Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters


Mega Man & Bass


As the final Mega Man title to appear on the Super Famicom, the Japan-only release of Rockman & Forte (later Mega Man & Bass on the Game Boy Advance) brought the action back to the SFC after the PSX release of Mega Man 8. Bringing along the graphics, sound and gameplay of the PSX game, Rockman & Forte continues the elite storyline with a new playable character.


During Mega Man's previous battles against Wily and Bass, Wily had attempted to destroy Bass for fear of his growing dis-loyalty to Wily. As Dr. Wily plans a new attack against Mega Man with a new super-robot known as 'King', Bass feels that his time working for Wily has ended, and seeks revenge for his attempted murder.

Although Bass still has his rivalries against Mega Man, he teams up with the Blue Bomber on a quest to defeat Wily and his new robot for good.

Eight new Robot Masters have arisen, including two that Mega Man has fought previously. Mega Man & Bass must defeat all eight masters before confronting King himself, then the final showdown with Wily will happen, determining who truly is the stronger robot of the two - Mega Man or Bass.

Game specifications

You have the choice of either using Mega Man or Bass for the entire game, once you choose a character you'll won't be able to switch to the other. Both characters have different endings for the game, so you'll definitely want to play through the game with as both characters to experience the full storyline.

Rush and Treble will be along for the ride, both having a special ability to aid Mega Man and Bass in their travels.

Auto's shop will have loads of new items available, once again requiring bolts to purchase. Huge stages, tough bosses, and challenging gameplay make this one tough game, more so in that there aren't any energy tanks available, so you'll need plenty of skill to make it through this one - the final battle against Dr. Wily will be the most challenging battle ever!

Release dates:

Super Famicom:

Apr 24, 1998

Game Boy Advance:

Aug 10, 2002
Mar 11, 2003
Mar 31, 2003


  • Capcom

Cart size:

  • 32 megabits

Original platform:

  • Super Famicom
  • Game Boy Advance