Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters

Items Guide

The item list shows where all the special items are to be found and how they can help out X. The list includes the locations of the energy hearts in each levels, the four sub-tanks, the four body upgrades and the secret Fireball weapon. Energy hearts will allow X to hold more energy, making him stronger and able to survive longer in battle. There are eight in total to find.

Sub-Tanks will allow X to store energy to be used during battle if his energy is low. They are important and very useful. There are four in total. The body upgrades will allow X to become much stronger and able to perform special abilities.

Energy hearts
Chill Penguin stage The first heart can be found in Chill Penguin's stage after you have defeated Flame Mammoth. As you proceed in the level, you will find an armored suit that X can use. When you reach a wall which the suit can't jump over, leave the suit and continue.

Once out in the open, jump up to the platform above the area where you used the suit. Go left, and using the Fire Wave weapon, destroy the second igloo-shaped building and the heart will reveal itself.
Flame Mammoth stage The second heart is in Flame Mammoth's stage. You may have seen it as it is in clear view, but when the fire is still around you can't reach it. Once you defeat Chill Penguin, the fire will disappear from this level and you will be able to walk underneath the platform and find the energy heart.
Spark Mandrill stage The third heart is in Spark Mandrill's stage. As you come to a ladder in a corner which leads down to the rest of the level, if you jump up the wall you will see this heart sitting on a small ledge.

There are two ways to reach this heart. You can use the Boomerang Cutter to reach it, or if you jump off the wall using the boots and jumping from the right spot, you can jump around and grab on to the edge of the platform to reach the heart.
Armored Armadillo stage The fourth heart is in Armored Armadillo's stage. When you drop down a long shaft, you will land behind the large bulldozer-type enemy, who will charge forward and break down the rock walls in front of it until it falls into the spikes.

To find the heart, you must destroy the bulldozer before it reaches the area where the heart is, otherwise it will destroy the wall and you won't be able to reach it. Once you destroy it, jump up the wall to find the heart.
Storm Eagle stage The fifth heart is in Storm Eagle's stage. At the start of the level you will climb up platforms which move on their own. When you reach the highest one, as it reaches the top-left corner of its path, dash and jump to the left into the open air, and you will land on a large platform just above where the level started. The heart will be waiting for you there.
Launch Octopus stage The sixth heart is in Launch Octopus' stage. As you proceed in the level you will find a machine that fires up a whirlpool underwater which can push X up to the surface of the water. The second one you find will push you up to the surface and you will see a large green submarine on the surface to the right. Jump on it and shoot at the small glass window.

When the sub explodes, it will fall and destroy the spikes below you, continue on and you will find a large serpent creature below the one you usually have to fight. Destroy it by shooting its tail or head and you will find this heart.
Boomer Kuwanger stage The seventh heart is in Boomer Kuwanger's stage. When you come outside and climb up the side of the tower, once at the top you will see this heart on a platform above you which is out of reach. To get this heart, after defeating Boomer Kuwanger re-enter the stage and use the Boomerang Cutter to retrieve the heart.
Sting Chameleon stage The eighth heart is in Sting Chameleon's stage. When you exit the forest and find a large cave where all the rocks fall from the ceiling, you will notice a large hole in the ground just at the entrance to the cave. Slide down the left wall of the hole and the screen will move down revealing another area underground.

You will see a rock wall on the right which can be destroyed by jumping off the blocks of the wall. Once you destroy the wall, stand on the platform where the wall was and dash and jump to the right. Don't worry about falling into the hole, as the water will allow X to jump further and you will land on a platform with the heart on it.
Flame Mammoth stage The first sub-tank is in Flame Mammoth's stage. Once you have the boots upgrade, jump up to the highest platform where all the enemies throw axes at X. Once at the top platform you will find an extra life. Dash and jump off the left side of the platform and you will land on the wall where the tank is concealed. Destroy the blocks covering it by jumping off them and then take the sub-tank.
Armored Armadillo stage The second sub-tank is in Armored Armadillo's stage. When you drop down a hole and the bulldozer starts to pursue you, keep going until it falls into the spikes and explodes. Go back to where it began its rampage and there will be a sub-tank waiting there.
Storm Eagle stage The third sub-tank is in Storm Eagle's stage. When you reach the large area where there are moving platforms with gun turrets on them, there will be a large platform above the area where some platforms will lead to. Shoot open the window and take the sub-tank from the platform.
Spark Mandrill stage The fourth sub-tank is in Spark Mandrill's stage. You may have seen this one before, but you couldn't reach it before. It is found near the start of the level. When you climb up the first ladder, climb down the next one and keep going forward and you should find it.

To get the tank you will need the Boomerang Cutter. Stand near the wall and fire, but you might need to fire while falling from a jump so that the projectile fires downward and reaches the tank.

Body upgrades

Boots Upgrade Boots Upgrade Stage: Chill Penguin
The boots upgrade is the easiest to find. In the Chill Penguin stage, you will eventually come across the capsule pictured here and receive the upgrade. The boots will allow X to perform a dash to enable him to move faster or jump over longer distances. Chill Penguin stage
Helmet Upgrade Helmet Upgrade Stage: Storm Eagle
The helmet upgrade is found in Storm Eagle's stage. After the long open area with the moving platforms that you have to jump across, there will be a high metal wall. Jump up to the top and jump down the other side of it. Jump up to a ledge where there are fuel tanks and destroy them.

Continue on and you will find the capsule. The helmet upgrade will allow X to break some blocks above him with a head-butt.
Storm Eagle stage
X-Buster Upgrade X-Buster Upgrade Stage: Flame Mammoth
The X-Buster upgrade is found in Flame Mammoth's stage. You will need the helmet upgrade to reach this one. When you reach the area where all the platforms are with the enemies who throw axes at you, go to the start of this area and you should see some exposed blocks overhead. Dash and jump to the left off the platform and try to grab onto the blocks.

When you make it, jump off the blocks and X will begin to break them. Keep jumping up and you will find a small room with the capsule. The X-Buster upgrade will allow X to charge up his weapon even higher than normal which will release a huge energy blast. This upgrade will also allow him to charge up the special weapons as well.
Flame Mammoth stage
Armor Upgrade Armor Upgrade Stage: Sting Chameleon
The Armor upgrade is found in Sting Chameleon's stage. When you reach the large cave, dash and jump off the edge of the platform before the cave and jump up onto the top of the cave. You will find a small open area above where you will fight a mini-boss.

Shoot the boss in its head with the X-Buster and make sure you stay away from it as if you are too close, it will shoot out one of its arms to try and grab X. Once you destroy it the capsule will appear. The Armor upgrade will allow X to become much more protected against attacks, as damage inflicted to him will reduce by half.
Sting Chameleon stage
Hadoken Fireball Hadoken Fireball Stage: Armored Armadillo
The Hadoken Fireball is a secret weapon which works much like Ryu's fireball from Street Fighter II. To find it, you must have defeated all the eight bosses and have all the powerups listed above. Go to Armored Armadillo's stage and go through the level until you reach the last mine cart.

When you fly out of the mine into the open air on the cart, before it falls, jump onto the wall just above the door leading to Armored Armadillo's room and take the energy refill that lies up on a platform. Exit the level and repeat this three more times. On the fourth time, there will be a capsule there with the energy refill.

Dr Light will appear dressed as Ryu and he will give you the weapon. To use it, you must have full energy. To actually perform the attack can be difficult if you are playing the PC version on a keyboard, as you have to press down to forward (left or right) and then fire to shoot it.

It will also sometimes work if you press down and left or right at the same time and then fire. If successful, the blast can destroy anything in one shot, including all the bosses in the entire game! (Except Vile when he's in his armored carrier).
Armored Armadillo stage