Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters


Mega Man X


Mega Man X begins a new and exciting saga on the Super Nintendo, set many years after the original Mega Man series. Stunningly detailed graphics, sound and gameplay enhance the experience, freshly starting up the series before the lead-up to the Maverick Wars. New characters, weapons and features ensure the success of the series for years to come.


Many years into the far future, intelligent robots have been invented and now interact with the humans of Earth in most everyday experiences. Hundreds of scientists maintain the construction and operation of the robots, ensuring long life for them. One of the top scientists, Dr. Cain, has been studying the works of one of the most intelligent scientists of the past, Dr. Light.

During one of his excavations of an old ruined building, Dr. Cain stumbles upon a secret capsule well buried under the ruins. Realizing that the device was one of Dr. Light's inventions, he finds a detailed journal of entries along with the capsule, written by Dr. Light himself years ago. The journal describes what the capsule is and what it contains. Hidden inside is a special robot, known only as 'X', a super-powerful robot capable of thinking for himself and making his own decisions - a true AI.

The journal warns the reader - Dr. Cain - that the capsule can only be opened after X has been contained in it for 30 years, to ensure his reliability and safety. 30 years have long passed since then, so Dr. Cain decides to open the capsule and release 'X'. Upon releasing him, Dr. Cain finds that X is beyond anything mankind has ever seen. Able to think, feel and control his own destiny, X seems more like a human than a robot.

Deciding to use Dr. Light's design for X to create his own robots, Dr. Cain produces the first 'Reploid', robots of similar - but not completely identical - design to X. More and more Reploids are then produced, but a crisis occurs before long. A strange virus has appeared out of no-where and is capable of turning the Reploids into Mavericks, causing them to go insane and to turn against the humans.

One of the strongest Reploids, Sigma, is infected by the virus and begins to take control of all the Mavericks, intent on destroying the human race. X, not knowing his real purpose, feels that he must confront Sigma and defend the humans and Reploids from the Mavericks, along for the ride is Zero, a Reploid with unknown origins, who is also ready to take down the Mavericks. Thus begins the new war against the Maverick revolt and Sigma's seemingly unstoppable force.

Game specifications

You'll be taking control of Mega Man X, directing him through the eight stages to confront and defeat Sigma's eight Maverick leaders. New weapons, item and powerups will be available, including special weapons gained from defeated bosses, as well as special heart tanks hidden throughout each stage that can increase X's overall life energy. The control structure as very similar to the original series, this time instead of sliding X can perform a dash.

Special armor upgrades await X, each one will give him a special enhancement for a part of his body, each one is very important and can greatly assist you. Zero will appear at special points in the game, offering his advice to X. Challenging gameplay makes the first game of the series a real hit, paving the way for the huge storyline ahead.

In-game introduction

-- "X" is the first of a new generation of robots which contain an innovative new feature - the ability to think, feel and make their own decisions. However this ability could be very dangerous. If "X" were to break the first rule of robotics, "A robot must never harm a human being", the results would be disastrous and I fear that no force on Earth could stop him. Approximately 30 years will be required before we can safely confirm his reliability.

Unfortunately I will not live to see that day, nor do I have anyone to carry on my work. Therefore, I have decided to seal him in this capsule, which will test his internal systems until his reliability has been confirmed. Please do not disturb the capsule until that time. "X" possesses great risks as well as great possibilities. I can only hope for the best. --

---September 18, 20XX
-----T. Light

Release dates:

Dec 17, 1993
Jan 1994
May 1994


  • Capcom

Cart size:

  • 12 megabits

Original platform:

  • Super Nintendo