Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters


Mega Man X2


Mega Man X2 continues the legacy not long after Sigma's first defeat at the hands of one Reploid - X. Introducing new bosses, weapons and more challenging gameplay, X2 retains all that made the first game great, as well as enhanced graphics made possible by the special C4 chip installed into the game's cartridge.


Not long after Sigma's first defeat, the world heralded Mega Man X as their hero. Still grieving at the loss of Zero, X's best friend and partner at the hands of Vile, X begins to work with Dr. Cain and the new Maverick Hunters to ensure peace for all humans and reploids. As time goes by, X becomes stronger and assists the Maverick Hunters to develop into a huge fighting force capable of defending the innocent from all evil.

During this time, the Hunters have begun to track down all the remaining Maverick reploids and their factories as without their leader Sigma, it seems the Maverick's can't regain their power and numbers.

Although it seems the Mavericks are beginning to become extinct, three mysterious Mavericks calling themselves the "X-Hunters" have appeared and are plotting to resurrect the Maverick force to succeed where Sigma failed. As the game begins, X heads out to one of the final Maverick factories, hoping to wipe them out for good, but little does he know that the real battle is about to begin...

Game specifications

Taking control of X during the game, you'll have to guide him through eight stages of mayhem, searching for the hidden X-Hunters, as well as the special robot parts they carry which if recovered can rebuild Zero. X will be up against eight new Maverick leaders, stronger and faster than the previous Maverick's X has already battled. You'll gain special weapons from defeated bosses, and eight energy hearts are hidden waiting in each stage, as well as four subtanks vital to your success.

Dr. Light's capsule upgrades will give X new abilities including the awesome G-Crush ability, making X a true force to be reckoned with. Each X-Hunter are as powerful as each other, and will persist in taking X down often during the game, but once they're out of the way, you'll uncover their true plans regarding the Mavericks, as well as Zero.

The special C4 chip allows the game to run smoother, as well as having much more action on-screen, so be ready for a fast-paced adventure where old foes hide behind the veil of secrecy, preparing to strike when the time is right.

In-game introduction

-- It has been six months since the destruction of Sigma and little has changed. The Maverick revolt started by Sigma is over, but Mega Man X and the new generation of Maverick Hunters have yet to destroy all of Sigma's followers.

Lead by information gained by Dr Cain, Mega Man X and the rest of the Hunters have tracked the last of the Mavericks to an abandoned reploid factory.

There they hope to wipe out the last of the resistance.

Little do they suspect that real war is about to begin... --

Release dates:

Dec 16, 1994
Jan 1995
Oct 1995


  • Capcom

Cart size:

  • 16 megabits

Original platform:

  • Super Nintendo