Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters


Mega Man X3


As the final MMX game to appear on the SNES, Mega Man X3 continues the immense storyline with larger stages, more enemies and enhanced graphics once again made possible by the special C4 chip. This time, players will be able to play as Zero for a short time during the game, using his special Z-Saber (aka Beam Saber) in battle.


Mega Man X has crushed the Maverick Sigma's plans twice now, stopping him from causing the immense destruction all Mavericks are bent on accomplishing. After X conquered the X-Hunters and Sigma's second battle body, The Maverick Hunters are more determined than ever to wipe out the Maverick threat once and for all.

Many years have passed since the time of the X-Hunters, and a special scientist Reploid known as Dr. Doppler along with the help of the Maverick Hunters has managed to develop a Neuro Computer - a device which can suppress Maverick behaviour in any Reploid, effectively shutting them down when infected by the virus so technicians can repair the affected Reploid before the virus takes over.

The concepts of this device were lifesaving for Reploids and also could mean the extinction of all Mavericks.

As Dr. Doppler had already shown his immense intelligence by developing the device, many of the strongest Reploids have come together and formed DopplerTown, a utopian community lead by Doppler, where it seemed humans and Reploids could live together in peace forever.

The Maverick Hunters began to relax their guard, but not extinguish it, as a new threat was beginning to dawn. After a few months, Mavericks that were thought to have been repaired by the Neuro Computer reappeared and began to riot all over the city.

It seemed as though the Neuro Computer had a flaw - the Mavericks were returning. All intelligence at Maverick Hunter HQ determined that Dr. Doppler was behind the invasion of the new Mavericks, and it seemed that he himself had become infected. The super-intelligent Reploid was now working on the side of evil. All Maverick Hunters, including X and Zero, were put on full alert and are readied for battle against the Mavericks.

Already displaying his battle tactics, Doppler orders a large force of Mavericks to attack the Maverick Hunter HQ, but before long X and Zero will be on the scene. It seems the Maverick virus could not be contained, and now X and Zero must bring Doppler down, as well as his master...

Game specifications

X returns to defend all humans and Reploids from evil, but this time you'll be able to select Zero from the weapon select screen in various stages. Zero has his Z-Saber and Z-Buster, allowing you for the first time get a feel of playing as Zero, he'll be making more appearances in the later X games.

X will have to face the Maverick bosses in each stage, Doppler's new Mavericks are far stronger and more challenging than any in the past, you'll need all the special weapons, energy hearts and sub-tanks to conquer them all.

Dr. Light will once again offer X new body enhancements, as well as four new special microchip upgrades, each one having their own special ability. Two special hidden items await X, both giving X a higher advantage over the Mavericks.

Two new Mavericks known as Bit & Byte will try their luck against X, you'll have to face them in certain stages of the game as well as a final showdown before confronting Dr. Doppler.

As well as having to deal with Doppler's two henchmen, X will also have to face a nightmare from the past, resurrected by Doppler, this once-dead Maverick is madder than ever at X and Zero, but he doesn't realize that X has grown much stronger since the day of their first battle...

In-game introduction

-- In the year 21XX, all the Mavericks have been neutralized thanks to the efforts of a Reploid scientist named, "Dr Doppler". Using his Neuro Computer he has been able to suppress any abnormal behavior in the reploids and prevent them from going berserk. Many of the most advanced reploids have gathered near their new mentor and founded "DoppleTown", a perfect Utopian community. With Dr Doppler guiding them, the world seemed ready to enter a new golden age...

After a few months...

The Mavericks who were supposed to be neutralized by the Neuro Computer suddenly appeared and began to riot...

At Maverick Hunter Headquarters, all the intelligence indicated that Dr Doppler was the mastermind behind the invasion. Soon, the call went out to X and Zero to destroy the invading Mavericks and to bring Dr Doppler to justice.

Maverick Hunter X and Zero. Dispatch!!

A few hours later, emergency contact was made by the headquarters of Maverick Hunter.

This is the headquarters of Maverick Hunter.

We are under attack from the Doppler force.

All units return to base immediately and return fire. --

Release dates:

Dec 1, 1995
Jan 1996
May 1996


  • Capcom

Cart size:

  • 16 megabits

Original platform:

  • Super Nintendo