Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters


Mega Man 8


Bringing the original series onto the Playstation, Mega Man 8 introduces stunning new graphics, sound and gameplay. Along for the ride are all of Mega Man's pals, as he undertakes a new quest to stop Dr. Wily's world domination plans. Retaining all of the fun and enjoyment of the previous games, this game is an instant classic!


After Mega Man's previous quest saw the introduction of Bass and Treble, Dr. Wily's new robotic rivals of Mega Man, the threat of Wily's world domination plans intensified. Dr. Wily escaped during his previous battle against Mega Man and has begun to build up his army again.

Designing and constructing a new secret castle hidden under the depths of a volcano, Wily began to formulate new plans for the destruction of Mega Man. While out on patrol for Mega Man, Bass finds him and a battle ensues.

As always, Bass' overconfidence allows Mega Man to overcome him, but little did either of them know that an event was occurring in outer space that would prove to be very dangerous for both of them.

Far off in space away from Earth, two mysterious robots were also locked in battle, with one of the combatants losing fast. The failing robot, the one bent on destruction and hatred, begins a descent into Earth's atmosphere. The other robot races after it, but is too late to stop the evil robot from breaking up and sending it's remains down to the surface.

The resulting crash alerts both Dr. Light and Dr. Wily, but Wily manages to find the crash site before Mega Man can. Racing to the scene, Mega Man finds Dr. Wily fleeing with a piece from the crash site, a small meteor which he claims can give him the power to take over the world.

Escaping in a small capsule, Wily leaves Mega Man alone at the crash site, but Mega Man discovers the damaged body of the other robot in the remains, and quickly takes it back to Dr. Light for repairs. The alien robot intrigues Dr. Light, and while he conducts repairs on it's damaged body, Mega Man heads out to stop Wily and his eight new Robot Masters.

Game specifications

You'll take control of Mega Man in his quest to discover the mystery of the meteor's power and to stop Wily's evil plans. With seamless graphics and flawless gameplay, you'll have help from Mega Man's buddies along the way including Rush, Roll, Dr. Light and the rest of the gang.

The mysterious robot Duo, the alien robot Mega Man discovers in the crash site, will help out along the way, but it'll be up to you to defeat the eight new Robot Masters and stop the "Evil Energy" pouring from the meteor's power. Mega Man's rival Bass will be waiting for a final showdown, so you'll need all the skill and strategy to make it through this tough game and to stop Wily once and for all.

Release dates:

Dec 17, 1996
Jan 1997
Oct 1997


  • Capcom

CD media:

  • 1 disc

Original platform:

  • Sony PlayStation