth... Thus beginning the tragic Earth Crisis.

Maverick Hunter..ZERO. Taking the Earth's destiny into his own hands, one Reploid made a crash attack against the furious Space Colony... It was a successful attack, and the Space Colony was destroyed. But, although the Earth was saved, the huge explosion seriously damaged it.

As for the battle against Sigma... X and Zero defeated Sigma and narrowly escaped with their lives, however... Only one would return from the battle. A blue light... X, still gripping a familiar Saber in his hand. Three weeks later, at present... There is so much pollution on the ruined Earth from the explosion that the Reploids can barely work. And... A man is... --

Release dates:

Nov 29, 2001
Dec 4, 2001
Feb 8, 2002


  • Capcom

CD media:

  • 1 disc

Original platform:

  • Sony PlayStation