Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters


Mega Man Xtreme


Mega Man Xtreme is the first X game to appear on a hand-held system, the Game Boy Color. You'll be taking command of X on this side-quest to the main series, battling resurrected Mavericks and hoards of enemies, using new weapons, items and special Zero techniques, while visiting familiar areas from the past.


Set somewhere within the main series' timeline, Mega Man Xtreme chronicles X's quest for peace and justice, this time he must take on two new Maverick leaders bent on destroying the world. The two new Mavericks, known as Geemel and Zain, have successfully managed to hack into the Maverick Hunter HQ's Mother Computer to cause the recorded data to become corrupt and cause chaos.

Using this as a diversion, while the Hunters are trying to deal with the chaotic Mother Computer, the Mavericks begin to attack the city and cause havoc everywhere.

Before long, the Hunters realize that the only way to stop the Mavericks is for someone to enter the Mother Computer in data form to stop the chaos and restore order to the system. X volunteers for the job and is quickly sent into the Mother Computer to repair the damage.

Before he can face the two Mavericks responsible for the trouble, X must first battle his way past stages and Maverick bosses that he's fought through previously, before confronting the core of the computer. Along the way, he'll receive help from Dr. Cain, Zero and Middy - a special Reploid designed for handling computer systems.

It's a race against time to stop the Mavericks from causing more damage to the computer and the world, and X will have to face past memories, as well as his old rival before the end.

Game specifications

You'll take control of X to guide him through the eight stages, each one contains a Maverick from one of the first three MMX games, their moves and weaknesses will be similar to the first time, so if you've played through the first three you shouldn't find much difficulty in battling them.

This game has three settings, a normal and hard game setting containing a continuing storyline, and an extreme mode which is designed just for battle.

When you first play the game, you'll have access to the normal game, and once you beat the normal game mode, you'll be able to access the hard mode. The hard mode will have a new storyline continuing where normal mode ended, you'll also have the option of starting hard mode with all the items and weapons that you gained in normal mode.

The guides for hard mode have been made assuming that you start hard mode with all the equipment from normal mode. The normal and hard mode games will have new items, weapons, stages and upgrades available. X will need to fight his way into the core of the Mother Computer, where the final showdown will occur...

In-game introduction

-- In the first X installation for Game Boy Color, Mavericks have tampered with the Maverick Hunter HQ's Mother Computer and is causing the data recorded from past events to come to life and cause confusion for the reploids.

Using this confusion to distract the Hunters, the Mavericks begin attacking the world while the Mother Computer is causing all the trouble. To stop the Mavericks from destroying the world, X has volunteered to be transported into the Mother Computer in a data form to reach the core and remove the cause of the problem.

To reach it though, X must re-live certain events of his past, including the battles he had against long-dead Mavericks... --

Release dates:

Oct 20, 2000
Jan 10, 2001
Aug 24, 2001


  • Capcom

Cart size:

  • 8 megabits

Original platform:

  • Game Boy Color